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    We say in Maoz Tsur (sang on Chanuka after lighting candles) “Roiv bonov v’kinyonov al ha’eitz toleesa”, which literally means “Most of [Haman’s] children and possessions were hanged/hung on the tree”. Chazal tell us that 10 of Haman’s sons were hanged, but he had many more than 10.

    The question is, why most of his children? Why not all of them? After all, they were all enemies of the Jews?

    The gemara informs us that Haman was an unusually tall man. I forget exactly how tall it says, but that’s not important to my point. Zeresh, however, the gemara says was “k’zeres”, like the pinky finger. OK, let’s say the gemara is exaggerating a little. Maybe she was as big as a thumb. That still makes her rather small.

    A different gemara talks about genetic inheritance. It says that if a father and mother are both tall, their children will grow tall. If a father and mother are both short, their children will be short. But if one is tall and the other is short, their children will be “beinonim” (literally, average). So the children of the giant Haman and the tiny Zeres (aka thumbelina) were doubtless “beinonim”.

    Now we can answer the original question with a famous gemara. We all know that Rosh Hashana is the Yom Hadin. If one is a complete Tzaddik, he is immediately inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year. If one is a complete Rasha, he is immediately inscribed in the other book. But for BEINONIM, the gemara says, TELUYIM (veomdim) AD ESER! That is we could only hang 10 of Haman’s sons.


    Does anybody know where is the ???? that Haman was exceptionally tall/ Zeresh was short?

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    Purple, Purim Torah are funny divrei torah, such as vorts based on misreadings of psukim/chazal (vashti asesa mishtei nashim) or lomdish vorts based on non-Torah sources (fairy tales). Read the ones in this thread, they are very funny if you get them. I guess girls who don’t learn gemara can’t appreciate the humor as much.






    By the Seder we say “Chamisho chumshei Torah, arba imahos, sh’loshl avos, etc” Seder Nezikin starts with “Arbo’o avos nezikin”, and there are only 3 bubes, Baba Kama, BabaMezia, and Baba Basra”. This is a setira to what we said “4 imahos and 3 avos”?
    The teretz is: the Gemara says that in a house where there is an old woman, there is a blessing, since she helps with the children, mends clothes, and soothes the frazzled nerves. However, where there is an old man, it is a “CHARA” (not good) because he is always angry, he screams at everything and everyone.
    Therefore, if there are 4 avos and 3 imahos (babas), it is REALLY NEZIKIN.

    A second Wort, what do you call an old fat lady?
    Baba Basra with a “sin”, not a “sav”.


    Q – What bracha do you say on a chazan?
    A – ShaKol bara lichvodo.

    Q – What bracha do you say on a badchan?
    A – Shehakol nihye bidvoro.

    Q – What is the tefilla of a chazam?
    A – “Hineni heoni mida’as”. because chazanim are naranim.

    Q – What is the tefilla of a badcham?
    A – “Yehi latzon milfanecha”.


    Says mibnei banav shel Haman lomdim torah biBnei Brak. Pshita? Teiku.

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    I came up with this recently (not joking but it’s on Purim)

    I was listening to the song ואפילו בהסתרה and wondering about it
    אסתר מן התורה מנין it’s from אנכי הסתיר אסתיר פני and that means hashem will hide, but by אדם הראשון he says the word אחבא (after he sinned he hid) so which means to hide?

    The מלבים says on הסתיר that it means hiding but it you want to find him you will (hiding in plain sight) this being the case that is why המן came because עמלק comes when בני ישראל says היש אלקים בקרבינו

    And this comes specifically when you look at the past (history הסתרה) and don’t see Hashem’s hashgacha in your life then עמלק comes

    I hope I was clear I type my posts on my phone and can’t really see the whole thing at once


    anyone has the dr seuss purim torah post?

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