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    Who in the world is he?

    It’s annoying not to be around too often anymore….

    I guess that’s what HaShem wants….

    Anyway, what did everyone dress up as on purim????

    I just curled my hair, which took like forever and put on a bunch of random mismatched clothes…..

    Anyway, do you think a magazine would publish my writings? Like for a teen magazine, like in Mishpacha or Binah…

    And since I can’t do that by e-mail, would they accept them by mail and not typed?????

    I have alot to say, and I just don’t have a way to say it….



    I wanna read your post but i cant cuz of that annoying ad!!!!!



    the-art-of-moi, get adblock plus


    Try to type it. If they have to struggle to read people’s handwriting, they typically are instructed to put it in the vertical file (I used to be that manuscript reader).


    add got fixed, now you can comment!!!!!!

    Thanks awesome mods!!!!!

    We are indeed awesome, but we don’t deal with the technical aspects of the website.


    RZ is a guy that writes funny letters to the editor in some free magazine type thing. You can see more here: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/rocky-zweig-is-too-funny

    As for your potential writing career, dunno. Sorry. Sound very cool and you are verey eloquent so go for it! Good luck!

    lol, now every time I read an article I’m gonna think you wrote it 🙂


    Maybe…..I dunno if they’d let,

    I was supposed to start writing under a pen name for a certain website for jewish frum girl teens but then my ipad broke….

    aND HaShem just doesn’t want me to have alot of internet access, which is good but sometimes annoying….like in this case.

    I don’t know if they would accept me by mail…and how would they reply to me?????

    I hope I do…if you see anyone writing and they write it’s a pen name……now you know!!!!!


    @Shopping, want to try Yaldah Magazine? I hear they’re exclusively online now, but they might still accept writings. 🙂


    They don’t want me ;(

    It’s also a chabad thing, nothing against them, I have many friends that write for them but….my parents won’t let.

    And yes, it is only online.


    @Shopping – Aw. 🙁 Sorry. I think I understand what you mean – while they are definitely quite associated with Chabad, they don’t appear to impose any Chabad ideals. Not that I’ve seen, anyways.

    Why not start an independent blog to share your writings? I guess that’s like self-publishing, but digitally. 😉


    But that’s a main problem, I have no idea when and how often I could get internet access….


    Do you not have a printer/word processor? Why can’t you type it up? Most publications will accept submissions by mail (in fact, a few prefer it that way) but would regard anything handwritten as unprofessional.


    Hey, I’m pretty new at this, Can someone tell me how to post? Thanks.



    Rocky – it’s a lot like writing but the comments reach you faster


    *Waves shyly* I know this thread’s a year old, but I came across two resources for you if you’re still looking to publish your writings:

    The Writers’ Cafe Magazine – I’m not sure if they’re still current, but they seem to be a literary publication for frum writers. Their criteria looks pretty flexible, and the sample stories are neat!

    Yehudis Magazine – I think they’re a more recent frum publication for Jewish teen girls and women, specifically. It looks like they only accept submissions through their website/by email, though…. (Not sure if that’s still an issue for you.)

    Hope those help – keep writing! 🙂


    Bump 🙂


    Wow, tis is an old thread. Too many question marks in my OP for my liking lol.

    Thanks a lot! I don’t even remember writing this lol.


    Rocky zweig is a real guy. my co-worker knows his daughter.

    funny guy


    Neva heard of him before.


    Rocky Zweig is a real middle-age person who in the past has written frequently in the Flatbush Jewish Journal, a free, community newspaper. I guess the editors felt all that he writes is worthy of publication and would devote columns upon columns of space in Letters to the Editor to his musings. More recently, I haven’t seen his name signed that often.


    He just had a 3 column letter in last week’s newspaper, and by the sound of it, had written controversial letter(s) in previous weeks. Kind of annoying, I had no idea what was going on.


    He writes for The Jewish Home, every couple of weeks (VERY funny, btw), and still occasionally writes his signature “Letters to the Editor” in the Flatbush Jewish Journal. Though, at times (rarely), I have disagreed with a particular point he has made,or perhaps the way in which he made it, I think he tells it like it is, in an entertaining and (mostly) seicheldig way. I always look forward to reading his missives and columns.

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