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    Is there any way to see any of the previously mentioned gedolim in shul?


    What shul?

    What time?

    Thank you


    R’ Chaim Kanievsky davens in Ledermans Shul in Bnei Barak. He davens there at Netz which is pretty early but its worth making an effort for because its much easier to speak to him after davening.


    go to rav shteinmann for mincha gedola and just wait in the short line to talk to him


    Rav Kanievsky also davens mincha (maybe maariv too) at Ledermans Shul. Rav Kanievsky davens mincha at the earliest possible time.


    R’ Aharon Leib also daven netz in his house (6 Chazon Ish) and it’s open to the public, and you can try to speak to him afterwards. I once got him for ten minutes. Still don’t agree with the way he learned the sugya 🙂


    The Gedolim by and large (with the exception of Rav Elyashiv) are very accesible. And even Rav Elyashiv, if you just want to see him, you can, just you cant get close to him so often.

    But the rest, Rav Chaim, Rav Shteinman, Rav Michel Yehuda, Rav Vosner, Rav Scheinberg, Rav Nissim Karelitz, Rav Shmual Auerbach – you can get time with. if you need more info, let me know


    Do you know if there is a way to email or call any of the rabbonim for a bracha? Im in america and cant send my husband to go find htem after shul


    I doubt email but snail mail works. also isnt there an organization that guarantees a brocha for a donation


    My surprise would border on heart attack to find out that Rav Chaim Kanievsky knows that a computer even needs to be turned on let alone where the power button is. So I doubt e-mail is an option. But they all take letters as far as I know.

    True story:

    I had the letter I wanted to send to Rav Chaim in my pocket and I went out to get some envelopes and stamps. I fill out the address at the post office and put on the stamp, then put in my folded letter and give it to them. Walking home I reach into my pocket and pull out…the letter to Rav Chaim. So I go back and send it again. Two weeks later I get a response to my letter…and he returned my shopping list as well.


    “isnt there an organization that guarantees a brocha for a donation”

    The torah guarantees this, you dont need this organization per se. Arba shelach, kineged arbah sheli (you take care of mine, hashem says, i will take care of yours).


    What is Reb Chaim Kanievsky’s address, if it’s that simple to get a response….



    random question that I guess Belongs in this cattegory,

    I know that Rav Elyashiv doesn’t see ladies but someone once told me that every single morning He comes outside at a certain time to be sandek at ppls babies brissim or something if anyone has any info please let me know. THANK YOU


    apushatayid: The Best place to put tzedakah $ for a yeshua is Kupat Ha’ir. I have numerous amazing personal stories I could share in how I saw yeshuos in having given tzedakah to them. However I must warn you that the important factor includes calling up their 1-888 # to actually give in your names because in my experience i did not see the yeshua until I called in the name despite having had in mind and declaring the vow that I will give.

    Their 24 Hr hotline is 1-888-587-2842 (pay by cc)

    [email protected]

    Pashuteh Yid

    Frumladygit, I am not sure that one tzedaka is more worthy than another. There are numerous important causes.


    does anyone have the gedolim who do respond to mail adresses?

    i would love to be accessed to them if it is that easy


    Last time I checked, Rashi said nothing about kupat hair. Arba shelach, kineged arba sheli, period. That is the havtacha of the passuk.


    how would i find his address to mail a letter?


    Derech Hamelech: Then how does he answer shailos relating to e-commerce and intellectual property?


    Itche: You don’t need a computer to answer those shailos.


    You need to know what one can do. I would not eat meat shechted by someone who never heard of a veshet.


    A posek doesn’t need to be a telegraph operator to answer a shaila what a telegraph operator must do in a given situation. He needs the pertinent facts.


    Which include the metzius of what he can do and what certain terms mean and what the actions entail. When I ask my Rov a cooking shaila I come with the pertinent information e.g. utensils ben yomo etc. Recently, when I asked him about a particular conference, he asked for information about the speakers. An honest rav will refuse to answer a shaila if he doesn’t know what the questioner is asking.


    “Which include the metzius of what he can do and what certain terms mean and what the actions entail.”

    Exactly. And he doesn’t necessarily need to be a telegraph operator to know that. He can consult a telegraph expert if necessary. In fact, I doubt many great poskim were telegraph operators, and am sure many telegraph shailos came up.


    And any posek who answered one ended up learning a bit about how telegraphs work in the process. I didn’t say he owns or uses a computer — though I don’t see what would be wrong if he did — I said I would not be surprised if he knew something about them, contrary to what Derech HaMelech said.


    rav eliashiv generally leaves his home most mornings at approxiamtely 8:55am to be sandek at brissim held in his beis medrash. he takes a golf cart there but you can catch a glimpse. Sometimes he has brissim in the afternoon in which case he goes to mincha at approximately 1:15 (you will need to check if he has a bris on a given day.) at a bris you can get a very good glimpse of him from the womens section in his shul. Reb Chaims address is 23 Rechov Rashbam To make an appointment to see the Rav call 050-414-4441 or to see the rebbitzin call 050-414-4442 between 5pm-8pm


    do you know if he speaks english if my husband calls?


    He speaks Yiddish.


    does he only speak yiddish? this might sound silly but i heard of some gedolim have translators.. does he have one?


    RabbiRabin thank you for those details !!!!!! much appreciated


    Rebbetzin Kanievsky also davens in Lederman’ss evry AM vasikin.

    Several years ago we had a complex Sheala. After Shachris my wife ????? the Rebbetzin who asked the Rav. My wife says that it was a very uplifting experience to hear the Rebbetzin & several other ???? ??????? say Amen after each other’s ????? ????


    Hi. I am looking also for information on getting brachos from Rabbanim. I heard that R’ Scheinberg has hours for women every night from 4-6 at his home. Can anyone confirm that? I also heard that R’ Rubinovitch has hours for women.

    If anyone has information on either of these gedolim, or any other ideas, I would really appreciate the help.

    May we hear of many smachot!


    Can anybody help me, how do I get to R’ Chaim Kanievsky’s daughter? Does she daven Netz like her mother, Rebbitzen Kanievsky? Does R’ Shteiman see girls? Who else can I go to for a bracha?


    Find out if Rav Dov Kook from Teveria sees women. If not, go to his wife Reb. Leah Kook (she’s a granddaughter of Rav Elyashiv zt’l.)


    My how the world has changed!! Not so long ago, people were talking about speaking to Rav Elyashiv, Rebbetzin Kanievsky, Rav Scheinberg. And now? Chaval al d’avdin!!!


    Rav Chaim’s daughter, Rebetizin Koldetsky sees women and men before Reb Chaim davens Mincha in the house. It is an amazing experience to see her.


    Thanks for responding! Is there a phone number to make an appointment? What time do they daven Mincha at?

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