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    tanta bubby

    I have to redo my bathroom and I don’t know where to start. Where do I get tiles, fixtures, sinks, vanities, mirrors etc. at reasonable prices with helpful staff. Please Advise!


    lowes and home depot are great. they have big selection,helpful staff, and reasonable prices. also a guy named Danny is doing my bathroom and so far he’s doing a great job!and a reasonable price too! you can ask me for his contact info.

    d a


    lowes and home depot are great … helpful staff

    Home Depot’s “line” used to be: “You can do it, We can help”.

    I would say “You can do it, We wont help”.

    I am serious about this. You can walk into that place and not get ONE SINGLE WORKER to help you! It is so ridiculous that the line they would use to get you to come to there store was completely false!!!

    Also, when hiring workers, check them out beforehand WELL. I know many people who got messed up by “workers” who did horrible work and charged plenty (besides for what they stole from your house…)



    tanta bubby-


    Do you have a contractor, plumber, electrician, tileman, etc. lined up to do the work once you select the fixtures, lights, tiles, cabinets?

    What do they recommend?

    You’re talking about a big $$$ job, so you should plan carefully and completely.

    Check out other bathrooms, especially recently done ones, to get ideas about hardware and setups you like.

    Even if they were done at a price above what you want to spend, you can get some good ideas about the room design, or what particular part of the room you want to splurge on.

    By all means, visit Home Depot and Lowe’s; also visit plumbing showrooms.

    It would be a shame to come across a great idea after construction is finished – it’s far better to spend the time beforehand and then design / build your ideal bathroom.


    I recommend going to – its basically a ton of information on household stuff. I love that site.


    How about a CR chessed project? I can think of specific people to delegate to.

    Dr. Pepper

    d a-

    The only Home Depot I ever went to that has employees like you describe is the one on Hamilton Ave. in Brooklyn and I try to avoid it no matter what.

    In New York I go to the one on 23rd St. or to the one in Jersey City (right out of the Holland Tunnel).

    I’ve also visited Home Depots in Monsey, Lakewood, Philadelphia, Baltimore and near Far Rockaway (off the Belt, on the way to Far Rockaway), and I was always treated professionally.

    Dr. Pepper


    I like that idea, can I design a nice mosaic pattern with the tiles? Or do you have something better in mind?


    I counted you as the plumber. But you could do both.

    ICOT for electrician.

    I have others, but I’m waiting for them to bait the hook.

    Dr. Pepper





    Mr. Mxyzptlk

    Squeak, did you get that from ME?


    he got it from me

    happened in that thread where you mentioned the nemesis with the black cloud, but the day before your post.


    Are you teasing me or testing me? You once told us a story that involved you and plumbing. IIRC, it was Chol Hamoed and you wanted to take the day off, but offered to do work from home anyway. Your wife asked your mom where you were when you got back from shul, and she said downstairs working, and your wife said something like, I don’t know why he’s doing it if he isn’t even getting paid for it…

    It would be far more eloquent if I could post a link, but alas, my search skills have failed me on this morn. Anyway, you get the point – you are the CR plumber.


    if you do post the link make sure you enclose it in code.

    if you need help, let me know


    Oh goodie. You’ve been practicing! I knew you were a prodigy.

    Mod 80 will handle the color-coding.

    Dr. Pepper


    Good Memory!

    Click Here.

    IIRC you also are pretty good with a plunger


    Memory? Are you kidding- it’s on my medical report describing the reason I needed a doctor to put my kishkes back in.

    The real mystery is why Google can’t find your post. I know I hit all the right key words. Even a simple search with dr pepper basement doesn’t pick it up.



    There’s more than one fiche in the C.

    Try the following on :

    “dr. pepper” + basement



    youre mixing your metaphors

    theres more than one way to skin a cat


    as many as there are fish in the sea

    but it works


    tanta bubby-

    A couple of other things I though of:

    3) Get a full bathtub (assuming you have room for one).

    4) Get an oval (long) toilet bowl, not a round one.



    Uh-oh – is there klyim with metaphors?

    Isn’t HMS Metaphore a well-known play? or am I confusing it with HMS Semaphore? Well, whatever



    I could see having more than one version of C on a fiche, but putting fiche in C doesn’t make any sense.


    i dont know where u live but

    North-Eastern Tile located at

    1194 Metropolitan Ave

    Brooklyn, NY 11237-1007

    (718) 366-6151

    a jewish shop with exceptional service and unbeatable prices… they go out of their way to please their cliens… we had them deliver our granite countertops at 1:00 in the morning the night of bedikas chometz because we wanted it in our kitchen for pesach and the kitchen guys were a bit backed up with their work… they sent a team of about 5 guys 1:00 AM to accomadate us.


    another thing… i dont know how big of a vanity ur lookign for but we got our vanities by L’Ideale Gift 4311 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219. they dont have a big selection but i got for 4 bathrooms a granite countertop with matching mirrors/cabinets… at about 400 $$ a piece.


    ASF- I thought that place sold jewelry?


    they sell a whole bunch of shmates and its a mess of a store but if you go inside you can actually find good buy there… they have valets, curios, vanity sets etc…


    i can only try

    why an oval toilet ? why not round?



    I was afraid somebody would ask that.

    Many people, especially larger people, find them more comfortable.

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