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    Tzippi: Sounds like common sense to me.


    Finally, the school alumni data, is NOT what the age gap concept it based on. It was based on various studies one of which was a study of class sizes that showed younger grades being larger than the older grades. Perhaps you will argue that schools don’t have accurate date on the number of students in their classes. The alumni data is being put together simply as a way of showing the community how serious it is NOT for proving the concept.


    AZ – Before I had a strong feeling; now I’m convinced.



    Most people aren’t upset with the NASI age-gap THEORY. What irks people is (1) a NASI representative wrote in an e-mail how NASI’s rabbinical coordinator suggested inflating statistical data to increase the “crisis” status (2) the original idea of offering a monetary incentive increased inappropriate shidduchim and was built to benefit a few shadchanim, not the singles (3) the latest $50 enrollment fee or your daughter won’t get married currently being advertised, is repulsive.

    Because of this, no letter or public relations gimic utilized by NASI will ever be taken serious by the thinking population. NASI has impeached itself, therefore all the signatures and statistics are suspect.


    AZ: what makes common sense?



    1) FASLE

    2) FALSE

    3) FALSE

    1) false-No Nasi person ever wrote that. What you claimed in a earlier post (months ago) was totally taken out of context. (I actually asked the person who you quoted). What was stated was that It is necessary to inform people of the situation EVEN if it scary. NO ONE is making up false info. To write that a misquote that you made up is what irks people – is frankly ridiculous

    2) false- The monetary incentive was designed to put the issue on the map. When people went to vorts/chassunos they would inevitable talk about the ages since money was on the line. The financial incentive was to date the single greatest factor in putting the issue on the map.Where on earth did you dream up that it was designed to benefit shadchanim. The singles benefited by puting the issue on the map

    3) false. a) There is no enrollment fee. b) It is not aimed at girls (the add specifically doesn’t mention girls or boys). c) NASI does not redd shidduchim. other than these mistakes you are on the money. Pathetic.

    It is a simple fundraiser stating B”H the NASI Project has been unbelievably successful. With more help from the community we could do even more.


    Dr. Pepper


    Dr. Pepper – “Numbers don’t lie, they are what they are. The way they are presented is what may trick people”

    So they do lie.

    By “numbers” I mean raw data. Let’s take an extreme example 2 girls in the graduating class of 2000. Now, 9 years later, 1 is married and 1 is single.

    There are ways to bias this data and make it look like a crisis:

    “50% of the class is still single” or

    “Out of the whole class only one girl is married”.

    While each statement is technically correct I would venture that most people would consider them very close to a lie, if not an outright lie. The raw data itself (1 married, 1 single) is what it is and does not lie.

    “I do know that the principle makes it his business to be at the weddings of as many of his students as possible.”

    This is a poor way of conducting a statistical survey and the results would be meaningless. In addition, school personnel come and go and many graduates do not keep ties with the school for many various reasons. To conduct a meaningful study the researcher must use accepted methodology and research standards.

    This kind of research is very discrete (either a status of “married” or “single”). The school my wife went to keeps updated alumni lists (for fundraisers) so it does not matter which school personnel came and went, the files are still at the school. Even if some students moved away without telling the school they probably have friends who know what they are up to. In the rare event that someone falls of the radar screen and can not be tracked then they should be removed from the grand total of graduates.

    Dr. Pepper


    Where can I get information about the NASI project. When I do a Google search the only relevant site that I see is YWN?


    Dr Pepper: well said.

    Total number of graduates are obvious from Yearbooks that the schools have.

    Status of individual girls are only being counted when definite. Girls that “have fallen off the radar” are being counted as married. (resulting in a more conservative-lower percentage- final tally).


    Dr. Pepper

    The contact info has been in the paper numerous times. Call Yated/ Hamodia they will be able to provide with the phone number/email address.

    I don’t think I am allowed to put a email address in the CR

    (if NASI had enough funding they would have a website – but they don’t.)


    Why would NASI need a costly website when they have a FREE billboard here on Yeshiva World??!!

    By the way how much money has the shadchan of Shaar Hatorah made off the NASI sponsored age-gap “crisis” hysteria??? After all, when trying to assess the source of a problem you have to follow the money!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 301 through 310 (of 310 total)
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