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    A couple of weeks ago i got a ride home from the mountains with my husbands friend he also took another couple in the car, the men sat in the front and ladies in the back.

    the other lady i sent next to was eating a schwarma sandwich the whole way home ( a three hour ride)the smell was awful especially in the back of the car with no air. this was at 10:30 at night and we got home at 1:30 the lady kept taking a bite and dozing off the whole way home and i had to suffer with the smell. i was particularly sensitive to smells at the time and it really hurt me badly.

    i would like to make people aware that when you are in someone else’s car please be sensitive to other people and do not eat food that has a strong smell. also not all drivers appreciate that you eat in their car.


    d1234 –

    “I was particularly sensitive to smells at the time and it really hurt me badly.”

    – The “schawarmer” was probably oblivious to your discomfort. It may have been thoughtless, but I’m reasonably sure it was beshogeg. If it was me, I would definitely want to be told that I was causing someone discomfort and/or nausea (so I could put the food away or dispose of it), rather than find out later and feel rotten about it.


    This would depend on whose car it was. If someone was doing you a favor to take you and your husband home, as you described. I would hesitate to tell someone when I am NOT in my own car what to do. That being said, if I really was nauseous, I would have spoken up. I am sure the lady would not have wanted you to be throwing up all over her and her sandwich.


    schwarma smells good; you should have your nose checked. that being said, it is a person’s responsibility to research the environment before accepting a ride.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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