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    well i suppose it could have been reflective but i think thats pretty unlikely

    more likely a reflexive reaction


    Y’know, I am still within the edit window… I could fix it, and ask you what are you talking about!


    This is actually not such a bad one but it’s kind of interesting: I was going out with an out-of-town girl. First date, we went to a vey nice lounge. We sat and spoke and it went very nicely. She was nice and the conversation was flowing. After a while, I asked her what she wanted to drink but she said that she is good and doesn’t want anything. I said Ok. Another half an hour passed and my throat was getting dry so i asked again if she wanted anything to drink. She said no again and I didn’t want to order for myself without her ordering. After this happened a third time, she told me that she doesn’t want to get a drink since that would make her need to use the restroom and she is too lazy to go.

    I thought it was actually funny. Yes, we are both happily married. Ok well, not to each other though 🙂


    i knew that but usually that doesnt happen

    besides i figured you would be polite and not change it so i dont look like an idiot


    ” but couldnt figure out how to make it sound clean. Kudos! “

    So far, so good!



    id agree that bpt has honed this skill quite sharply.

    took a while though


    Yeah, I’ll say. Mod-42 also did his (her?) fair share of training.


    With you coming in at what 5’7, 150? I see…

    (really pop a lil originality)


    Not 150, 130.

    And bottom line, I never had any problem because of it. Must be the bulging muscles. Or the muscle car.

    (Is that your best punch? Originality? Do better.)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    i knew that but usually that doesnt happen

    besides i figured you would be polite and not change it so i dont look like an idiot

    On the “like button” thread you wrote “I agree” within my edit window. You practically wrote me a blank check, but I resisted temptation. 🙂


    Mods: Can you take my post down.


    Daas: When you edit your comment it needs to be re-approved by a mod to show up.


    I’m sure you dont have problems, Jews arent known for their physical stature so I’m sure there was a bevy of woman for you to choose from. Altho I highly doubt its because of muscles, at a buck 30 you can have either bones or skin or a minimalist neuro system not all three 😉

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If 80 was moderating and he realized, he might not approve it, but sometimes the moderator just decides on an individual post without considering the context.


    Oh wow I didn’t realize that anyone would ever see my post as the one before me was agesss ago.I’m new to all this.I just realized that how it works…with the topic being moved to top of So yes about “my friend”(cld b my frnd,sis,sis in law,myself etc lol) who slammed the dude when he shortstopped-it really was an instinctive reaction,yes,a reflex.she is not the type who plans to sock her dates in the chest. And it issss a big whoop! We don’t touch our dates generally-well maybe mr.poster who feels it’s nothing to sneeze at,does. Yea,the handrest and stuff like that don’t the reaching over to get ezpass or put away the gps-thats not a big whoopi.I agree.its accidental.


    Sometimes dates are bad because of him, sometimes because of her. Tell the shadchan, maybe someone will speak to the person and help them to correct the problem. And daven that the shadchan won’t make those kind of mistakes again!

    Re Bochur24’s worst date: he seems too young (if 24 refers to his age) to be the person in my story, but on one date, i didn’t say one complete sentence for almost the whole time. he was very pleasant and actually took us someplace interesting, but i was not happy with the set up and behaved immaturely, which i regret.

    Whoever it was, i sincerely apologize and hope that he has found or will very quickly find his basherte and build a bnbY, with every happiness.

    and that goes for everyone else here still in the parsha, too.

    Dr. Pepper

    Let’s just say that at first glance I thought that her looks weren’t her strong points.

    After being with her for a few minutes I realized that compared to her attitude, her looks were her strong points.

    I decided to cut the date short since we both knew it wasn’t going to happen. Unfortunately we got stuck in horrible traffic due to an accident. (There were some fatalities, and she had the nerve telling the shadchan that I had no business keeping her out so long the way it was going.)

    After dropping her off at home I walked her to the door and to my utter disappointment she used her hand to cover the combination while she opened the door, I had plans of robbing the house in middle of the night.

    Time to purchase some rare earth magnets…


    Dr. Pepper:

    How many girls did you date before you met your wife?


    I did not get a chance to read even half the posts- but I will say this- my dating life totally STINKS!!!

    My friends know- when I get back, either I’ll be on the verge of tears, totally confused…etc…and i always have a story. I try to make it funny, cuz why sit n mope about it…but I have this “LIST” where I nickname everyone:

    (heres a few)

    Guy #*: Talked-waay-too-much-about-money-and-how- his-mothers-a size-zero.

    Guy #*- STOOD ME UP

    (and if you would know me ( a shout out to ECLIPS and my other friends on YWCR) you’d know im not some strange unappealing girl-bh

    Guy #*- walked in with shaven zero head, krazeldike payos, pants ABOVE his belly- THE WORKS (aprntly this blind date WENT TOTALLY SOUTH- long long story)

    Guy #*- Roller-Coaster Dating (DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA)

    Guy #*- Definitly Clinically and Certifiably Assbergers/Autistic

    Guy #* Mista Grumpy

    Guy #*- Snubbed me the entire date

    Guy #8- SAT IN THE CAR for 3 HOURS!!!!

    Guy #*- Felt like I was dating my little brother

    Guy #*- Talked way too much about money+ me (himself)+ money+ me+money money…..

    yes, there were some really good/normal guys ….but each one has their own INSANE story….

    and still looking for mister right…


    THis is not the worst shidduch date ever, (maybe for my husband but for me it was just funny….

    When I first met my husband, we went to a park to eat a small picnic I had prepared. When we were done, I insisted that he and I ride on the see-saw. You know a teeter totter. He, being the kind, and willing type of easy going fellow he is gave in and did it.

    …and me being the chubby lady I am, held him up in the air for a good minute laughing. He was up high and I was low.

    I still don’t know how I was so crazy as to do that! What was I thinking? I must have been so immature. Oy.

    Dont worry we dont pull such things today.


    Always run- Please, oh please tell me you weren’t serious with that seesaw story!



    Please tell me you meant Asperger’s!!!!

    Assberger’s was an old restaurant in London where the meat was so bad people assumed it came from a donkey.

    When ChaimShmeel Assberger closed his restaurant he became a full-time breeder of E.coli samples that he saved from the old place.


    if you’ve ever read Pride and Prejudice, you’ll know what i mean; but i went out with a guy who was exactly like Mr. Collins. (i think that’s the name.) can’t describe him better than that. he was totally pompous, practically proposed to me on our 1st and only date, sang to me in the middle of a hotel in loud voice, bragged non-stop about his wealth and couldn’t even imagine that i would insist on going through the shadchan after the 1st date instead of deciding right then and there when we’d be going out next. (why bother the shadchan, is what he said).


    600- yes, my mistake “Asperger’s”!!


    ps, and another story.

    I went out with this guy who was driving around and around cony Island Avenue searching for parkiing…i couldnt imagine where we were going because it was on the higher avenues and was a little unfamiliar as to where we were.

    Anyway, We finally find parking on the avenue, and i turn to him confused and ask “where r we going?”

    so he pointed accross the avenue to what looked like a bar- a Hooka Bar!

    Right away i told him I dont do Hooka and will not go in- he says whats wrong with it (right them I kinds knew he wasnt for me)- anyways, were not going here, theres a lounge right next door- with no hooka.

    Fine we go in- and there WAS hooka going on..(if anyone doesnt know what it is- its basically smoking through what looks like a lamp)

    We sit down at the end of the place and he says, oh i didnt know there would be hooka here…and didnt even respect the fact that I didnt feel comfortable there and didnt ask me if we should go elsewhere.

    Fine- the climax to all of this was as while we were talking he says..yea…its a nice place…i was HERE BEFORE with another girl!!

    So he lied about not coming here before and not knowing there was hooka!

    Dumb guy- oy, and he wanted to go out again- no way mister!!



    Sounds like you could benefit from a little thing I like to call… RESEARCH!


    Hookah bar? I know you would’nt make this up, but I really can’t believe how far today’s boys have fallen.

    What I would do, is call the shadchan and the boy’s refernces and tell them where he took you.

    Getting lost or getting caught in the rain is not a crime. Taking a frum girl to a place like that is.

    (That is, unless you’re a thugged out, moto-chick with mutiple nose rings. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt)

    Hookah bar. Just when you thought you heard it all.



    Really, BP isnt in the the mountains of Kandahar…. last I checked.

    Hookah? Bochurim that are sitting and learning are smoking hookah! Yes, its only flavor packets. Yes, its inappropriate. Yes, I would never do it.

    But really, this is not the worst I’ve heard. (Not saying I necessarily believe the story either.)


    “BP isnt in the the mountains of Kandahar”

    True. But CIA has a few spots in the Ave N, O and P area that would pass for a close tie.

    And yes, I know there are boys (and girls) that go there. But on a date? They should have gotten this out of their system by the time they are considering tachlis.

    I’d be less freaked out if he suggested a movie, and would not plaster his mistake all over the place. Hookah bar is over the top.


    PEOPLE- its a TRUE story- happened 2 ME!!

    Yes, he took me ona FIRST date to a HOOKA LOUNGE/BAR!!

    And he is a frum guy.

    Sac- sometimes you can do research and people will hide things etc…in this case- who could fortell he would take a girl there?


    How ’bout this?

    – walked in with shaven zero head, krazeldike payos, pants ABOVE his belly *or

    – Definitly Clinically and Certifiably Assbergers/Autistic ?


    Over the weekend we received a newsletter from my boys’ Yeshiva. Among the articles within, I was pleased to see that they are educating the middle grades (6-8 grades) about the dangers of smoking.


    Dr. Pepper

    Pac-Man (and anyone else trying to keep count)-

    The number isn’t as high as the stories imply but it is higher than it should have been (honesty in shidduchim is beyond the scope of this thread).

    I’m not sure which one of these is worse than the other but since they get slightly intertwined at the end I’ll post them both and let my fellow posters vote on it.

    #1 => It was obvious that the shadchan was senile (she told my parents that she knew we were for each other since I was R”L in college and her father was R”L a college graduate- yes she used those words!). Aside from the shadchan the girl sounded normal.

    The girl lived a five hour drive away, and I have an aunt and uncle that live about an hour away from her but just a few minutes out of the way. Being that my grandparents were visiting at the time, I was planning on stopping by to visit after the date.

    Since I was making good timing I decided to visit my grandparents on the way there and get ready for the date (instead of changing into a suit at a rest area).

    My grandmother was soooooo relieved to see me- “the shadchan is going briogess (or whatever the word is), she’s trying to get in touch with you before you get to the girls house and your cell phone is off. The girl was so excited to go out with you that she called her Rebbatzin from seminary and told her all about you. The Rebbatzin said that since you are in college she should only go out with you as a last resort.”

    I spent a nice afternoon taking my grandparents shopping.

    #2 => (Pac-Man, don’t increase the counter for this one either since I already mentioned her in ==>this story<==.)

    After our second date or so (and after I agreed to go out again) I found out that she had a boyfriend- thank you GOOGLE. I didn’t know (or care) what her involvment was (was he chasing her, did she like the attention…) The guy was someone that I knew but wasn’t that friendly with, although I did end up becoming closer friends with him since our wives are friends.

    I tricked him into sending me an e-mail where he mentioned her (he said they were currently at Starbucks or B&N together), printed it up and left it in the glove compartment for her to find. (Did I mention that she was nosy?)

    Sure enough she found it and read it. WOW, I wish I could have framed that expression!

    “Really, you have to believe me, I have no idea who this guy is, I mean I have no idea where he even got my name from…”

    “It’s fine”, I assured her, “I just wanted to make sure he made it all up”.

    As you all can guess it was over after that.

    Between college, yeshiva, teaching, waiting for her to do the dirty work (and coming up with an excuse for the shadchan) it did take a few days until I gave an answer.

    In the interim the senile shadchan called back and said (not in these exact words) that the girl was getting desperate and her Rebbatzin said she could go out with me since it was a last resort. When my mother told her that I was busy, she suggested that maybe my brother would want to go out with her.

    “Well if you think that my sons are looking for the same type of girl than you obviously don’t know them well enough to set them up!”

    After hanging up she looked at me and said, “maybe she is senile afterall…”.


    Some time later, after the three of us (me, girl #2 and her other ex) were married, the six of us were invited to a wedding or sheva berachos that was seperate seating. As fate would have it us three men were seated at the misfit table, and I put my place card next to my friend while I went to wash. I came back to see that her husband was sitting in my seat. Grabbing the opportunity to see who knew what I said to him, “you’re not going to take my seat also, are you?”

    He stood up politely and apologized, the other guy was laughing so hard he started to choke on the beer he was drinking.


    Dr. Pepper:

    How many normal dates did you have, and what percent (hey, that’s up your alley!) were they of your total dates?


    Doc- the epilogue was a rerun. Does that mean you’re finally running out?

    I can’t believe that you still haven’t shared the worst date ever (in the spirit of rendezvous = date with a guy) – i.e. the one with me at KD.

    Dr. Pepper


    No, I’m definitely not running out. There are some stories I’m not posting out of fear that of my account being blocked. Others I’m not posting without permission (and I’m not going to call someone out of the blue after not talking to them for 10 years to ask permission to post a story).

    There are numerous reasons why I may post a rerun;

    1. I’m losing my eidetic memory,

    2. For the benefit of the newcomers who may not have read all of the other stories,

    3. It brings you out of hiding,

    4. It’s a test of who is paying attention,

    just to name a few.

    I’m looking forward to having a sino steak with you at KD, when will you be there and how will I know who you are?


    He’s the short bald chubby guy with a kippa sruga and walking with a cane. (The kippa is using velcro.)


    dr.- it seems like the second time you wrote the story it was a little different that the first. which one is the real story?!?!??!

    Dr. Pepper


    What was the difference besides some additional information?

    Keep in mind that the last time I posted this story was over 9 months ago, while the story itself happened close to 10 years ago.


    are you still around? meaning single

    Dr. Pepper


    B”H happily married with a couple of kids.

    I always tell my wife that even if the only thing she ever did for me was remove me from the parsha I’d still be forever indebted to her.


    Doc- I’ll work out a puzzle that I can post on the riddle thread with the details. Only you will be able to solve it in time. The rest is up to you.


    smartcookie, I am! Even I don’t know how I pulled that off?

    I thought he’d think its hilarious just to ride a see saw.

    But when I figured out I weighed a few more pounds than him, I couldn’t resist, I just wouldn’t let him get down.

    I guess its a good thing we married cause that would be very embarrassing to remembmer that weird girl who he went out on a date with…now we laugh.

    I was quite immature.


    Alwaysruns- you are funny! You’re lucky you didn’t scare your man away from this crazy date! How old were you then?


    I think my worst date was the time that the girl showed up like 3 hours late. (The scary part was I was still waiting for her). Needless to say there was no 2nd date.

    be good

    I have a couple of pretty bad ones…

    How about the guy who walked so fast and was so far ahead of me that the door of the hotel swung shut on my nose (I kid you not) as I tried to hurry in after him (of course, it hadn’t occurred to him to wait for me, let alone hold the door open).

    Or how about the guy who told me ‘I’m not paying for your dinner’ in the tone of voice that would imply that I’m somehow being greedy or presumptuous to have assumed that. This after taking me out of the city for a long afternoon date and having my stomach grumble while he talked about himself for the whole two hour ride home…

    O, and I almost forgot about the charming gentleman who had a business meeting with the owner of the restaurant for most of (our second) date. She (yes, he sat there talking to another woman in front of me) sat at our table for a good 20 mins after we ordered and for another hour after we finished (I’m not exaggerating- I was watching the hands on her watch while they were shmoozing- they made it clear that I wasn’t invited to be part of the conversation). After I had watched 40 minutes crawl past on her watch, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I called and texted some friends all the while wondering what would happen if I just called myself a cab from the bathroom, waited there for a bit and just walked right out of the restaurant, into the cab and went home.

    Of course, my better (???) judgement prevailed and I decided to be nice whatever the guy does so that nobody can fault my behavior (I didn’t want to risk the wrath of the shadchan as I’m sure she would’ve found fault with me somehow), and went back to the table. They looked up surprised, as if they had forgotten all about me.

    The crazy part of all these stories is that all of these guys were surprised that I didn’t want to go out again and were completely non-plussed that I was somehow less than flattered by their behavior.

    Was it Oomis up there who commented that Yeshivos should be teaching their bochurim some basic mentchlichkeit? no kidding.


    Be good:

    Yeah, you could have taken the cab.





    Guy wanted to know WHY on all aspects of my upbringing, such as:

    Why I live in the neighborhood I live in? (well, I didn’t think I had to move out of my parents’ home in order to get married)

    Why I went to the schools I went to? (How much of a say does a 13 year old have in choosing a school?)

    Why I daven in the shul I daven in? (I’ve been davening there from before I knew the alef-bais)

    I felt like asking him WHY he’s going out with me if he so concerned about my upbringing.

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