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    I propose the following solution to solve the shidduch crisis temporaryly.

    The siyum hashas is quickly approaching, and many seats are still open. A mixed seating section should be opened whereby single men and single women could meet, and find their bashert.

    I know some may be against it the idea of mixed seating, but Rabbi Moshe Feinstein permitted it at weddings based on the Pesach seder. Moreover, he wanted it present so that singles would meet and find their spouse.

    Moreover, think about all the good will come from it. Hopefully many matches will be made and many weddings in the months that follow.


    “but Rabbi Moshe Feinstein permitted it at weddings based on the Pesach seder.” what is your source for this?


    Thats actually not a bad idea. However, I dont think that having a section would be the most conducive for singles to meet and socialize, sinces in venues like the Siyum Hashas you are basically talking to the people seated immediately around but thats all.

    This would still be a great place to capitalize on the fact that it is one of, if not the largest gathering of jewish people. I think that having an event room or two for a shidduch event with a bunch of shadchanim present.


    Weddings and the Seder are more controlled environments.
    Better environments for tachlis.


    OP: lol! One of the funniest trolls yet!

    pro geshmake yidden

    Oh please


    Absolutely GREAT idea. And I know some wealthy askanim who plan on attending and would gladly volunteer their private enclosed skybox suites at MetLife stadium to serve as yichud rooms for the chosson/kalahs


    It would attract the wrong crowd. The Yeshivish Oilam won’t go for this new idea out of nowhere. There are other good solutions that could be implemented in a more private manner such as being set up in advance and meeting in a quiet corner. Hameivin Yavin.

    Martin beseser

    While your at it Maybe you can get TAG to come set up a booth to Kasher up the smart phones this way we can really solve all klal yisroels issues at one time.

    pro geshmake yidden

    “And I know some wealthy askanim who plan on attending”
    Do they also know you?

    Reb Eliezer
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