Should Yeshiva Bochurim go out and vote on Tuesday’s election?

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    Should Yeshiva Bochurim leave Yeshiva to go and vote this Tuesday?


    no, just sit home and then kvetch when you don’t like the winner’s policies


    Depending on what state they are in, they should have already voted. No reason to be bitul Torah when there are plenty of options for mail-in or early voting.


    Don’t they have a break in the middle of the day? They can’t go and vote then?

    Reb Eliezer

    They could have voted by mail. In New York were the yeshivas are threatened the answer is yes.


    Yes. They absolutely should go out and vote Do you think their time is more precious than say Rav Moshe Feinstein who even when he barely left his house anymore , went by wheelchair to vote?


    They should go to the grocery instead, being that is your favorite thread topic


    A lot of bochurim in Yeshiva live out of town from where there Yeshiva is so they can’t really vote unless by mail.


    Students are permitted to be registered to vote from where they dorm, instead of their parents address.


    It would be even better if bochurim have educated opinions about who and what they are voting for.

    Rav Moshe wrote that voting is showing hakaras hatov. What exactly did he mean? I presume not only that non-Jews check that Jewish towns voted (that would be Hillul Hashem issue) and not simply to “fund our yeshivos” (that would be “self interest”) but actually knowing what is good for the country and voting accordingly.


    The folks who tell the bochurim how to vote should also tell them when (if ever) to vote.


    of course bochurim should vote if they havent already. why would you think they shouldnt?
    their are issues that effect us generally as citizens living in the USA such as crime, taxes, the economy all these have gotten worse under the current democratic administration
    and then their are issues that effect us specifically as jews such as anti Semitism, the (NY)state govt mixing into our yeshiva curriculum dictating what we should be teaching and how many hours should be spent on secular subjects under threats of punishment etc
    these issues are real CRIME is up see crime stats for NY

    the school issue is known to everyone are these not reason enough to go out and vote?
    besides forget your personal choice our gedolim no matter what rebbe or rosh yeshiva you listen to have asked us all especially this year to GO OUT AND VOTE!


    If they feel that it’s important, they should find time and go. Same as going to the DMV (except for the hours of waiting…)

    Reb Eliezer

    This was an argument when the Yeshiva of Volozhin became in danger. The gedolim then did not stop learning whereas the Chasam Sofer said that we must protect yiddishkeit.

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