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    I often hear of things happening in 40 day increments, and they say its a big segula to do something for 40 days. Ex. 40 days of saying tehillim for someone, 40 days at the kosel… What is the mekor/significance of doing something for 40 days? Is it a gematria of something?


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    L613- I am not fluent enough in my torah knowledge but forty is definitely a significant number. Moshe went up to pray for b”y for forty days and was answered by H”m hence setting a precedent for generations. (I leave the rest for more scholarly individuals to expand on including meraglim, ninveh, eliyahu…) Also, you can call up rebetzin teller (rabbi Henoch teller’s wife) and ask her for more info-i know she has done forty days at kosel more than once and may be able to give you more info (without a forty dollar fee)


    Moshe Rabeinu came down from Har Sinai after 40 days.

    We came out of the midbar after 40 years.

    We come out of a mikvah of 40 se’ah.

    The gender of a fetus is set after 40 days.

    I would philosophically suggest that 40 days represents the time it takes to become something new. ie.

    After a 40 days ‘pregnancy’ we became the Jewish people.

    After a 40 year ‘preganacy’ we reached a level as a whole to be zocheh to enter E”Y.

    The entire concept of mikvah is based on pregnancy and rebirth.

    A fetus becomes a he or a she after 40 days.

    I’m sure it is much deeper but I’d imagine its something along these lines.


    I quote –

    1. (40 days for a ??? to form )- ???? ????? ???? ???

    2. ??? ??? ?????, ??? ?? ???, ??? ?? ???, ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? (moshe rabbeynu went to shamayim, and in 40 days was elevated and transformed to level of ???? )

    3. ???? ???? ????? A ???? has 40 ??? of water – each ??? is 24 ??? and can transform to purity

    6. ?????? ?’ in the ???? ?????? says that it takes 40 days of practicing a new behavior to change that behavior or ???.

    7. There are 40 days from rosh chodesh ???? until ??? ????


    40 makkos al pi Torah change a rasha into a tzaddik

    chazal limited the physical makkos to 39, the person has to add the 40th by charatah and Tshuvah


    sorry for double quoting you derech hamelech – your post wasn’t printed when i displayed blog


    80, Or as the Maharal says, the 40th is for his Ruchnius part, which by the time you fixed up all 39 parts the Ruchnius is already back in its rightful place.


    the Mabul (in some sense) took 40 days


    in the midbar 40 years

    we changed into a people who were ready to enter Eretz Yisroel


    i have no idea what this means but someone might find it interesting:

    Forty is an octagonal number, and as the sum of the first four pentagonal numbers, it is a pentagonal pyramidal number. Adding up some subsets of its divisors (e.g., 1, 4, 5, 10 and 20) gives 40, hence 40 is a semiperfect number.

    Given 40, the Mertens function returns 0. 40 is the smallest number n with exactly 9 solutions to the equation ?(x) = n.

    Forty is the number of n-queens problem solutions for n = 7.

    40 is a repdigit in base 3 (1111) and a Harshad number in base 10.


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    40 is 10 in base 39

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