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    Many years ago we purchased 4.5oz stemware to use at the Seder. This way everyone had a correct shiur (even on Fri Night) and no one had to drink too much. We found them in 2 random stores when we were shopping for other things. This year we realized that IY”H we will not have enough to go around. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I might be able to find more? (We can not remember which stores we bought them in originally) BTW I did do a search online and was pretty much unsuccessful (unless I want to buy 36-100 at a time).

    Thanks for your help! A Chag Kasher V’Samiach to All!


    We bought such stemware in Amazing Savings (the one on McDonald Ave) in Brooklyn right before pesach last year.


    What is the largest Shiur that anyone we follow, has paskened that we are supposed to use?

    That is if I want to be as mehudar as possible, what would that shiur be, for the Dalet Kossos?

    Also for such a shiur are there glasses to fit that amount?


    The largest recognized shiur is that of the Chazon Ish,tz’l

    5.3 fluid oz.

    But unless you drink the entire cup (and you would have drunk the entire cup using a cup with a smaller shiur) then by using a cup with a larger shiur you give up one Hiddur Mitzvah for another.

    In the words of Rabbi Doniel Neustadt:

    “Those who are particular to use a large size cup in order to satisfy the opinion of the Chazon Ish but do not drink the entire cup, are in effect substituting one chumrah for another.”

    And if you ARE going to use a large cup AND drink all of it, you might consider a low-alcohol content wine.


    Thank you jphone. Right now coming into Brooklyn is not an option B4 Yom Tov. We ended up finding 5oz ones in Center of Town here in Lakewood. A little larger than I wanted but we’ll manage.


    unless you drink the entire cup

    Is drinking the full Kos a Hiddur or a Chumra? And must you drink to the last drop to fulfill it?

    d a

    How about leaving some for Eliyahu HaNavi???


    There are some who take a take a tiny sip of each kos because they are “afraid” of too many calories.



    what is the smallest amount you can drink?


    2.9 oz



    Care to explain why you edited my post? I was being melamed z’chus on those who do that…..

    I don’t get it.

    I don’t know. If you still have the original post, email it to me and I’ll take a look.

    [email protected]


    For some being Meikil (being lenient) with the Daled Kosos allows one to be Machmir (being stringent) with the Mitzvos of the next morning.

    What is the best trade off?

    Has anyone heard from a reliable authority on this matter?


    I assume you mean the mitzva to daven the next morning. There is no need to be meikil on shiurim because of this; you can drink grape juice.


    Yanky55, do you have a specific source for this?

    So far I have only heard about using grape juice when there are health issues.


    As someone else posted on a different thread, look at the hechsher on the bottles. It clearly states that this grape juice is kosher for Kiddush and Arbah Kosos.

    If it were muttar for health issues only, the hechsher would need to state that, just as is done on boxes of egg matzah…”Muttar rahk le’cholim oh zikaynim, ki’mivuahr b’Rema”.

    Grape juice is yayin, lechol hadayos. That’s why you make a “borei pri hagafen” on it. The Shulchan Aruch states you need yayin for arbah kosos.


    I do not believe the OU certifies or approves anything on the label, they only certify that the contents inside have no prohibitions.

    For example, we have Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies with the OU on them.

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