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    i cant believe no one has mentioned the longest pesach!

    all the tapes i grew up listening to are now in my house for my kids- mmm, shhhhhh its loshon hara, when zaidy was young, the talking coins, lets sing the alef bais, lets sing achat shtayim….my husband and i started our collection right after we got married- during sheva brachos!


    After 20 years…

    Marvelous Middos Machine

    Episode 4

    Shnooky’s Bar Mitzvah

    Order now!


    thanks so much chofetzchaim, wow, i can’t believe it’s out, after 20+ years !

    but is that order form real? it doesn’t say much besides for address and credit card info

    also, can you purchase a download instead of a CD?


    daas_yochid – Welcome to the Coffee Room. I have seen you posting on the main page. But I guess this is your first post in the CR. I would like to let you know, that we have another poster here thats been around for a while with a similar name to yours. His name is DaasYochid, Please posters let us not confuse the two.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    For the record, “daas_yochid” and “DaasYochid” are two separate posters (ironically).


    will the real ??? ???? please stand up?



    but tachlis, please let me know if that MMM4 is for real?

    i’d love to get it if it is – i’ve been contemplating wring a #4 about shnooky’s BM myself (having figured that Abie gave up on it completely), but i guess he beat me to it


    DY – Sorry for pointing it out.


    To get back on track here:

    The CD is for real. I don’t know about that site but it is available from Jewish Jukebox.

    This is SOOOOO exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear it (I will be buying it locally IY”H, and it did not come in yet)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    It’s real. It’s on MostlyMusic’s site.


    What are you sorry about?


    DY – *Ironically*. Sounded like you were making fun of me for pointing it out.


    Yes, the site is for real. It is being sold directly by M&M enterprises by Rabbi Eliezer Grunberg of Torah Academy of Buffalo Grove

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    I actually posted before you’re post was visible. I just meant the irony of the name “Yochid” being held by two posters.


    DY – Ok, got it.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Marvelous Midos Machine 4 is great. Highly recommended. As a bonus, there’s a beautiful song sung by Baruch Levine.


    The tape that chofetzchaim was discussing is a rabbi yitzy erps tape. Its about a fat kid who is made fun of in camp and runs away but then foils a few bank robbers and saves the day.

    I cant remember the name but have been trying to track down that tape for a while. I dont know if this is the name but I remember it being something like there is a place for everyone or something like that.

    Anyone know what the tape is called?


    Anyone remember Meir and Me?



    does anyone know which story tape i can find the camel back song in? im almost sure its a shmuel kunda tape i just cant remeber which one. and if anyone knows the lyrics off hand that would also be greatly appreciated


    It’s on A Ton of Mon.


    SiSI: Oh oh it’s Me, yes that’s his name! No one you know is quite the same! And everystorythatyouhearwillmakeyoulaughandmakeyoucheer oh it’s Me and weee loooove youuuuuu!

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes, R’ Shmuel Kunda. I drive my kids crazy by knowing all the words to the CDs when they listen to it for the first time.

    edited for reasons obvious to the author


    I recently heard talk about Abie Rotenberg and his team working on another Golden Crown style tape. Can anyone confirm?


    Are there any substance to the rumors that Abie Rotenberg and the Midos Machine are team working on another Golden Crown style tape? Can anyone confirm?


    Are there any substance to the rumors that Abie Rotenberg and the Midos Machine are team working on another Golden Crown style tape? Can anyone confirm?


    Finally! Look what I saw on MostlyMusic:


    ?It’s finally here!

    Just over 25 years ago, the team that brought you the smash hit series The Marvelous Midos Machine, released a Zaydie style story tape, The Golden Crown, which has since developed a massive cult following. Now, a quarter of a century after it’s

    release Akiva and Yehuda finally make their way back to Zaydie’s house, to enjoy another exciting, suspenseful, and magical tale.

    “For years, I’ve heard fans like myself wishfully dreaming of a new installment of The Golden Crown”, says producer Shimmy Shtauber, of The Story Experience & When Zaidy Was Young 3 fame. “And B”H, it’s finally here, complete with all the familiar flavor and charm we’ve all come to know and love!”

    Featuring the return of the entire cast of The

    Marvelous Midos Machine and The Golden Crown, and a story by bestselling author Etka Gitel Schwartz based on the plot by Abie Rotenberg,

    along with original songs by Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine and Rabbi Shmuel Klein, Shtauber cut no corners in ensuring that Crown fans will be getting something that justifies the 25 year wait.

    “The level of acting, sound effects and music on this album is beyond anything that’s ever been done on a story tape before.

    We even had the timeless “Story Song” redone with a full orchestra and live string section, arranged by the great Yanky Briskman and resung by Abie. The result is something you gotta hear to believe!”

    The album also features child soloist Tzvi Simchon of the Miami Boys Choir, and a guest appearance by world renowned superstar Shlomo Simcha.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab some of Bubby’s milk and cookies, and come take a look in Zaydie’s old book. What’s in store is a story… for YOU!

    The album is expected be”H sometime next week and will be distributed by Aderet.


    I listened to this album, The Lost Treasure, and it’s remarkable. I haven’t heard anything like it in my life. It’s exact style as The Golden Crown, only a lot more professional quality and sounding. Does anyone know the background? I would love to know.

    B1g B0y

    Yom Hashishi Boy am I Shleepy

    Chaim Yankel Klutzmeir


    the tape about the fat kid in camp is called “A Place For Everyone”

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