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    Does anyone hear have their kids listening to Non-Jewish story tapes like Noddy and Cinderella?


    From “Lost in Lazer Land”:

    Mordy: Only 9 minutes left, we’re never gonna find them in so few minutes.

    Avi: That’s not what bothers me Mordy

    What really gets me sad is that I never really acted friendly to Dovi and Josh or Yitz.

    I really miss them a lot

    And I’m really sad

    Cause friends are the best gift in the whole wide world…

    (I think this is the history behind this tune: Baruch Levine originally wrote this song for this tape. The tune later became popular when R’ Abie Rottenberg Shlit”a used it for the “Birchas HaBayis” song in “Aish 2”. Baruch Levine recently sang it himself as part of the “Baruch Levine Classics” in “Chassan HaTorah”.)


    It started last night

    You got in a fight

    You said things you knew you’d regret.

    You went to your room and you slammed the door shut

    Wishing that you’d never met.

    You know that it’s wrong

    You’ve been friends for so long

    To bicker and argue this way

    So get off the bed and walk up the block

    You’ll knock on his door and you’ll say…

    Friends will be there through the good times and bad

    Laugh with you and cry when you’re sad.

    Who cares who was wrong?

    Been friends for so long,

    V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha

    You’ve been such best friends

    Right from the start.

    Why let yourself drift apart?

    You’ve been through so much

    Why not keep in touch?

    Friendship is worth more than you’ll ever know.


    If it seems to you

    The whole world is cruel

    You need to escape for awhile,

    Talk to a friend about nothing at all

    You’ll probably leave with a smile.

    Feel all alone

    Away from your home,

    Here’s something that would make your day

    Pick up the phone and call an old friend

    You’ll hear his warm voice and you’ll say…

    Friends will be there through the good times and bad

    Laugh with you and cry when you’re sad.

    We’ve been out of touch

    I missed you so much

    Friendship is worth more than you’ll ever know

    You’ve been such best friends

    Right from the start.

    Why let yourself drift apart?

    You always will be

    A big part of me.

    V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha.

    Friends will be there through the good times and bad,

    Laugh with you and cry when you’re sad.

    We’ve been through so much

    So let’s keep in touch.

    Friendship is worth more than you’ll ever know

    You’ve been such best friends

    Right from the start.

    Why let yourself drift apart?

    You always will be a big part of me.

    V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha.

    (end of song)

    Mordy: Wow Avi,

    That was really nice of you to say,

    Thanks a lot.

    You know, your a pretty good friend yourself.

    Avi: Thanks Mordy.

    Now do you mind if we sit down on that bench over there…


    “Kol Yisroel areivim,

    We’re all in the same boat.

    If someone drills a little hole,

    Then none of us can float.

    So whether you are from ???? (Can anyone help?)

    Or you come for Timbuktoo,

    We are all responsible, for every other Jew!”

    just me

    My kids listened to the Zaidy tapes until they came out of my ears! My favorite is the Trolly song. When we deal with people who are…not bright, my family starts quoting “Hello! My name is Mr. Ahsborn….”

    My kids (26, 21, 20, 18) can all sit around and quote The Purim Story.


    mepal –

    It’s from back on page 1 of this thread


    Oh! Thanks, 99!

    YW Moderator-42

    My name is Pinches, not pinch os, I don’t pinch anybody!

    “That sir is my hat.”

    “So it is, so it is, but is it Kosher?”

    “The coins go down, down, down, down, down…”

    “How do ya do ya do ya? Shalom aleichem to ya…”


    I used to love “The Incredible Draidel of Feitel von Zeidel.” I want to get it for my son for Chanukah.


    42- name that tape (?)

    YW Moderator-42

    Areivim, ask the coins, perhaps they will tell you if they are talking coins 🙂

    yossi z.

    wow my parents still have these tapes and whenever a younger neighbor or my nieces and nephews come over we play them. i don’t remember all the lyrics but as soon as i see the song i usually remember the tune

    thanx for the memories

    yossi z.

    d a

    Anybody remember the Tovy the Taxi?

    yossi z.

    is that the name of a tape or a part of one?


    Your uncle is a door?!?!



    I remember hearing a story tape a long time ago. I can’t remeber too many details about it. It was about kids in camp. I think it was called Camp Ahavas Yisroel and I think there was something about catching criminals in the forest or something. Does anybody know what I am talking about?

    yossi z.

    no he is not a door (well technically speaking he is) LOL


    Tapes my family grew up with:

    Marvelous Midos Machine

    The Amazing Torah Bike

    When Zeidy was Young

    The golden Crown

    The Purim Story

    A Chanukah Miracle (not the chanuka story – the one with the Besht)

    20 Greatest Kvetches

    613 Torah Avenue

    Torah Time Machine

    All the shmuel kunda tapes up to “where’s zeidy?”

    I open one eyes… (not sure what the name of the tape was)

    The Alef bais Tape

    …and many, many more! (we purchased just about any frum kids tape that was on the market)

    non-jewish kids tapes were more of the sesame street or children’s book variety.

    And yes, I can repeat almost all of them word for word..


    anono, so share what you remember! Give us all a good laugh!


    Aah, it’s been so long! A lot of these are coming back to me now!

    Okay, who remembers where this is from? I wish I could remember the rest of the lyrics but I do know which tape it is.

    Eisav was coming, with 400 men, Yaakov davened to Hashem.

    Vayishlach Ya-akov, malachim l’-fanav,

    and Yaakov sent messengers to Eisav!

    I know it’s not much. Any guesses? Hint: the tune puts an emphasis on the TO EISAV at the end.



    It’s from 613 Torah Ave. -Beraishis


    *round of applause* That is correct!

    613 Torah Ave was my favorite tape when I was little. My brother listened to it also.

    YW Moderator-42

    Eisav was coming, with 400 men, Yaakov davened to Hashem.

    For milchama we must prepare

    he told his family to have no fear

    Vayishlach Ya-akov, malachim l’-fanav,

    and Yaakov sent messengers TO EISAV!



    rat’s… it backfired

    is that from “you diiied… you’re in heeeaveeeen… you got hit by a truuuuck…”


    moish- for whenever you see this… hello 🙂

    I’m hoping the summer, either Lakewood or Brooklyn, isn’t treating you too badly.

    Having you in mind all the time-


    Feif Un

    A lot of the tapes I listened to as a kid I can still listen to and enjoy (MMM, Uncle Moishy, Torah island, and some others). Others I just can’t stand now! I got Tovy the Taxi for my kids, but I can’t listen to it. If we’re in teh car, it’s The Simcha Machine and Lost in Lazerland


    Anybody know the real names of the songs?

    YW Moderator-42

    What a terrible thing, what a terrible sight

    When people just argue, and bicker and fight

    They cry and they kvetch, they holler and shout

    That just isn’t what the Toirah’s about

    Shalom is peace, and Shalom’s the way

    A roideif shalom seeks peace everyday

    He always is quick to forget and forgive

    And that’s how Hashem wants us to live.

    So try to be smart and try to be wise

    There’s always a way you can compromise.

    You won’t have to lose, and you won’t have to win

    With Shalom your problems will never begin.

    Shalom is peace and Shalom’s the way

    A roideif Shalom seeks peace everyday

    He always is quick to forget and forgive

    And that’s how Hashem wants us to live…

    YW Moderator-42

    ICOT, the Shalom song (which I posted above) is great. All the MMM songs are great. The Sinas Chinam song is also a beautiful song.

    I don’t think that “Don’t walk in front of me” is from MMM. It is probably from Uncle Moishy: Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk besides me and be my friend and together we will walk in the ways of Hashem. V’ahaVta l’reiacha kamocha zeh klal gadol baTorah…


    Anybody know where this is from?

    Don’t walk in front of me, I’ll run you over.

    Don’t walk behind me, I’ll go in reverse.

    Just walk beside me, there’s nothing I can do, except for ripping off the steering wheel and throwing it at you.

    anon for this

    “Don’t walk in front of me…just walk beside me & be my friend.” is too old to be from Uncle Moishy; a google search attributes it to Camus. It’s possible though that Uncle Moishy added the last part, and perhaps the tune.


    YW Moderator-42-

    That’s them!

    Thank you very much.

    The kids watched the VHS format tapes in the mid 90’s at their Bubby’s house.

    The songs were excellent, and the one you transcribed above was the one I thought was best.

    Maybe I’ll look around for them on DVD for the younger kids.


    Who remembers this one?

    “The Torah does demand that we must understand

    to live with utmost fear

    and from dangers be aware

    u’m’shmartem me’od es nafshosaichem”


    Forgot about a few:

    Country Yossi & the Shteeble Hoppers

    Kivi & Tuki


    OMG!!! Is that from the safety tape? I used to listen to that thing day and night!

    this one is…

    riding on my bicycle’s

    my favorite thing to do

    and the rules that make it safe

    are only just a few

    so, if you’re riding with your friend

    and having lots of fun

    just remember the only rule

    and you’ll be number one

    first of all,

    you should be watched.

    thats as far as I go, I think its the same song as Jfem posted.


    YW Moderator-42

    The first two Marvelous Middos Machine videos are available from Oorah. I assume they will make part 3 next year.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2


    Kapusta, is “I’m gonna wear my seatbelt…seatbelts are for everyone!” on that tape? Or did I mix them up?



    riding on my bicycle’s

    my favorite thing to do

    and the rules that make it safe

    are only just a few

    so when you’re riding with your friends

    and having lots of fun

    just remember these golden rules

    and you’ll be number one.

    first of all you should be wise

    how to get the perfect size

    only one person on that bare bike

    use hand signals to turn left or right.

    [then something abt good ol’ mike]



    mepal – nope!

    this is it:

    cars are machines that are powerful and strong

    we take it for granted cuz we sit all day long

    but you’ve got to know it’s dangerous

    and special care you must take

    everyone must be responsible

    many lives are at stake

    buckle your seatbelt right away

    buckling seatbelts saves us every day

    it’s really no rush, don’t speed when you drive

    hashem has a plan when you will arrive

    venishmartem meod lenafshoseichem

    because cars are so powerful

    never run into the street

    look in both directions

    before you move your feet

    always cross at the cross/walk sign

    stay within the lines




    i haven’t heard any of these tapes in a very long time, but i can repeat any part of them to you [not sure if i should be proud or just embarrassed lol]. this includes safety, most shmuel kundas, the purim story, the torah zoo, and many others. if anyone has a lyrics question, i’m available! 🙂



    mepal – regarding your kunda question a while back, it’s ‘whether you are from tucson’ [as in tucson, arizona].

    and chofetzchaim – i might recognize the camp tape you mentioned. is that the one that says somewhere in the beginning, ‘hey, fatso, move it!’ cuz that’s the only line i remember from that one. i don’t think we ever owned that tape.

    ohhhhh and who remembers kosher fairy tales? they made no sense whatsoever… but they were really cute.


    DE, boy do you live up to your name 😉


    mepal, i try 😉


    Here’s a classic that noone has mentioned yet…

    Shalom, Shalom Aleph

    I listened to it as a record when I was a kid (every night), at one point we owned it on tape, and now my daughter (2 yrs old) listens to it on CD.

    ‘Oh, you really need the dot…’

    ‘We are partners, yes siree…’


    uh oh, the queen botched up… thanx DE!



    YW Moderator-42-

    Thanks again, for the links this time.

    I clicked on the first link, and within about thirty seconds one of the kids who probably hadn’t heard the songs in 10+ years was in the room, asking “Is that the Marvelous Midos Machine?”

    YW Moderator-42

    I don’t think that those videos are the entire original version. The originals were 45 minutes long. These seem to be a bit shorter. I don’t have time to watch the whole thing but I do notice some things that are skipped. The songs are a bit shorter than the originals also.


    anyone know of a jewish story tape- no music (my sons very particular about his bed time tape lol)


    there are a couple of Shmuel Kunda tapes that were made with no music (for s’fira). I think ‘There’s Zaidy’ & at least one other one. Aso Rebbe Hill generally does not have music.


    there are some old ones done by Yitzy Erps (shaul and the witch is one- ok maybe that is controversial) but there are other good ones too.


    lakewoodwife–that tape was created by mrs.sue arnold(Morah Sarah)in toronto.i used it when i taught kindergarten,to help my kids,and with kiruv is absolutely the best!

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