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    Does anyone at ywn hq actually do anything about all these wonderful suggestions?? Looking through over 4 years worth of suggestions on this thread and it seems most of the issues are still outstanding…

    am yisrael chai

    “Good idea WIY but I don’t have time to go searching for those threads, if you want, you can post links yourself”

    42 It’s important to let the olam know that posting results of the searched threads now makes one suspect of being J for that is what he would do. Been there, done that.

    So it would save people agmas nefesh and it takes seconds if you could type your search in



    am yisrael chai-

    You will be much happier if you accept the apologies of those who hurt you and have since asked for mechila, and dismiss those who haven’t apologized as not worthy of controlling your happiness.

    As long as you remain upset, hurt and angry at those who haven’t apologized, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

    Whether or not you return as a regular poster, I, and many others here, hope you’re OK.

    YW Moderator-42

    AYC, I understand that you still feel very hurt but you know very well that that wasn’t the only reason we wrongly suspected you. It was just one of many false positives that, combined with poor judgment, added up to a horrible mistake. Please forgive us and go on with your life. The ones who refuse to apologize are no longer posting and don’t want to hear from me about it so please, just let it go. We will be happy to have you back and perhaps you can help us make the CR a more enjoyable place.



    I just realized, that theres no “car” section for all the car enthusiasts or car questions….Please remedy this.



    I know this has been suggested before but I’m too tired to read through 13 pages on this thread.

    Anyway, any possibility for a mobile-friendly CR? It is quite annoying to have to zoom in for every page and it is almost impossible to see posters names…

    It would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for everything!



    SiDi you want your baby to post from the mobile in his crib!?!?!?


    Master Goq™::-)


    A nony mouse

    The app needs to be updated!!!!! You can’t post anything or read the threads normally on the app!!!!!

    And it also needs to be updated to use with iPhone 5


    @a nony mouse: what app? the only app I saw was for YWN. no CR app!

    we need a CR app!



    A warning from the Mods BEFORE yanking a thread would be welcome, explaining why it might be getting yanked and how to prevent it from happening.

    Any more anti-mod posts, and the thread gets yanked. (joking)


    An indicator to know which Mod is on the prowl… when best chances are of slipping in a good one..


    I agree with LF. I would have said it also but he hopped to it first.


    Any more anti-mod posts, and the thread gets yanked. (joking) “

    See, you are listening already!!!!!!

    🙂 On a more serious note, we are sorry that your long post on that thread never saw the light of day, but we closed the thread because need to keep in mind that people of all ages read the CR. You are correct that it is an important topic, just not for here.


    Little Froggie and PulsingFlower, here is the official modding schedule:


    Can we make the most recent post page to come up first?


    TNONTB-I don’t like that suggestion. I like to read threads from the beginning as they were said. If you want to skip, press the button.


    Hey mod, you’re making curious little froggie so curious. What did she write? Write it in here privately, just for me (__________) I won’t show it to anyone else.

    She wrote a thoughtful post which was still pending when the thread was yanked. Shhh…don’t tell anyone…

    A nony mouse

    Sidi – There is a YWN app that has an option to also view the coffee room but I can’t view it normally. And I also can’t login and post from the app.


    You are correct that it is an important topic, just not for here. “

    No problem. I see your point.

    Thank you.


    Mods — is it raining around the corner?

    No, but it’s a Little Foggie.

    Oomis, fast, quietly, (what did you write?________________) write it in a whisper


    Not bad, Mod(x), didn’t know there are some with humor, wit!!


    It would be great if you would allow a tag that would align Hebrew text to the right.

    ??? ?????, ??? ?? ?????? ????’?? ???? ???????.


    It would be great if you would allow a tag that would align Hebrew text to the right.

    And once doing that, may as well allow us to use inline css styles in the html tags. Now, that would be cool!


    Sorry Little Froggie, my lips are sealed. I abide by the rules, just as we are all expected to. (Wish I had kept a copy, though)…


    Any more suggestions?


    put on YWN on the bottom of each newsletter. a icon to take you to the previous newsletter or the next newsletter. like i see in all news media websites. (i can’t think of any one from the so many i go to that doesn’t have it)


    on the phone icon of YWN theres no icon to take you to the coffeeroom. the cofeeroom is one of YWN top part of its site so to not have it on the phone website view is a big mistake & should be added ASAP to it


    Surely the loyal posters have more suggestions for consideration.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Do you, Joseph?


    YWN improvements would include

    1)if they put the time & date on top of each newsletter so people reading it later can see when it was put out

    2)on bottom of each newsletter, should be a shortcut to the previous & next newsletter-like on mobile read-so readers will be more happy to read news on YWN to a more relaxed & enjoyable news time.

    3)all peoples comments should be posted unless filled with curses etc… so YWN can be an honest news website hosting all kinds of peoples opinions about certain news topics & for YWN gain to know how people around the world feel about the news topic written in


Viewing 31 posts - 601 through 631 (of 631 total)
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