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    Hashem wants us to do the right thing and not to stumble.

    So since the Brisker Rov compared the State to the egel when he said the State of Israel is the Satan’s greatest triumph since the egel, it is simply not possible for him to have also said that Hashem “smiled” about the State any more than He “smiled” about the egel.

    The stira seems irreconcilable, in my humble opinion.


    MDD, I quoted Rabbi Reisman for you and even typed out the relevant lines; are you calling me a liar because you have no answers?


    Avi K,

    Please feel free to respond and have the last word between us on this; as a Zionist, you are intent on serving your idol and there is evidently nothing anybody can say to make you give that up until BaYom haHu yihye Hashem echad uShmo echad.

    1. The oaths are halacha, as has been more than amply demonstrated. As well, the Rambam would not have brought them up to the Yemenites if they were not in force.

    I’m quoting from another site to answer your question regarding Mishneh Torah, “The Satmar Rav proposed that the Rambam did not need to mention them because he held that to violate them would be an act of heresy”.

    2. Even if the British had no good reason to have the Patria sent to a different colony, political considerations are never a reason to detonate explosives on a boat packed with civilians as the Zionists did in that case.

    3. Even the Zionists had a committee of inquiry about this very sordid affair. Multiple sources have documented it, HaModia recently had an article on it, etc.

    4. Kol HaPoseil…

    5. He says that he was not justifying any “ism”.

    6. Signs of the geulah do not justify Zionism. In fact, gedolim have said that Zionism

    is holding back the geulah. After all, we see the sign that it’s otherwise ready, as indicated by the gemara.

    7. Although “Religious Zionists” can’t get enough of that book, there is no “long list of gedolim” who “concur” with Rabbi Teichtal. And please see #4.

    You are so desperate to justify this idolatry and heresy that you are denying reality and writing nonsense.

Viewing 3 posts - 301 through 303 (of 303 total)
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