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    my 3 year old gave my 8 month old baby a book to read and was upset when the baby starting biting on the pages. the 3 year old explained to the baby “it’s not fair i still wanted to read that book”.


    My sister was in the car with her friend’s little sister and their mother was driving. When the mother was trying to get passed someone the little girl called out “move you idiot!” Shows how much kids pick up on what people say.

    Shticky Guy

    Trying to find out what my kids remembered about purim from last year, I asked them where the word purim comes from. They correctly said its from lots. So I said what does lots have to do with Purim? My son, bless him, said (chayav you’ll like this one) cos on purim we drink lots of wine!

    Shticky Guy

    1. My young daughter asked why on pesach do we only have a seder night and dont also have a bubba night.

    2. When my son was very small, he asked why are the middle days of pesach called ‘challa moed’ when surely they should be called ‘matza moed’.


    1. My young daughter asked why on pesach do we only have a seder night and dont also have a bubba night.

    That is absolutely adorable!

    2. When my son was very small, he asked why are the middle days of pesach called ‘challa moed’ when surely they should be called ‘matza moed’.

    I think every child asks this question at some point. It really is confusing for them!

    How innocent!


    My 17 month old has a tantrum if we say no to giving tzedaka. Its absolutely adorable.


    My three year old brother was fighting with my five year old sister when he ran into the kitchen and started pouring himself a cup of milk. When my mother asked why, he answered, “I need to be strong to be able to fight!”

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    My three year old cries when Esther is taken away from Mordechai (on the Purim tape) She once said,”They can’t just grab her and take her away like that. They have to say PLEASE come with us!” She keeps asking me if Esther gets to go back home later. I have struggled with that same issue for years and had no happy answer. Finally, she opened the Gadi Pollck Purimshpiel book and found a picture of Esther in the palace with Mordechai next to her. She ran over to me beaming that they could still see each other!

    tomim tihye

    When my 5-year old saw me for the first time after I gave birth, he said, “It looks like you have another baby in your stomach. In how many weeks is it coming out?”

    My 2-year old wants “toof-peyos” on her “brush-teef.”

    She also wants “kiddush cup” on her macaroni.

    (And my husband wants speech therapy for my 2-year old.)


    This thread is the cutest!!

    always here

    my 3 y.o. granddaughter is eating some salad. “I found marror!” she said excitedly. =]


    My not yet 3 yr old ainekel was watching a cartoon about a little hippo who likes to paint pictures and wanted to paint a yellow sun. But the hippo accidentally spilled the yellow paint out onto the floor and became very upset – where would she get more paint? So my little wiseapple says very matter-of-factly?” Why doesn’t she just use put her paintbrush in the paint that spilled?”


    I watched my neighbor’s son come home from Cheder all excited as he announced the day’s event: “Today we went to see a Pizza bakery!!!”


    My three-year-old son was shown a picture of a parrot and told that “if you say ‘shalom’ to it, it will say ‘shalom’ back”.

    He asked ‘And if I kick it?’


    hahahaha my 2 y/o nephew is being toilet trained and with his haircut comin hes very into when he becomes a big boy. and when hes back to wearing a diaper he says he became a baby. so i was painting my nails, and he asked if he could have some. i said no your a boy, its only for girls. so he said that when he becomes a girl, he’ll start wearing some LOL


    My three yr. old neighbor banged his mouth very badly and his teeth were moved. He cried alot and still complained the next morning. He went to the dentist who just looked at the damage and when he came home, we asked if it still hurt him, to which he repied, “no!, the doctor took away the boo-boo!” He was so cute!!


    A couple of years ago, my mother was packing my oldest (younger) brother up for camp and i took my-then 3 year old brother out of the house so that she could get some work done. After taking him for ice cream, I decided to buy my mother a birthday present since it was only days away. I was very conscious however, that as a child, my little brother could easily give away the secret. So on the way home I trained him:

    “Avi, when we get home and mommy asks us what we did, you say ‘we got ice cream’ and nothing else. If she asks you what we did after that, say ‘nothing’ okay?”

    And I practiced being my mother, always ending with “and then what did you do?” to hear his response “nothing”.

    It was perfect.

    When we walked in the door, my mother asked what we did. My brother answered, “We got ice cream”. Step A, complete.

    Apparently however, my mother wasnt THAT interested, and she went back to packing.

    My brother persisted though,

    “Mommy, now you ask me what we did after that!”

    Not exactly according to plan 😉

    One of the chevra

    Before traveling to USA for Pesach with Israeli born 6 yr old, Tati explained to him all about how in America they have 2 days of Yom tov with 2 seder nights etc. After his first shabbos there, before going to shul on Motse Shabbos, he overheard thier host asking if we had said kiddush Levono yet, since they will probably do it after shul tonight. The 7 year old said to his father “Right Tatti?- in America they make kidush tonight also because “THEY KEEP 2 DAYS?????”


    My little brother goes to a school that teaches Yiddish. He came home with his first newsletter from the rebbi. I read it aloud to him and it is written as if the kids are writing what they covered to the parents. So it said Im really catching on quickly to the Yiddish and learning so much…. So with big eyes he looks at me and says, “Ya i really did learn words! I learned that Brrrrrieeefcase (roll the tongue for the ‘r’) means back pack in Yiddish!” It was just so innocent which made it even more funny!!!!!!


    when my son turned 3 (13 yrs ago), we had a big party because it was his upsherin (he had the most gorgeous long blonde hair – still have it in a bag). anyway, he enjoyed the party and all the attention! the next year, as his 4th birthday was approaching, he excitedly asked “am i having another upsherin party?”

    another story. when this same son was 5 yrs. old, we were driving from the midwest (where we live) to new york. i have never driven on the highway, so my husband was doing all the driving. i noticed he was getting tired so i asked if he would like me to take over for a while. suddenly, a little 5 year old voice pipes up from the back of the car… “you’re kidding, right mom?”


    gefen: and here we thought you only had daughters.

    Your story reminded me, I took my kids to the Jewish library here and one son, who must have been almost 5, asked (pretty loudly) when he was going to have another bris.

    So maybe it’s not as traumatic a memory as some people think.


    this thread is so cute why is it not listed anymore?


    ursula – well now you know. i do have a son also. i’m sure i’ve mentioned it before. in fact, he’s also on the cr sometimes. anyway, i like your story too.

    candy613 – have you tried to figure out who i am yet? or have you never gone back on any threads where i wrote to you? btw – ur story about your little bro is cute.


    a little girl i know asked her mom, “mommy, right im 5 and 3 quarters?” her mother confirmed it. a few seconds later the littler brother said to his mother, “ma, right im 3 and a penny?” so cute!


    When I told my daughter that her savta is also a bobby (we use Hebrew for one and Yiddish for the other for less confusion)she refused to believe me:

    “Tatty you’re being silly”

    “I’m not, savta is also a bobby”

    “Tatty you’re being a joke”

    She’s still not convinced.


    in the toddler classroom i work in, there are two “little tykes” cars that the kids love playing with. every time a kid would get into one of them, one of us teachers would say “where are you going,(insert name)?” and they would give all diff answers (bubbies house, the store, the park…) but we were taken aback when one kid (mind you, he is three) excitedly told us “we’re going swimming in the mikva!” whoa. out of the mouths of babes!

    yossi z.

    My neighbor’s five year old son wanted his parents to play stratego with him. They told him we don’t know how to play.

    His response: ok I will just ask yossi (a different neighbor of mine) to play. He is a smart man. Even smarter than mommy, daddy, and Hashem!

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    We told our daughter that Hashem is up in Shamayim.

    When she was four, we were flying in a plane. As we were approaching the destination, the captain got on the intercom to announce that we were landing soon. My daughter, hearing a voice from nowhere, asked “Is that Hashem talking?”


    My brother was in camp and he called home to tell me mother that he caught a big snapping turtle. my mother told him to put it back in the lake and not to bring it home. My brother said he would just take of the shell and bring it home to use as a bowl. My mother told him that its not a kosher animal so we can’t use it but my brother had a solution. He answered, “So we can toivel it!!!”

    It was so cute! He was really trying to think of a reason to bring it home!!!


    I know a girl who’s mom goes to Adelphi University. When the girl saw her mom use a Dell computer she said “mommy I know why you’re using a DELL computer…cuz you go to aDELLphi”

    Ken Zayn

    I was on the sidewalk outside our house with my daughter when a guy walked past with a dalmation dog. ‘Hey’ my daughter called out, ‘that dog has the measles’


    we were on a trip with the daycamp, and we passed a cemetery. one of my campers piped up and said “look morah– look how many ppl are buried here!”


    My granddaughter said her Mora told her that Antiochus was a bad king because he wouldn’t let the yidden play dreidl.


    My son went to Miami. I asked my granddaughter where Tatty went and she said “He went to Hisami”.


    When the paint was peeling from our ceiling, my 3 year old said, there’s a rip on the roof.


    my younger brother was playing with a toy train at the shabbos seudah. the toy slipped out of his hands and landed with a splash in his soup. he proceeded to ball his eyes out. we told him it was ok and we could dry it off. ” no “he replied,” you dont undewstand! now my toy is fleithigs!! “

    Shticky Guy

    Last night, my wife sent my daughter to a neighbor for something a little after her usual bedtime when I was not at home.

    This morning on the way to school, she said to me: “I went to our neighbor yesternight”!!!


    when we made an upsherin last week Thur., 29 Tishrei, for my twins, my 7 year old daughter came running into my room that morning and in all seriousness exclaimed,” Tatty, I think we made a big mistake! Today is Oct 27! Their birthday is TOMORROW (oct. 28)!


    My little one saw a picture of a deer with antlers and said a moose has “earrings” also.

    My kids saw the moon one night when it was cloudy in the sky and said “the moon is very frizzy” (fuzzy).

    Feif Un

    A few months ago, my wife was lighting candles for Shabbos. My little daughter asked me, “What’s Mommy doing?”

    I answered, “She’s davening while she lights candles.”

    “Can I daven with Mommy?”

    “Of course! Go daven with her!”

    “Daddy, what do we daven for?”

    “Whatever you want. You can ask Hashem for anything!”

    So she walks over to my wife, puts her hands over her eyes, and says out loud, “Hashem, can You please make me a pizza?”


    LOL! Feif, that’s hilarious!!


    Years ago, I had to get up early to get to a carpool to commute to northern Virginia. I noticed some bloody Kleenex in the bathroom garbage, so I assumed one of my kids had a nosebleed overnight and my wife took care of it.

    I called my wife from work during the day to ask her about it, and she said she saw the Kleenex and assumed that I had taken care of the nosebleed.

    At dinner that night, I asked the kids if any of them had a nosebleed the previous night. My five year old told me she did, and that she took care of it herself. I asked her, “Why didn’t you wake me up to help you?” She answered, “Abba, I didn’t want to wake you up. It was kibud Av.”

    Boy, was I stunned by that. Talk about a story to remember!


    mamashtakah- lots of nachas! she should stay so good!

    Shticky Guy

    So cute… My little daughter said that she loves the new cd. Which one we asked. She replied slowly – of the My Yummy Boys Choir…


    I like that shticky guy! Little kids have interpretations of their own for everything!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I was reading a book about Winnie the Pooh who was fishing in a river and I read, “Suddenly, he felt a big jerk on the line, and he pulled up a wet and soggy Piglet”. My 3 year old asked, “why did he call Piglet a jerk?”


    I asked my 3 year old if I should tell him a secret.

    He said (of course) Yes.

    I whispered into his ear “I love you SO SO SO much”

    His response: That’s not a secret!!!!

    My now 7 year old was at a specialist’s office when she was 3. She loved the nurse. She turns to me as we were leaving. “Isn’t Kerry a girl?” I’m wondering what she’s getting at… I respond “yes”

    She responds: “so why is she wearing pants?!?!” I was somewhat mortified because Kerry was right next to us (she’s a goy). She turned around and smiled “my, she’s so perceptive!” (that was nice of her!!)

    I was so surprised because we don’t make a big deal about pants. Personally, I like girls once they’re walking in dress/squirt/jumper. There’s no “ok, now we’re not wearing pants anymore” as we do with socks switch to tights…)


    I was babysitting my cousin, who was 3, and we were in my basement, which has a few phones that are disconnected. She picks one up and starts to “talk” to her mommy at work. When she “hangs up”, I pick up another phone and say, “ring ring ring, Esti,” and she immediately says “You can’t call me! You can see me!”

    The same cousin also came over to me when I was at her house and says, “My morah’s name is morah Etti! Just like me!” So I assumed that her morah’s name was Esti. The I read her newsletter and on the bottom it says, “love morah ETTY.”

    It took a while to convince her that her name had an S in it.

    A friend once told me that her niece told her that her best friend’s name was Sardine. My friend said that she nearly choked when she heard that. (Her name was Sara Dina.)


    “Mommy, I know why this Shabbos is called Shabbos Hagodal”, says my smarty son. “Because Pesach we say the Hagaddal!”

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