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    What are things to do in Lancaster? Please write from personal experiences that were tried and tested.


    A Heimishe Mom

    I, personally, have been to Sesame Place which is right outside (but not for everyone/every age). Dutch Wonderland and Amish Country are the two main Lancaster attractions.


    you mean sesame street is a real place?!

    i never knew that

    do ernie and bert still hang out there?


    try a place called cherry crest farms. It is a corn maze and has lot of other activities as well. Dutch Wonderland (amusement park) if you have smaller children or Hershey Park which has rides for all ages but can be costly.


    Lancaster is pretty far from Sesame Place (Langhorne).

    Sister Bear

    We went their 2x to see the Amish, the first time it was cute, we just drove around and saw what all the other tourists saw…pretty boring.

    The second time, we got lost. What started off as the worst thing (imagine a lot of kids stuffed in a car, no proper air conditioning and sleeping bags, pillows…all around…bad story) turned awesome. We were a while from Lancaster and stopped at a house to see how to get there. The guy said that we were really far but there was an Amish woman running a flower shop. We went, then she took us to the barn behind the store to meet her cousins and we watched them milk their cows (bring nose plugs) we chatted with her cousins then went on horse and buggy to her house which she shared with her brother, his wife and their kids. We hung out with the kids and chatted for a while…it was the best experience ever with the Amish.

    If you can do something like that you should, it’s a more real Amish experience.


    Sister Bear is correct. Lancaster and the surrounding areas are perfect for just driving and meeting the locals. It is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.


    There is a Cholov Yisroel farm (Kreider Farms) that was featured here on YWN

    near Lancaster.

    There is a farm tour, and someone I know went and had a great time.


    The Kreider Farms is AMAZING. And you get a smaple of Cholov Yisrael milk (chocolate or regular) or ice cream. Highly recommended!


    if you pick up one of the tourist books that gives lists of things to do (available at test areas on the highway or at tourist info), there is a woman who gives private tours of the Amish. If you have room a tour guide will come in your car and take you to private homes etc. It was the best Amish experience we could find. We tried a horse and buggy ride but it was costly and did not do anything but drive over the same roads we were driving in the car. (we tried cherry crest but it wasn’t open for the season yet when we went (late June). Hershey’s was amazing!!!!! (and I’m the mother, not the kids)


    The Kreider Farms is AMAZING. And you get a smaple of Cholov Yisrael milk (chocolate or regular) or ice cream. Highly recommended!

    Maybe its just me, but I would think a farm is the worst place to get a sample of milk.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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