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    I remember a truly wonderful and happy childhood, playing outdoors ALL day, even in the winter, because we had a house with a full length enclosed alley way, and our house was gated in top to bottom. So no matter what the weather was, we could go outside to play, even when there was a snowstorm.

    I played “off the wall” (Some say I AM off the wall), you know the game where you threw a spaulding at the wall, then clapped your hands once (onesies) and caught it, then twice, caught it, three times, ditto, and then the throwing and catching maneauvers got increasingly more difficult until you were up to ten. Then all catching was one handed. Then you had to reverse the process. if you dropped the ball (especially in a one hand catch), you had to lose your turn and wait for the next guys to get out, really frustrating if you got really far in the game.

    Oh my goodness, this brings back some happy memories for me. Thanks for bringing it up.


    How about what we used to carry our schoolbooks? In elementary school I had a real leather briefcase with a handle on top. In high school I used a “bookstrap” (it was made of rubber and basically went around all your books–you could adjust the length) and I had to keep switching my pile of books from one hand to the other because they were so heavy!


    Today a third grader from my son’s class was in my car and he asked what that thing on the door was: the window crank. He had never seen one. Remember when car windows wound all the way down? And car radios had push buttons, and you could actually adjust the tuning? And we had no car seats, maybe a “baby basket” on the floor for an infant and a harness for older babies.


    dear Turns, here in Massachusetts we also had a string of different names for the phone company. Originally, for the longest time it was New England Telephone. Then, in the 80’s, New York Telephone bought New England Telephone. N.Y.T. claims it was a merger. The joke at the time was that they took the NEW from NEW ENGLAND and the YORK from New York and named the new, larger company New York Telephone – it was that for a while, then became NYNEX …. then Verizon. Verizon sounded like such a strange name the first time I heard it, but today it is just part of the lexicon of corporate names.


    I remember playing a ball game against a wall with a ball in a sock.


    phillybubby, I remember those awful, awful bookstraps. They either broke, or slapped me in the face as I tried in vain to strap together a gazillion books. And I also did the one hand to the other shuffle.

    always here

    red light, green light… one, two three!

    giant steps … may I?

    running thru the sprinklers.

    a quarter for allowance.

    decisions were made by: “eeny, meeny, miney, mo”.

    mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming: “do-over”.

    abilities were discovered because of a ‘double dare’.


    aries–wasn’t that something with the alphabet? “A my name is ALICE and my husband’s name is ALLEN. We come from ALASKA and we sell APPLES.” Every time there was a word with an A you had to pick up your arm and hit the wall with the ball in the sock; all the other words you had to hit the wall with the arm down and then continue with the rest of the alphabet. Boy, that was a loooong time ago!

    always here

    phillybubby & aries~ we used to play “A my name is Alice”, etc. with a pink Spaulding.. standing & bouncing it & crossing your leg over the ball for each “A” word (etc.)


    rememberthe days that they forced lefties to be righties

    remember the days that butter cost 5 cents a lb

    remember the days before people texted while speaking to you



    Yes, I remember both those games, and a ring with a string and a ball or bell called “footsie”. You put the ring on one ankle and then swung the string and bell around and have to hop over it.


    Do boys still play punchball???


    Mamma mia, that’s-a spicy meat ball-a.


    How about cigarette ads on TV!?!

    The “Marlboro Man” – the mucho macho cowboy (who died of lung cancer)

    The slogan “L.S.M.F.T.” – Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco

    Camel – “I’d Walk A Mile for a Camel!”

    A number of different ads showing how the brilliant “technology” of a specific brand’s filter (multi-chambers, carbon chamber, etc.) made the cigarette better.

    The campaign with longer, thinner cigarettes targeted at women.


    Winston tastes bad

    like the one I just had

    no filter, not taste

    just a 30 cent waste.


    Maxwell House–good to the last drop.

    Does she or doesn’t she–only her hairdresser knows for sure.

    Smokey the Bear saying–Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

    And do you remember the jingle in the commercial:

    Don’t cross the street in the middle, in the middle, in the middle of the block…

    Fast Forward

    Aries, I remember smacking the ball in the sock against the wall and the song was something like Yes sir, no sir, why sir, because… (cannot rememeber it all. Guess that is why this thread is just for me, agewise lol).


    I remember in the mid-’70s being able (in New York City!) to walk in to a Modells sporting goods store, and without needing any permit or license or ID check, one could buy an M-1 rifle (the quality standard issue 30 caliber rifle for most U.S. soldiers in WW2) for about $100!!!

    Now, you would need an NYC rifle permit, AND and FBI background check and it would cost close to $1,000.00!!!

    Now many of you might say that that’s a good thing.

    I would say the fact that it’s necessary now, is just a sign of yeridas ha’doros!


    Old TV jingle…

    “Use Ajax the foaming cleanser,

    and wash those stains, right down the drain!”

    AND… – Remember the “Princess” telephone?

    It was one of the first that came out as an option from the phone company other than the standard black phone. It was an oval shaped base, just slightly longer than the receiver that sat in it. It was available in a few colors, and also had a rotary dial.

    The problem was, it was so light in weight that if you moved a bit while talking on the wired handset, the base of the phone would go flying off from wherever it was sitting.


    How about cigarette ads on TV!?!

    One of my favorites:

    What do you want, good grammar or good taste? Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

    For those too young to remember, back in those days, people knew grammar, and Winston got a lot of mail criticizing their slogan. So the made the new commercial with the added first line.


    “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”

    haifa, how would you make that grammatically correct?


    the only “error” i can find is like instead of as, but im not sure thats incorrect

    from (i have no idea how authoritative that is)



    in the same way as; just as; as: It happened like you might expect it would.


    as if: He acted like he was afraid. The car runs like new.



    Grammatically it should be… Winston tastes well, or goodLY.

    Good is an adjective and can only modify a noun.

    Since it is modifying ‘tastes’, a verb, it is incorrect (technically) – eventhough people speak that way all the time, and it even sounds better to our ear the wrong way than the right way.


    Yakov eats WELL – not good.

    Chaim throws a football WELL – not good

    Asher designs houses WELL – not good.



    i dont think you are correct

    but i cant tell you why (because i dont know)

    i dont think taste is a verb here

    i think its some kind of noun like “the taste of winston”

    i dont think “good” is incorrect

    winston tastes well would be incorrect

    winston isnt tasting anything



    The error is “like” instead of “as.” Back then they were sticklers for grammar. Today such a correction would be considered the kind of “arrant pedantry,” as Winston Churchill stated, “up with which [he would] not put.”

    Because Winston spoke well, as a Prime Minister should.


    Those of you who said it should be “as” instead of “like” get a gold star.


    The error is “like” instead of “as.” Back then they were sticklers for grammar. Today such a correction would be considered the kind of “arrant pedantry,” as Winston Churchill stated, “up with which [he would] not put.”

    Today, as evidenced by this thread, most people wouldn’t even realize it was an ungrammatical sentence.


    Diagramming sentences! My seventh grade teacher assigned diagramming sentences at least twice a week, and I always asked to do more. That was fun and educational. Do they teach it anymore? She also stressed the correct spelling of “sepArate” so much that no one in my school ever got it wrong.

    Now that texting is so prevalent, it seems almost ridiculous that proper spelling is still stressed in grade school.


    Yakov eats WELL – not good.

    Chaim throws a football WELL – not good

    Asher designs houses WELL – not good.

    verbs of sense are an exception to that rule – taste, feel, SOUND, ETC.

    I feel good vs. I feel well. They both mean something in English, but they mean different things.

    I taste good vs. I taste well – ditto.

    verbs of sense don’t take an adverb when you are describing what you sense.


    Don’t cross the street in the middle, in the middle, in the middle of the block…

    dear phillybubby, I love that song, and can sing it for you. I don’t think advertisers and makers of Public Service Announcements today realize how powerful jingles can be. I could forget my name before I forget that jingle. ” . . . and wait, and wait, until you see the light turn green.”

    That jingle was recently recorded by the music group, They Might Be Giants, and brought back nostalgia to some of us, and opened the ears of a whole new generation to one of the greatest jingles of all time.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    So the made the new commercial with the added first line.

    What’s wrong with that sentence? 🙂


    Call Roto-Rooter,

    that’s the name

    and away goes trouble

    down the drain.

    When the values go up, up, up…

    and the prices go down, down down.

    Robert Hall this season

    will show you the reason

    high quality, economy.

    (alternative last line: low overhead, low overhead.)


    Remember stair monitors and hall monitors in school? How about kids who were crossing guards?

    me too

    Why are you asking?


    You can take Salem out of the country but . . l

    you can’t take the country out of Salem. (Salem Cigarettes)

    A silly millimeter longer .. . . (Virginia Slims 101’s)

    You deserve a break today,

    so get up and get away

    to McDonald’s.

    Have it your way – Burger King

    See the USA in your Chevrolet

    Double your pleasure,

    double your fun,

    with doublemint, doublemint, doublemint gum.

    It’s the real thing – Coca Cola.

    Be part of the Pepsi Generation.

    I love Bosco.


    “Don’t cross in the middle…”

    Didn’t Uncle Moishy sing that first?!

    “If if says ‘Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the label, label, label

    You will like it, like it, like it on your table, table, table!”

    And now for something completely different:

    Remember before ArtScroll, shuls had Hertz Chumashim and Birnbaum siddurim?



    No disrespect to Artscroll, but I really like the Birnbaum Siddur!

    Remember the Soncino translations of Gemara?

    Remember those blue-covered Chumashim with the linear translations of Rash”i? Are they still around? They were really very good. Don’t remember who published them.


    Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce,

    Special orders don’t upset us

    Have it your way (2X)

    At McDonalds.

    Plop, plop, fizz, fizz

    Oh what a relief it is. (Alka Seltzer)


    Remember when you got specially printed menus at weddings along with a color schemed book of matches and silk yarmulke. And if you got the penny, it meant that you were entitled to take the flowers home. And wasn’t it nice when music was played at a sane level so you could talk to your friends and relatives.



    The “blue-covered Chumashim with the linear translations of Rash”i” were the Pentateuch chumashim. Much more legible than Artscroll.


    Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, etc. was Burger King.

    McDonald’s was,

    “You deserve a break today, so get up and get away to McDonald’s”


    “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet”

    BRUT! by Fabrege

    Madge soaking in Palmolive

    Mr. Whipple: Please don’t squeeze the Charmin



    So did I; they were nice and clear, in both typesetting and translation.

    My parents still have a full set of the blue linear. If you want a set, try Pinters in Boro Park, they probably have at least a few volumes.

    We also have a set of Silverman translation of Rashi, printed on paper so thin you can read through the top page to the one below.


    do you remember the days before the CR??

    those were awful i had to drink on a constant basis to stay happy. now i dont need the alcohol thanx to ywn cr


    Fast Forward:

    Hello hello hello sir.

    Meet me at the grocer.

    No sir.

    Why sir.

    Because I have a cold sir.

    Where did you get the cold sir?

    At the North pole sir.

    What were you doing there sir?

    Catching polar bears, sir.

    How many did you catch sir?

    One sir

    Two sir

    Three sir …

    Now that I’m a parent, I can’t imagine my mother was too happy about what our knee socks looked after using them to play ball!


    Yup and if you had a color TV you were rich.


    Aries: a ring with a string and a ball or bell called “footsie”…. I got one for my kids more because I remembered having one, than because I thought they’d enjoy it 🙂

    Wendy’s: “Where’s the beef??” (under the pickle)


    Hi, Chayav. Thanks for sharing. Keep coming back.


    Comet, it makes your mouth turn green

    Comet, it tastes like gasoline

    Comet, it makes you vomit

    So try some Comet

    and vomit



    wanderingchana thanks but i dont need a psychologist

    me too

    blue linear published by who?

    I hope its not the JPS you are longing for. In all their existence they have not published one Kosher book

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