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    Hello Kitty

    I would like to hear some good tips on how to fast easy. It is very hard for me and had to fast out early last time.


    sleep all day. heh heh.


    I once heard that in order to prepare for a fast day and keep oneself well hydrated, drink more than usual as much as a week before the fast. I’ve also heard that powerade is good to have before a fast.

    On the actual fast, limit physical activity as much as possible (a fast day is not the day to be working out. Not physically or spiritually) and try to keep in a cool area as much as you can. Specifically for Tisha B’av, try to listen to a shiur to keep your mind off the fasting. There are probably things available online.



    there is a segula brought down to take 7 sips of water and between every sip to kiss the mezzuza

    i am a bad faster and when ever i do this it helps me alot

    {maybe just psychological but it works}

    Be Happy

    Eat grapes, and watermelon (inc. your usual diet) for a few days before the fast.


    Some people find it helpful to stay off caffeine (soda, coffee, tea, etc.) during the nine days to limit caffeine withdrawal symptoms on the day of the fast itself.


    They sell almond butter here. It tastes horrible. You’re supposed to eat something like a tablespoon of it. We did it once. I’d rather fast two days than eat it again. I don’t even know if it helps.

    Water is probably the most important thing, to start hydrating yourself a few days before the fast. And I always try to eat anything with carbs -rather than proteins-that is not salty or sweet the day before the fast.


    kids at risk rabbi, I have a few questions. Do you need to take 7 sips before every taanis or only on Tisha bav when the fast is longer and maybe you’de only have to take 5 or 6 on the rest of them. 2), how much is a sip, less or more of a Reveis?


    3) How close to the Mezzuzah does the Mezuzah have to be to the drinking? Does it have to be Kdei Achilas Pras?

    4) If one has no water could he use club soda or orange juice?

    5) What happens if takes a sip in a room with no mezuza, i.e. a bathroom or a non-jewish hotel room, can he kiss his tefillin instead or another religious item?

    6) Does this segulah work even if you have to check the water for bugs?


    I heard “be happy”‘s advice, and try drinking alot at least the day before. There are also 2 products we use that we feel help a lot:

    1) Fastprin is sold by a lady in Chicago (maybe other places too) – it has a 12 hr time release for aspirin and tylenol (you take before the fast) and helps with caffeine and fasting headaches usually for the whole fast but if not then at least over half of the fast…

    2) In Israel they sell a natural product called “tzom Kal” or “kalei tzom” (2 diff. brands) that you take before the fast after you’re done eating and while it doesn’t taste very good it helps keep you hydrated throughout the fast

    Also, a rav once told me by yom kippur when I had extenuating circumstances) not to exert myself (even daven shmone esrei sitting as the chiyuv is more to fast for the kapara even than to daven) but also to keep cool (in strong air conditioning) and to wear in LOOSE clothing (I guess helps to keep cool? or less hunger? not sure but it helped…)

    good luck & an easy and meaningful fast to every1!

    may this be the the fast we ever have to do!


    I once heard that it is good to drink sports drinks (i.e. powerade, gatorade) for a couple of days before the fast. This adds extra nutrients to your body that you will be losing when you fast. This has worked very well for me the past couple of years.

    The Best Bubby

    Be Happy’s advice above is spot on, as well as eating apples. I was told that apples have alot of water content and that it is healthy to eat a few apples after your main meal, and it also helps the digestion Drink plenty of fluids a few days before the fast. Blublah is also correct. Stay off the caffeine for a few days so that you don’t get headaches from the withdrawal symptoms. Keep cool and stay busy after chazot.

    May we all be zocher to have a Yom Tov this Tisha B’Av and see the geulah shelayma!


    Take an energy bar before the fast and stay up late that night. Then wake up at um… 1:00? :)Half the fast will be gone.


    BSD I have taken Imodium before a fast (for its intended use) and found that it helped me fast. However I don’t know if this is a 100% safe medication and what I do know is that its effects last more than one day. Still I’ll probably use it this time as the fast is very long where I am.


    it’s the same ‘long’ everywhere(26hours) but starts and finishes later. did you mean that?


    Derech HaMelech- Almond Butter is excellent to eat, because Almonds are a complete protein. I love Almond Butter (yum) and Apple Butter Sandwich. Hydrate- drink a lot of fluids if you are eating Almond Butter to help digest the Sandwich, and help empty the stomach which will help you fast.


    I didn’t find powerade to help ME.

    What I did try last year, and I had 3 wk old baby and I thought ill faint after the first hour of fasting is “kalei tzom”.

    I COULDNT BELIEVE how well I fasted! Baruch hashem!

    Please go out now and buy it.

    I can’t wait to try it again this time.


    BSD Yes I meant late and not long; it seems longer because we are awake for more of it.


    Eat as many grapes as you can… great for me.


    Make QUINOA (pronounced kin-wa). It looks like a grain (like birdseed really) but cooks up like couscous or rice. It is a protein with a very low glycemic index, meaning it releases sugar (and energy) into your system v – e – r – y slowly. You can eat it as a side dish (like rice) or like a cereal like oatmeal. You can add other things to it for more flavor, like blueberries or other fruit, or you can top a salad with it. It’s very versatile.

    It is a great, healthy food, and great before a fast.

    Also… last thing before fast starts… a big glass of water.


    Drink loads of pineapple juice and eat a lot of raisins. It has helped my family tremendously


    i heard – not sure if true –

    a) don’t eat fish before because fish makes u thirsty

    b)eat watermelon and grapes (s/o mentioned) because they both have a lot of water

    c) its really gross but i heard it helps – to drink “salt water” put i don’t know lets say 1 tbsp divided into 3 cups of water and mix and drink, because salt retains water, and it will help keep you hydrated.

    Have a meaningful, easy fast everyone!


    You can confirm this with your Rav:

    On Tisha B’av, one who has a headache may swallow tylanol without water.

    This is mutar l’chatchila.

    However, taking tylanol on an empty stomach might be an issue.

    pascha bchochma

    Any more tips?


    a doctor once told me to drink coconut water the day before the fast. its supposed to keep u well hydrated and prevent the headaches. i dehydrate VERY easily and i did this before the past few fasts and i felt a big difference! i will warn u though. unflavored coconut water is not the best tasting drink on the planet. try getting the flavored ones – those are pretty good.


    I heard if you eat less a few days before the fast your stomach will shrink so you’ll need to eat less. (I learned this might be a reason why eating the day before Yom Kippur is considered like fasting for 2 days – it makes it harder to fast so it’s AS IF you’re fasting 2 days)


    Das- it is true. I almost never eat a lot the day before and B”H never have trouble fasting. I also found matzah to help a lot. eat as much as you can the day before. it stays in your stomach and makes you not so hungry


    matzoh doesnt stay in your stomach longer than anything else, carbohydrates actually leave the stomach more quickly than proteins and fats

    but i have also found that not eating a lot the day before helps me to fast.


    there is a reason why they ate matzoh when the Jews went out of Mitzrayim.

    pascha bchochma

    Not eating the day before might work if you are overweight. If you are already skinny, it is dangerous. There is a reason it is a mitzva to eat the day before.



    i dont think anyone suggested not eating the day before, chas v shalom

    here are a quote from the two posts:

    I almost never eat a lot the day before.

    i have also found that not eating a lot the day before helps.

    also i have never heard that it is Mitzvah to eat before T’BA

    it is a Mitzvah to eat before Y’K


    some one just told me that eating foods with salt, like pretzels or pop-corn, are good before a fast beacuse salt helps retain water. anyone hear about this before?


    I’d be careful eating salty food close to the fast. Earlier, when you can drink a lot, ok. Later, you might find you regret it.


    Before the onset of this important day, sad as it may now appear, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask EVERY poster mechila for anything I’ve done to cause hurt, pain, anguish, mental distress and the like. Words sometimes come out in the wrong way, gushing like a stream (sewer!), and at times they can cause hurt. Again, all – please be Mochel. Thanks.


    Have an easy fast!

    Also, see THIS [closed] tread.

    May Moshiach come first!!


    as one of my sem rabbaim said “we should be zoche to a lichtige chanuka, a freilichen purim, a milchige shavuos, un a fleishige tisha b’av!”



    Steak, mashed potatoes, spinach(?) and yummy cupcakes for desert!




    The above meal was what I hope to eat on Tisha B’Av for lunch. But change the mashed potatoes to rice!



    Wow looks like some mods got up early to have a bite and a few posters too.


    Spend Shiva Ossor b’Tamuz in the Southern Hemisphere, and Assoro b’Teves in the Northern hemisphere.

    For Yom Kippur & Tisha b’Ov, go the most Western part of the earth, and minutes after the commencement of Yom Kippur & Tisha b’Ov respectively, step over the Jewish Date Line, to the most Eastern part of the earth, and you shall have already just concluded Yom Kippur & Tisha b’Ov in a matter of minutes.


    yummy cupcake

    as one of my sem rabbaim said “we should be zoche to a lichtige chanuka, a freilichen purim, a milchige shavuos, un a fleishige tisha b’av!” ………. This year is the 1st time in 14 years, that we shall be consuming meat on Tisha b’Ov, and this being preceded by wine @Kiddush.


    Goq, you must be right. And to make up for it, they’re all sleeping late!


    Sleep as much as you can and cook and bake in between. Baking really helps for some reason.


    Have an easy and meaningful fast fast!



    I found for Yom kippur to go to a vasikin shacharis/mussaf minayan, home by 1:00PM then sleep through to mincha.


    For tomorrow (and all daytime fasts), get up early and have a filling breakfast. For YK and 9 Av, taper off caffeine for a week or so before the fast to avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches.


    I wish everyone a Tzom Kal on this Yom-Kippur Mukdom, tomorrow Thursday.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Do you actually know people who fast?

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