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    Rabbosai, I have a problem. I have money beyond belief. I literally don’t know what to do with it all anymore. I simply have too much. And I am maxed out on tzedakah too, as I give the maximum allowed of 20%. Yet I have this headache of what to do with the rest. And this interferes with my Limud Torah! I need advice from the choshuveh oilem.

    I’ve already invested enough for all my grandchildren’s grandchildren’s retirement. I have more than I and all of them, including the interim generations, needs in both cash on hand, gold, and securities. And yet, yet, I still have too much extra.

    And no jokes about taking it. Like I said, I already gave and give the halachic maximum tzedakah. Please HELP!! I need an eitzah!


    Buy a new TV.


    If a poor person is in front of you asking for help you are allowed to give more than 20%.

    So go visit a shelter or kosel or other similar places.

    Be Happy

    If this is really true (I somehow don’t think you would be asking eitzahs like this in the CR)why don’t you write a sefer torah?


    Well if you want I think that your allowed to give more than 20% if you want to. If you want to give to an amazing place than let me know and I will find a good place for you!


    How about finding some nice investment properties in Gaza and the West Bank?


    Would be beneficial for you to take a creativity class with some of your money…


    Found a school where kollel guys who are going to enter the job market can study for a degree and/or a licensed profession without leaving Lakewood. Give stipends while studying as interest-free student loans. Provide remedial classes for anyone who needs them in science, math, writing, etc. Have a good English library, too, with standard English literature and lots of good technical literature in programming, etc.

    All with a Bais Medrash on-site so the students can maximize their kovea ittim while studying for parnassah.


    how about a makeover if u would like a new shade of nail polish there is a thread for that


    if this is true and not a joke why don’t you call it chesed instead of tzedakah and help out as many yidden as you can. If it gives you pleasure to give you’re probably allowed to give as much as you can. There are tens of thousands of families that are not what you would consider tzedakah cases but could use a helping hand. Absorbing some tuitions or helping pay for camp or even just a small gift to spend on themselves because there is never any money left over to buy themselves a gift would give struggling people such an emotional lift! Also I wouldn’t go around advertising such problems, there are many of us who spend big chunks of our waking hours and the hours we should be sleeping worrying how to have enough to cover expenses. We should all be lucky enough to have your problem!


    lol goq ur awesome!! but tmb why not further ur education, go back to school get a masters or phd in something cool. buy gifts for family members, invest in an ira or the stock market, i heard the yen is low now….and if all else fails, i really want to go to a private grad school and if u would sponsor it, i would give u a 3 years free accounting services!!!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Buy a copy of Ahavas Chesed; if you read you will find that your assumption is wrong and that you can give more than 20%:

    a) since you have osher muflog

    b) even if not, to support Torah


    i have a hedge fund. give me 10 million i will give you a return annualy of 25% GUARNTEED. i invest in real estate, stocks, etf, hedge funds, and mutaul funds……

    this is also tax deferred. so just send reply and we;lll be in touch..

    a sigesunt un shtark.



    Don’t make fun of my thread! I’m quite proud of it!


    I know of an investment opportunity in Eretz Yisroel that would greatly help out a chevra of Olim build their new shul. It would not be tzedaka in the classical sense because it truly is an investment, but it would be a HUGE help to the the kehilla to move forward with building the shul.

    This kehilla is very special and is known for helping out those Jews who come to Eretz Yisroel for the Shalosh Regalim by setting them up with 2nd day minyonim in a very chashuva way. Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity.



    YW Moderator-42

    this explains how joseph can afford to spend the time posting to the coffee room all day under multiple screen names and ip addresses. how about hiring a rebbe to teach you how to properly be “mekarev our modern orthodox brethren”. then you can sponsor a raise for the moderators

    Aishes Chayil


    Good one, lol

    I agree with Be Happy, this rings very little truth.

    Firstly, I NEVER heard anyone complain about having too much money.

    I am sure if you ask a shaila, YOU WILL GET A HETER TO BE ABLE TO GIVE MORE, if its gona cause you grief not to.

    There was a case in Europe of someome who gave away 90 per cent of his earnings, without crying about it.

    Trust me, if your business involved selling people a story like this, I doubt you would have accumulated such wealth.


    LOL Mod42 😀

    TMB, how about donating it to the SJS travel fund? I love traveling around the world to witness Hashem’s amazing world.


    tmb must have won the mega millions last night.

    on a serious note…here’s a thought. choose a neighborhood and adopt it. build a hatzalah garage and purchase a fleet of ambulances. they can even put your name up to dedicate it to you.

    that should take care of a few bux. if you still have too much, do the same in another neighborhood and keep going and going. imagine the zchus of having all of nyc’s hatzalah vehicles donated by you.



    I’m enjoying this thread immensely.

    It’s very entertaining.


    Take MR courses.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    I don’t think anyone here is taking this literally; I think before a big lottery, many people fantasize about what to do with the money.


    TMB: You should be careful about revealing personal information in your opening comment on this thread. We now know your real identity, Mayor Bloomberg, and we are surprised that you are a reader of this web site.


    Daas Yochid – I guarantee you can get a heter to give more than 20%… speaking of which, I can desperately use some:)


    …i meant trying my best not daas yochid….


    start a kosher university where yidden can learn and earn a degree to enter the job market…or go to Vegas


    Daas Yochid- I didn’t fantasize and I didn’t buy a ticket. I still have that dollar in my pocket, but a lot of you don’t. And the two main winners were on the west. No major lucky guys here in the east.


    i spent a big $4 bux and didnt win.

    oh well………



    also the gemoro in b”m (i think) says that you should keep 1/3 of your money as available cash 1/3 invested in property and 1/3 to tzedoko



    And no jokes about taking it

    im not joking. im quite serious. you know my email address. send it through paypal


    Who did you marry that she can’t help you spend your money?


    Ah, Mr. Madoff, it’s nice that you can pass the time remembering the good old days. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. I’m sure it provides you with some comfort in your prison cell.



    The Gemara in Bava Metzia (42a) states “Rav Yitzchok says, a person should divide his money into thirds, and invest 1/3 in real estate (which is the most secure investment), 1/3 in inventory (to turn a business profit), and 1/3 should remain liquid so that it will be available in case merchandise is suddenly available to him at a bargain price”.

    No mention of tzedakah.


    shev143, ahhhh so now it is obvious that tmb must be single!

    TMB, why not start the FREE JEWISH LEGAL AID SOCIETY since you can afford it and while your at it you can also start the TUITION G”MACH, MORTGAGE G’MACH, a few local FOOD PANTRIES, FREE CAR SERVICE for KOLLEL COUPLES, etc. If you do, maybe more mothers could stay home and raise their own kids.


    If it turns out that you can give more to worthy causes and that this is a serious thread, we are in desperate need of a school for Jewish special-needs kids in Northern NJ (Passaic/Clifton area.) Unlike the NY boros, we do not have a Jewish school in this area for such children (and we could also use a respite center and a residence home for special-needs kids as they get older.) These are establishments that are available in the NY boros, and in Monsey, but not here.


    Interesting how TMB has something to respond to each thread….besides this one.


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Health – lucky you (actually, smart you)!

    I remember hearing that one of the gedolim was against playing the lottery (I assume on a regular basis) because it can lead to an unhealthy attitude (no pun intended) about finances.


    thanks 2qwerty

    but why can’t you give more than 20% to tzedokoh???!!! anyone!!!!


    I’m still waiting to see the “vort” brought down where it says you can’t!


    Is this thread for real?

    If yes, I have a solution. Why should you have to risk straining your muscles shlepping all those heavy coins in your bizem tash, when you can send it my way? Consider it a purely pleasurable experience, so it might not even be considered tzedaka al pi din.


    If you are reallyrich like you claim, I have 2 people that I know ( no not me) that can really use your help, not even with alot of money, lets say $1500 Dollars a month, one is a family who have 5 kids, and just had a baby and they lost all their money and they are struggling, and a single mother , so if your serious and your not pulling an aprils fools day on us, contact me through the mods.


    Anyone who is taking this seriously is wasting their time….Did you ever hear of a billionaire sitting on the Yeshiva World and posting that he has too much money? Sounds funny to me! Anyhow TMB I would love some of your money and I will even make it easy for you- I can pick it up from where ever you are! LOL If you are real you can contact me through Mod-80 (he knows my info already from all the posts he deleted!) but I have a feeling that you are not real!


    Mewho, Hatzolah in NY has gobs and gobs of cash. And people falling over themselves to donate ambulances. Give it to a smaller division like Elizabeth or Passaic.


    TMB, how about giving some of your money to Cedarhurst? He’s out of a job and has to feed his family.

    What a ridiculous thread.


    MII- lol! I like that one!


    To the origional poster “trying my best”, We need help and you’re the perfect on for us. Hashem has answered our tefillos. We took a shul from a house into a large shul. We have the shell up, but nothing inside. We need you to finish the shul for us. Such a zechus! Hundreds of people learning torah daily, davening, chessed, medical refferals and the list goes on. I can give you an email address if you can help us. In the zechus of this may you and your family only know of simchas!


    “but why can’t you give more than 20% to tzedokoh???!!! anyone!!!! “

    I remember learning about this halacha. Anyone have a source?


    Um – how about helping some Kollel Yungerleit?? I know some who could REALLY use some money!!! They have a bunch of little kids … and are really tight! It’s a big Mitzvah – to support people learning!!!

    cutie pie

    Donate a Sefer Torah.

    Support Yungerlite.

    Give money to build a shul.

    Support Tomchei Shabbos.


    the list can go on and on. You’re not sure what else to do with your money?!?!!?!?

    That sounds ridiculous to me. If you use your brain, you can come up with many many things to do with it.

    Think- how can I help my community?!

    I think you’re just looking to start a new thread and this is not true. Because any normal person who is thinking along the lines of tzedakah and is B”H blessed with wealth, will find ways to donate things using their money.

    GO FOR IT!!!!!! 🙂

    not I

    Of course he isn’t serious..

    We discussed in the designer clothing thread that, that is the best place to waste/spend money..

    Just buy more and more clothes.. Condition: At least buy it from Yidden so they benefit!!

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