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    RE -“If you are told Biden won, accept it.”

    Well I learnt from the Libs.
    After the 2016 election, they were all Screaming – Trump is Not my President.
    Hillary is the President & we should do away with the Electoral College!

    You must of missed my post.
    Here it is again:
    “It’s so funny how the DemonCrats knew Trump would win…
    The DemonCrats planned to make sure Biden won with Multiple ways of Fraud!”

    So the DemonCrats can’t have it both ways!
    If the DemonCrats can be Hypocrites, I don’t have accept Biden as President.



    The fat lady has already sung and returned to the stage numerous times for encores.

    BUT, Because of Kol Isha, the Trumplicans (now known as LOSERS) in the CR haven’t heard the song.

    Cool yid

    Not only did Trump not ruin the GOP, he actually improved it. He increased massively support from within the party, bringing it to unpreccedented new highs. In my very humble opinion, he did a HUGE amount of good. He got more votes than any presidential candidate who has lost before. #Trump Fan.


    UJM: The fat lady has sung and loudly. Even Moscow Mitch just congratulated President Elect Biden and said he looks forward his inauguration on January 20th. He also said that even if there was one senator who was willing to go along with challenging the electoral college outcome in the Senate (none sofar although one or two in the House) he would shut it down quickly.
    Perhaps its time for even you to find a more appropriate thread to push you nareshkeit. Perhaps follow up on reports that the Dems would be bussing in thousands of illegal aliens to vote in Georgia on January 5th in the Senate Race.

    Reb Eliezer
Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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