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    Why in the yishivisha circle is it rarely found, where as in less yishivisha backgrounds it is found more?

    Do people wear them because it is necessary to wear them, (to prevent ones yarmulka from falling off) or is it just worn as a style?


    Why does a fireman wear red suspenders?

    To hold up his pants

    Why does someone wear a bobby pin on his yarmulka?

    To keep it attached to his head

    minyan gal

    There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. It seems apparent that people use clips on their kippot so they stay in place. In fact, there are some kippot with little slits in the lining that you insert a clip into. Then nobody sees the clip but the kippa is securely in place. If wearing a kippah with a clip was a “style”, then why would newer kippot have “invisible” clips?


    didnt we talk about this a couple of times? i rem 80 saying that they wear ones that are big enough not to NEED the pins to help it stay on.


    weve been over this in another thread…someone find it


    Luckily i still have some hair to clip it to.

    kol daveed

    Real-Brisker –

    If I had to hasten a guess it’s due to the different types of yarmulkes worn in the different circles. When I first became frum I was wearing a suede yarmulke and had trouble keeping it on my head so it necessitated a clip/pin. As I grew in my Yiddishkeit and Avoda and began to associate with the Yeshivish community, I upgraded (tongue-in-cheek) to a felt yarmulke. Due to the size, material, etc. this yarmulke keeps on my head without a clip/pin. In conclusion, the respective yarmulke style in each community either necessitates or does not necessitate a clip. Kol tuv.


    I thik it is because in those circles if you can use bobby pins or clips, you’re hair is too long and if you need pins or clips, you’re yarmulka is too small.

    Abe Cohen

    The less yeshivish crowd wears smaller yarmulkas.

    on the ball

    The answer is surely that the Yeshivishe crowd wear yarmulkas big enough to generally stay put whereas the less Yeshivish have smaller yarmulkas that would fly off in the wind or any sudden movement.


    Well it says in Talmud Shabbos (near the end)-a Tanna’s mother would ensure that her son’s head was coverd, since he stole a fruit (as he was born in the constellation of Mars). The head covering would make him have more Yiras Shamayim.

    it uses the word ‘chofuie rosh’ his whole head was covered.- not just a small bit (like some kippa sruga’s)


    bigger yarmulkas are less likely to need assistance


    If people wear them for style, then they don’t have any style 🙂


    some wear them to keep the kippahs on

    some wear them to make a statement, whatever that may be, a declaration of what group they belong to, a statement of rebellion against conformity, or a statement of coolness

    continue here if you wish:

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