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    YW Moderator-72

    The yeshiva World is constantly trying to make the coffee room a better place. With that in mind, we have a new moderator. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest Moderator, YW Moderator-80!

    We look forward to having even better moderation with this new addition to our staff, as we keep on trying to improve YWN.




    Thank you YW! Welcome mod-80!

    Now can someone compile a list of all the mods we have? I’m getting kinda’ foncused.


    Glad to have you with us. Good Luck and have fun


    Vilkomin tzu der kaffe chaider

    now every night ve can chat later

    your vife und kids tzu here you’ll bring

    you’ll find things here zo interesting

    vegen alle zaachen ve like tzu chat

    halocha, hashkofa, vut tzu feed ze kat

    so mach youselv at home, pull up ah chair

    soon your brain vill need a goot repair


    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It has been a long and difficult road. Sometimes during the years spent at Eastern Moderator University (EMU) I wondered if it was worth it. Now I know it was!

    There are so many people to thank. All the professors whose guidance and encouragement were always there for me. Also a thanks to all the little people, the moderated, without whom there would be no need for Moderators. A special thanks to the YWN editor, who decided to take a chance on me, when no-one else thought I could do it. And to Moderator-72 who patiently guided me through the transition from student to Moderator.

    And of course, to my dear wife who was there for me in the middle of the long nights, cramming for the finals, with a cup of coffee and a hug.

    As our whole class said as one, at the end of graduation day: “LET’S MODERATE!!!


    80, there’s only one main rule you gotta know. You be nice to us, we be nice to ya! lol


    Eastern Moderator University?!? I thought this club was exclusive SMU (Not the one which received the NCAA “Death Penalty”)

    Sad day when we see the editor and more senior mods lowering their acceptance standards.


    how u guys choose your numbers.

    cmon guys we had a 25 and an 81 so why do the new guys get 26 and 81??


    Mod-80 – welcome to the club. Just be careful with the coffee machine…I’m sure that you’re more than aware of what the other mods can be like with their coffee 😉


    Moderator “gvuros”, welcome!

    Can we start moderator lotto? We guess which numbers will be on duty?


    Welcome to the YWN coffee room I’d advise you to get a sheild and sword

    yossi z.

    welcome mod 80!!!

    (welcome back ames)



    We dont choose the numbers

    It is our IQ, divided by half

    39: SMU is no longer what it used to be. Too many obsolete professors. EMU is now the school of choice.

    ames: It was from the heart

    Thank you everyone for the welcome!



    You are probably a very nice person

    but you don’t get to be a Moderator by asking nicely

    First visit one of the major moderating Universities, i would recommend EMU, talk to some of the students, some of the professors, audit a class or two. See if you are cut out for the life of a Moderator. The rewards are many, but so is the hard work and even tears.

    By the way do you know your IQ, if its not at least 125 don’t even consider applying.


    school of choice? HA! EMU is the school DeVry applicants use as a safety net.

    I’d be surprised if you could do as much as spell moderator with your degree from EMU.

    yossi z.

    ames: no it is just i have seen you around less then me (which is quite hard at this point)


    Well mr 39

    How do you explain your laughably low number?


    I can’t believe you fell for the rookie prank that 99 plays on all the fresh meat.

    Typical EMU grad.


    At least at EMU they teach the cardinal rule of Moderation:

    Always show respect for fellow moderators

    I guess you must have slept through the Ethics of Moderating Class

    assuming SMU even bothered with such up-to-date topics

    If it wasn’t bad form on ones first day, i would close this topic right now



    we really shouldnt be airing our differences publicly

    ill meet you in the Moderators Lounge right after the shift ends

    we can “discuss” matters then.


    Remember to bring me tea when you come.

    Darchei Noam

    Isn’t this the “coffee” room?

    yossi z.

    yes but coffee may not be one’s “cup of tea”


    welcome, welcome!

    you may now bow before the queen. 😉

    glad to have ya on board. 🙂



    wow i leave for a little & we get new mods! so exciting!

    mod80- welcome to the CR Zoo, join in the fun!


    Welcome Moderator-80! you & 26 should even up the odds!

    (conspiracy against…)



    it’s been kinda boring w/o you.


    bein_hasdorim: thank ya! nice to be missed!


    Maybe feivel will be kind enough to do something on the emu in honor if our newest mod, who, amazingly, is a proud graduate of EMU (Eastern Moderator University).

    We have an EMU Emu with us. Seriously, clown college would probably have been a better path in life.


    I edited your post to make it bold. I couldn’t agree more. And let’s not forget moderator 26 as well


    Yes thanks great job Mods!

    yossi z.

    clap clap clap clap…….


    Welcome 80. It is great to have you onboard this ride.


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