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    JayMatt – I want that mushroom rice receipe!! Ames and Oomis, If you tried out that peachy chicken receipe, let us know how it comes out. I waiting for your results, before I purchase Molasses.( unless anyone may have a substitute for it??)


    i kno it’s after shabb already but for futured ideas heres some ideas:

    fri night:

    1st course – starter such as ribs over rice, meatballs on rice, salamon, meat turnovers and some times fish. with dips (lots of them!) and salads

    2nd – chicken soup! with lots of veggies – carrots, zucchini, celerey, squash, onions, mushrooms…and homemade croutons of course!

    3rd- main course – a meat and chicken, normally potato kugel and apple crisp and then 2 side dishes such as cranberry relish or root veggies or a veg crunch or asparagus or s/t and reg salads such as cucumber and cole slaw

    dessert: some sort of cake and ice cream and candy and fruit platters

    shabbos day:

    eggs and salads

    chulent, deli roll, chicken cutlets, kugel and salads

    dessert: whatever we have!

    and then…sleep!


    KeepinEntertained: i’m so comin over!!!


    Asdf… I thought you’re coming over me and Ames!! Sniff, Sniff, I am soooo saadd. 🙁


    mazel77: each meal i’ll go to someone else!!! i sound homeless!!!! ha ha you should see my house, i’m so not a homeless!!!


    ames: ha thanx i could always count on ya!!!


    ASDF.. Who said you had to be homeless to eat by me?? You only have to be hungry. Maybe you don’t sound homeless, but you do sound hungry!!


    mazal77: ha good one!!! ok yeah i love good food!!!


    Mushroom rice

    In a casserole bowl put:

    1 cup rice

    2 cups water

    1 can mushrooms (with juice)

    3 1/2 T onion soup mix

    1/4 C margarine (sliced)

    Bake at 375 until done (mixing occasionally)


    your all more than welc, although i cant tell u where to find me bec that would break the cr rules!

    and jaymatt, we make the same rice in my house! yum!


    KeepinEntertained: great save me a seat at your table then!!!


    and then…sleep!

    After eating all that – that’s about all you CAN do!!!!


    I read somewhere that you can use honey as a substitute for molasses. but i have never done so yet so i cannot vouch for its success rating


    thank you jaymatt for the mushroom rice. Sounds easy and delicous.


    oomis, not everyone has to (or does) eat everything! we just have to have a variety and nice spread!

    any ideas for nice and easy desserts? i like making pretty and good tasting but not complicated and patchked up! like this week i made choc chip pie (hot, like runny chip) with ice cream … any other ideas?


    I made sweet and sour salmon last week. I love doing it because it lasts in the fridge so I make enough for 2 (or even 3) weeks and then I don’t have to woory about fish for a while. BTW if anyone is interested my recipe can be made with Splenda. If you want the recipe (really easy) speak up.


    lakewood, that’s really a long time to keep fish. food poisoning.


    ames, actually not! it always sound complicated – is it not?


    lakewoodwife: Sounds delicious. Can you make it with the skin off?

    How about that recipe? Thanks.


    ames – that’s a trap isn’t it? You want me to give over personal info and get fired from my new moderator job so you can apply to be my replacement, right? j/k.


    ames – sounds good! theres no vienesse crunch or a/t involved?

    the 2nd layer of lady fingers u dip in coffee too or no?

    and also, where do u buy lady fingers when its not pesach??!?


    keepinentertained- the ones on Pesach are called Baby Fingers and they are NOT the same. One of the kosher companies imports Lady Fingers from France. These are crunchy and yummy on their own with a coating of sugar on top. They are so unlike the Passover Baby Fingers. My local grocery store has them in a blue plastic bag in the cookie section. I also make Tiramisu. You can also use sponge cake dunked in the coffee. I add a little vanilla instant pudding to the whipped cream while I am whipping it. I also add powdered instant ground coffee on top of the final layer of whipped cream to decorate it, or as you suggested, crushed Vienesse Crunch would sound good on top.


    cherrybim (& anyone else who’s interested):

    Slice 1 or 2 onions into rings. Separate rings in the bottom of a large pot (I usually use a 6qt farberware -for 10 to 20 pieces- but last time I tried it in my large fry pan-3in sides & it was great) pour in sugar (or splenda) until the onion is mostly covered (my mother always says it should look like snow covered mountains).Heat on low/med flame until the sugar melts and the onions are soft and translucent (if you are using splenda it will not really melt it just gets stickyish and the onions will not get as soft- that’s fine just continue with the rest). Add 2-3 bay leaves & about 1 tablespoon of whole peppercorns. Add water and white vinegar in a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar so that you will have enough to cover your fish. Cook till heated through. Add fish-you can use whitefish slices or salmon steaks but my favorite is 1inch pieces of salmon fillet (with or without skin). Simmer (covered or partially covered, if you can) on low flame until fish is cooked through, try to avoid mixing, as that will cause the fish to break. Cool slightly in the pot (the longer it cools at this point, the less likely it is to break when you put it into a container. Carefully transfer fish to container with onions and spices, cover with liquid and refrigerate.

    Moish01: the vinegar and spices are essentially pickling the fish which prevents spoiling for much longer periods of time. Trust me, I’m pretty neurotic about spoiled food!


    Are you kidding? I thought that baby fingers was because it is not tznius to think about “lady fingers”. You’re telling me that they are two distinct items?


    lakewoodwife: gets extra points from mod72 for telling us we could replace the sugar for splenda!!!


    lakewoodwife: Thanks



    • It usually needs about 20 min.
    • The bay leaves & peppercorns give the best taste, I did know someone who used pickling spices instead, I didn’t particularly like the taste, but some people did (feel free to try it & let me know what you think).

    Hatzlacha & B’taovon!


    Lakewoodwife – were you the one who said they had an awesome hamantaschen recipe? Can you please share it here: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/hamantaschen-recipes


    Leil Shabbos Shira Menu:

    Baked Breaded Sole

    Crock-Pot Fake Rotisserie Chicken

    Oven Fried Sesame Chicken

    Oven Crisped Potatoes

    Barley Mushroom Casserole

    Dessert: TBD


    Ooh I can’t wait for shabbat food!!!!! Rice, humid, roast, peas, fasulya, stringbeans, potatoes, spare ribs, spaghetti with chicken, hamin, and veal!! YUM!!


    syrian, ENGLISH only on this site! new rule while you were gone. sorry


    Oh Gosh. Fasulya- type of beans, humid- mazal does a better job explaining. Hamin- syrian cholent n everything else is english!


    how the heck was i supposed to know that fasulya are beans??

    and yeah that does sound pretty good. ribs?? i’m coming over!


    Lol sorry!! Yeahh u should if u like meat my house is the place to go!! My mom is seriously the best cook!!! Fudel!! (That means like come over!!- I think lol something like that in arabic)


    Hamud is a lemony broth with veggies and little meatballs served over rice. My family doesn’t like it, so I don’t make it.

    This week I am making Mushroom Chicken, Baby Okra(Bamia) in Tomato sauce, Rosemary and garlic red potatoes, and Onion Mechse(go back in thread for the receipe and description), Gefilte fish, Rice and Vegatrian chulent, and either a vegetable or chicken soup, depends on my mood tommorow.

    The mushroom chicken is basically a sauce I make and pour over the chicken. I saute one diced onion in a little oil. Then add 10 mushrooms cut up into various slices and chunks. I add 1 teaspoon of deli mustard, and some white cooking wine, and black pepper. I cook that mixture for about 10 minutes & I add a little water to the mix and pour it over the chicken. Sometimes, I like to tuck in some of the mushroom sauce underneath the skins. I bake it covered with foil for an hour and remove the cover for 30 minutes. I check to make sure that there is sufficent liquid in the baking dish, so the chicken doesn’t dry out.


    Mazal, are sephardim allowed to eat gefilte fish?!?!?!!?!? 😛


    JayMatt,can u share what oven crisped potatos are!?! sounds good!!


    Ha I know a couple of sephardim who like gefilte fish but my family doesn’t, we don’t really like fish in general…


    oven crisped potatoes


    * 2 medium potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

    * 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted

    * 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion

    * 1/8 teaspoon pepper

    * add to recipe box Add to Recipe Box

    My folders:

    * add to shopping list Add to Shopping List

    * Customize Recipe

    * add a personal note Add a Personal Note


    1. Arrange potatoes in an 1-1/2-qt. baking dish. Combine butter, onion and pepper; pour over potatoes. Bake, uncovered, at 425 degrees F for 1 hour or until potatoes are tender.


    ames: you ganna tell us what’s on the shobbos menu this week???? i’m still invited, right???


    not cooking anything for this shabbos..yah me im going away for shabbos. yipeeee :):):)


    thanks jaymatt! this shabb is just bout done but we will keep in mind for next wk!


    Alrighty, now that shabb’s all done we can share the wkly menu:

    Fri Night:

    Gefillte Fish (syrian, were ashkenzai 🙂 ) with Purple cabbage salad, dips (incl a new homemade chatzilim salad!) and challah

    Chicken soup with all the veggies and croutons

    Delmonica Roast

    Chicken Wellingtons

    Potatoe Kugel

    Strawberry Apple Kugel


    Mushroom Turnovers

    Cucumber and Cole slaw salads

    Cranberry relish

    Popcorn Cauliflower


    Pecan Pie and ice cream

    Shabbos Day:

    Egg Salad & Liver with salad


    Deli Roll

    chicken Cutlets

    Pumpkin muffin

    and wateva leftovers from last night that we pull out!

    And dessert – well go digging in the freezer!

    Shabbat Shalom to ya’ll!


    How do you all have time to make this big shabbos spreads??


    my mother went away for the weekend and i wanted to stay home for shabbos with my father and family so i cooked shabbos myself!!!(and believe me, im not too experienced) i had so much fun. i had to make everything 2 times bec the 1st thing of everything burned!!!!


    Keepentertained- Please change your user name to keepinbusyinthekitchen.

    When do you start your shopping and cooking???


    shavua tov ya’ll!

    believer – good for u! and we all start out as beginners! keep it up!

    SJSinNYC – you get used to it so it doesnt take too long!

    and mazal77, my mom normally does her main shoppin on wed and thurs we start cookin and finish thurs night and for the stuff best fresh fri! between me and my mother and sister it doesnt take too long! and we keep both stoves going! which sometimes is confusing when we forget which timer is for what food! lol! but i enjoy it and look fwd, but alwasy lookin for new ideas cause the same things over and over get kinda borin! so keep the ideas comin!


    Ah Ha!! I should have realized that that menu could not possibly be made by one person!! So there are 3 people cooking.

    Sorry, my kitchen is tiny. NO ONE else is allowed in the kitchen when I am cooking or I start to get nervous.

    I always make a different menu each Shabbat. I’ll make a soup, and/or a fish, depending on my mood and how much time I got. I’ll make a chicken soup or I have a really great receipe for a black bean and pumpkin soup, it’s so easy, all the ingredients are from a can and it’s really good. Even though we are sephardi, we do eat gefilte fish, It’s just so easy to boil the frozen ones in the pot, although, this past Shabbat, one of my children got upset and wanted me to make my saucy fish that I hadn’t made in a while. He doesn’t like gefilte fish too much, but he suprised me when he said he would take one slice. I always have a meat, either Roast, Chicken, or Turkey. Some type of potatoes, Red, Reg, Sweet Potato, Potato Kugel. then some kind of Mechse, (I gave descriptions on some earlier posts) & I usually have some beans like, string beans, peas. or I’ll make okra in a tomato sauce.

    And as far as the “Ya’ll” goes, My husband was born in the south. He always says “You can take the boy out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the boy!!”


    lol, yea it takes more than one person…although, i hope one day soon to be cookin all alone in my own kitchen (youll prob realize the down size in my menu then lol!) but for now, togetha with my mom and sis we make a big spread. what else can you do when you have guests every meal?!

    and trust me, even not in a teeny kitchen i get nervous in there too sometimes bec i like when things are done my way which doesnt always happen! and i like when e/t is done in a seder (for ex: use the suguar – put it away; finished with a spoon – wash it…)whereas my mom and sis are more of the cook e/t and then clean e/t type (and the cleaning lady is always comin in the mornin!) but you get used to it!

    and yea, we have a standard menu with some variation but like you said its alwasy a starter, soup, main (meat, chicken and sides) and dessert but alwasy open to new ideas for variations within!

    what types of potatoes? i like simple and tasty recipies the best!!

    and re the ya’ll: wasnt born in the south but still always say it!



    Anyone make the Peachy Chicken? How was it?

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