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    Friday night:

    *Chicken soup

    *Fish (dono how to explain which type but its spicyish and doesn’t even tast like fish!!)


    *Peas with meat


    *Fasulya with meat

    *Humid with kibbeh balls (not the kibbeh with the meat inside lol this is different mazal can prob explain it lol)

    *spare ribs

    *rib roast

    *potatoes- onion soup mix type

    Shabbat day:


    *maza- kibbeh, lehemagene

    *spaghettie with chicken


    *hamin- meat and potatoes!!

    Think I got it all 🙂


    syriansephardi: wow fancy stuff!!!! you helped with the cooking???


    A4dfghjkl we usually have more but since we were away my mom cooked the basics. And nah I just made a cake lol but I did all the errands!!!!


    I’m still impressed with all of you. I barely have time to throw a chicken in the oven! My husband and I both work full time and we have no cleaning help, so unfortunately our Shabbos meals suffer a bit sometimes.

    I love to cook and try new recipes but lately I have no time. My husband is an awesome cook too – pre children we had much more company and were much more adventurous.

    On a different note, I discovered my son loves matbucha! My mother makes awesome matbucha but I was surprised by 1 year old would eat spicy stuff! Time to add that to the menu.


    syriansephardi: oh so nice of ya!!!


    SJS I feel for u its hard with no cleaning help


    SJS I feel for u its hard with no cleaning help

    Honestly, I dont think I could ever have cleaning help. I don’t like strangers going through my stuff. Then I have to have a schedule of what nights I am home so that the cleaning lady can be there? Its too much for me – I would rather not have a spotless house and do my own cleaning.

    Plus, everyone I know that has cleaning help has had things stolen. My grandparents got cleaning help when they got older and couldnt do it themselves. So many things were stolen – including a USED lipstick. Who steals a used liptstick????

    I guess because I didnt grow up with it, its a hard concept to adjust to…


    Sjs: I guess since ur not home its harder….my mother checks their bag when they leave!!!!


    Sjs: I guess since ur not home its harder….my mother checks their bag when they leave!!!!

    I hate being that suspicious of people though…its tough.


    please keep the topic on cooking only!!! If you want, I can start a new thread on the perils of having housekeepers.


    Mushroom Onion Quiche – preheat oven to 350 degrees

    2 large onions, cut up

    1 can mushroom stems and pieces

    1/2 cup mayonnaise, (may use lite version, just as good)

    1 1/2 teaspoons salt (you may alter the amount of salt, to taste)

    good gezunt shake of black pepper

    4-5 eggs (I use 5)

    Saute onions and mushrooms until the onions are golden and soft and mushrooms are “done” looking (just a few minutes). Drain off the oil, cool slightly and add the rest of the ingredients. Pour into a 9″ disposable Pam-sprayed pan, or an unbaked pie shell (I never do this myself, but my kids do, because they like the idea of quiche being in the shell, and i don’t need the carbs, and anyway my way it can be done for Pesach). Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes,or until it looks puffed and golden brown. In the pie shell, it might take more time. You have to check. It is so yummy. My family looks forward to Yomim Tovim, because that is when I usually like to make this. Enjoy.


    Oomis, that sounds yummy! I might try that this shabbos.

    Here is an easy dish:

    Meat Roll (similiar to deli roll)

    Take ground beef (or turkey or chicken, I’ve used all of them), add an egg and BBQ sauce. Mix together. Spread out a sheet of pastry dough (I use pepperidge farms), spread a layer of the ground beef and roll up. Brush the outside with BBQ sauce and bake at 375 for about an hour. It can be served hot or cold.

    No, the amounts are not exact but I am not an exact cook. You can substitute any sauce you like for the BBQ sauce – I’ve done A1, hot wing sauce…its really yummy and a big hit.


    SJS, talk about yummy – your recipe is really interesting. I must try it soon. I am also not an exact measurement cook, unless I am making something that requires precision.

    anon for this

    oomis, thanks for the recipe. How large a can of mushrooms do you use?


    It’s a standard size mushroom can (drain very well), about 12-14 oz., I guess. Like about the size of a can of cranberry sauce. It makes a wonderful pareve quuiche, and you would never know it had no milchigs in it.

    Belev Echad

    hey Jaymatt, can u post the barley mushroom casserole recipe?

    anon for this



    Friday Night:

    salmon with dill sauce, served on a bed of lettuce and garnished with veggies; marinated vegetable salad; whole wheat challah

    chicken soup with knaidlach, lukshen and veggies

    honey mustard chicken with toasted pine nuts

    pastrami knishes

    potato kugel

    lukshen kugel

    apple pie OR strawberry rhubarb crisp

    pumpkin bread

    hot string beans with mushrooms and peppers

    mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot brownie and mint sauce

    (might eat out for Shabbos Lunch)



    1 c. chopped onions

    1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms

    1 c. pearl barley

    4-5 tsp. butter

    1 c. water

    1 can consomme (beef)

    Brown barley in butter. Add onions and mushrooms; saute. Place mixture in buttered casserole dish. (No salt or pepper.) Mix 1 cup water and 1 can consomme. Pour 1 cup liquid over barley mixture. Bake covered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Add remaining liquid and cook uncovered for 20-30 minutes more or until done.


    Pearl -that’s an impressive menu-can you share the string beans recipe?


    String Beans:

    Sautee 1 onion until golden. Slice 1 box of fresh** mushrooms and sautee. Add red pepper (julienned) and sautee some more. Season with salt, garlic powder and paprika to taste. Add 8 oz whole, fresh** string beans and 1/4 cup of water. Simmer for 30-45 minutes or until desired tenderness.

    ** you can use canned mushrooms and frozen string beans, but it is definitely not as good

    Note – fresh mushrooms might need checking for bugs.

    Easy and Yum! Enjoy!


    Well, this week I’m going away for Shabbos, and I have a kiddush, so I’m going to make cinnamon craisin biscotti. 🙂

    But usually, my menu consists of:

    Friday night:


    W.W. Challah

    Homemade Hummus

    Homemade Baba Ganoush

    Homemade Salsa/Toamto dip

    Hot Salmon (honey mustard, cajun, morrocan, or w/ creamed spinach)

    Chicken soup with Matzo balls

    Roast chicken, chicken paprikash, or coconut chicken

    Roast in wine w/ mushrooms and onions

    Potato kugel

    Roasted veggies

    Salad (euro, hearts of palm, or israeli)

    Lemon cream pie or sorbet

    Shabbos Day:


    W.W. Challah

    All dips + avocado/guacamole

    Gefilte fish

    Egg salad

    Sauteed Liver w/ onions

    Israeli Salad

    Corn Salad

    Mango-pom-pecan Salad


    Hot Pastrami (from chulent)

    Potato Kugel

    Deli roll or deli rugelach

    Roasted veggies

    Strawberry shortcake, watermelon or sorbet

    Seudah Shlishis:

    W.W. Challah

    Smoked Salmon or lox (yes, they are two different things)

    Butterfish (like lox)

    Veggie spears

    Leftover salads and dips

    Kokosh and coffee


    Anonowriter- you cant get off that easy! Can you share your hot salmon recipes?

    Thats an impressive menu BTW.


    anonowriter: Hot Pastrami (from chulent) that sounds real good!!! how do you do that??? on behalf of the CR Board & the CR Gang, i would like to welcome you to the cr!!! join the fun!!! head to the new members thread, so the rest of the members could give ya a proper welcome as well!!!


    Does anyone have a very moist creamy kugel recipie??? I tried different ones for shabbos but they never come out right


    anonowriter: crazy menu, but sounds delicious.$


    avirachelli: what i do is, i use a potato latke recipie, yet make it as a kugel!!!


    ames: ha funny!!! my mom’s a great cook, i love her food!!! the only things i make are chulent, potato kugel, & summer BBQ’s!!! yeah your paying great attention!!!


    My Shabbos lunch menu:

    Chumus, salsa and guacamole

    Wasabi Teriyaki Rainbow trout with Sesame Noodles

    Grilled chicken cutlets

    Meat Roll

    Sauteed peppers and onions

    Potato Kugel

    Romaine Salad

    Dessert: Red and yellow raspberries, some cookies.


    SJS: sounds great.$


    Friday night:


    *chicken soup

    *peas with meat

    *potato mechshe (meat and rice in a potato)



    *roast (dono which type lol)

    *chicken with stringbeans

    *fasulya with meat (that’s beans)

    *rib roast

    Shabbat day:


    *maza- kibbeh, lehemagene…



    *hamin (syrian cholent)

    Shabbat shalom!!!


    JayMatt- I tried out the mushroom rice receipe, but instead of the margarine, I used some oil and it came out delious. I used a large can of mushroom in stems & pieces, but I think I should have cut up the mushrooms up somemore. I like them to be smaller pieces. It was a very easy and delicious receipe.

    Syrian- if you cook, I want to know what YOU are making, not what your mother’s making.

    I want to keep this as a forum to exchange ideas and receipes and try get new ones. I cook and I am always looking for new things to try out to keep the menu varied in my home. Please don’t post just because you feel you just HAVE say something. Please think before you write.


    Mazal: I help my mom with it- that’s the same thing! We work TOGETHER


    sjs-can you give us the meat roll recipe? also, is the sauteed onions and peppers just that? thanks


    mazal, i agree with u!

    we need a quick one week diet … any ideas? recipies/foods that can/should be eaten for a quick weight loss (one wk to a wed!)

    but to the shabb menu topic – this week we went fat free in my house! and since we actually had no guests, besides 4 my grandma (a first since the summer!! yay!) we didnt havta make that much.

    fri night:


    dips – horseraddish, spinach, pepper, babaganush, chumus and homemade eggplane (yummm and not so hard)

    chicken soup and veggies


    purple cabbage salad

    apple crisp (easy and yum)

    potato kugel

    popcorn cauliflower

    sauteed asaparagus and onions

    string beans

    cole slaw and cucumber

    strawberry ice cream (homemade of course) and cake (for those ditchin the diet!)

    much simpler than norm but sufficed!

    shabbos day:

    challah and dips again

    fish, eggs and purple cabbage salad (again, really easy and yum)

    teriyaki chicken cutlet

    broccli kugel


    potato kugel from the chulent

    cucumber and cole slaw!

    …and now the diet begins…ideas anyone? pls!


    keepentertained-don’t know if this will help with quick 1 week weight loss after that delicious menu you just posted, but here are some ideas:

    Eat in moderation

    At every meal stop eating before you are full

    Eat a lot of fruits and vegies–make these your only snacks

    Vigorous excersice at least 30-50 min each day

    Good luck

    p.s. could give us the purple salad recipe?



    i hope s/t works!

    and sure here is:

    **Teriyaki Purple Cabbage Salad:

    One head purple cabbage

    one bunch scallions

    sesame seeds


    6 T oil

    5 T vinegar

    5 T teriyaki sauce

    garlic salt



    (the last 3 to your tasting)

    -Cut purple cabbage into chunks and wash in water. wash the scallions and slice thinly. then sprinkle sesame seeds on top (however much you like)

    -Mix dressing well in a container and pour on top (I like to let it marinate in to salad a little before serving)

    **Easy and delicious (most ppl think so!!) Let me know what you think!

    There’s also another salad i make that everyone who tastes loves. i randomly chose it to make when it was an hour before a friends shower and had nothing in the house 2 make what i had planned on so looking at what i had my mom quickly suggested this recipie she used to make but hasnt in foreva and since them e/o alwasy requests this sald at parties and i am always repeating the recipie. this one is with both purple and white cabbage (shredded) so let me know if your interested in this!

    thats all for now!

    thanks for your advice!


    Kiruvwife, meatroll recipe is one page back.

    The sauteed peppers and onions is just that (I saute them in olive oil). Then I save theliquid and use that to make rice instead of water. Boy is it yummy!

    KIEplease share the other salad too. I will definitelytry that one though!


    asdf – hot pastrami:

    buy package uncooked pastrami from store. (chicken pastrami is also good, but doesn’t cut as well.) remove from package, wrap in aluminum foil, and place, seam side up, on chulent. YUM!

    and i’m not really new. just haven’t written in a while. wrote one poem a while back for the main YW….

    sjs – oh, gosh. i’m terrible at giving recipes, cuz i don’t have them, but i’ll tell you what i put in and you can figure out measurements, ok?

    honey-mustard: equal amounts of honey and mustard, sprinkle in garlic or add crushed, smear over salmon and bake open on 400 for about 20 minutes depending on oven.

    cajun: I actually premixed spices in a container (basically all in my spice cabinet) so it sounds complicated but it’s really not. spice rub is good for chicken and steak as well as all kinds of fish.

    seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, cilantro, parsley, pepper, paprika, turmeric, dash of oregano, mustard powder (and whatever else you decide)

    mix with a little olive oil and lemon or lime juice and rub over salmon.

    morrocan: yummy with salmon, tilapia and tune steaks

    chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped fresh cilantro, paprika, hot paprika, dash tomato sauce or ketchup, a few slices lemon or lemon juice, lots of chopped fresh garlic, a little cumin, julienned carrots and red peppers, olive oil

    cook covered on stovetop for 30-40 minutes

    salmon with creamed spinach – lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, spray olive oil – bake with salmon on 400 for about 20 minutes

    frozen chopped spinach, mayo, drop lemon juice, fresh chopped garlic, dash salt – mix together, heat in microwave or in oven. serve piled on salmon.

    if doing with tilapia, lay uncooked tilapia flat side up. spoon creamed spinach on one end. add three pieces slivered red pepper. roll, and place seam side down on greased pan. sprinkle on lemon juice garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and dried cilantro. bake on 400 for 20 min. looks really pretty and tastes great! my husband’s not a big spinach eater but he really likes this.


    ames – I live in lakewood. the stores here (co-op and shloime’s) both sell that big raw piece with all the pastrami spices around it. if you get 2nd cut instead of first, it’s cheaper. and you don’t have to get a super large one’ most of them won’t fit in the chulent pot anyway


    aviracheli – broccolli/cauliflower kugel, easy and creamy…

    cook up 1 16 oz bag of broccolli and 1 16 oz bag of cauliflower (or you can just do one 32 oz bag of one of them)



    add 3 eggs, 2 tbs minced onion, 2 cloves crushed garlic (i use frozen squares) or one tsp garlic pwdr, salt and pepper.

    mix well.

    recipe really calls for 2 tbs mayo, but i skip it.

    pour into 2 greased 9 inch round pans.

    smooth top.

    (can sprinkle cornflake crumbs on bottom and top, but it’s not necessary)

    bake on 375 till golden or starts browning.


    sjs-thanks. sounds easy and delicious! (two requirements i have when cooking for so many people)


    sjs – here’s the other cabbage salad recipie:

    1 bag shredded purple cabbage

    1 bag shredded white cabbage

    1 bunch scallions, washed and sliced

    roasted slivered almonds – however much you like

    chow mein noodles – again, as much as you like


    1/2 C oil

    6 T sugar (i wonder if splenda works as well, never tried but dont see why not!)

    6 T vinegar

    1/2 t salt

    1/2 t pepper

    easy and yum!

    let me know if you try it and how it comes out!


    Anonowrite – thats fine! I’m not a precise chef.

    Kiruvwife, those are my two requirements no matter how many people I am cooking for (unless its a special occasion -then I make risotto!)


    yashrus20: i reacall you saying you trying to take up cooking!!! how’s it goin the cooking???


    anonowriter: with steming the pastrami on the chulent, we actually do that with tounge!!! i love pickeled tounge!!!

    syriansephardi: don’t need to make anything special for me-i love all food!!!


    and this one also. Please go back on topic. Thanks YW-Moderator-72


    Please take your compliants to the general shmooze 2 thread :o) Thanks YW-Moderator-72


    k, so this week’s shabbos menu is:

    Friday night:

    Grape Juice

    W.W. Challah

    Homemade Baba Ganoush

    Homemade Tomato dip

    Dilled salmon in Dijon sauce

    Chicken soup with kneidelach

    Roast with creamed mushrooms

    Potato kugel

    Mango-apple crumble

    Roasted mini veggies

    Israeli salad

    Tofutti Coffee pops

    Shabbos day:

    Grape Juice

    W.W. Challah


    Jeweled Fruit salad

    Egg salad

    Liver w/ sauteed onions

    Euro Salad

    Corn Salad

    Chulent w/ kishke

    Potato Kugel

    Deli Roll

    Chicken Pastrami (from chulent)

    Roasted veggies

    Strawberry Shortcake (I cheated – duncan hines cake!)

    Seudah Shlishis:

    W.W. rolls


    Israeli salad

    butter fish

    Veggie sticks

    Coffee caramel ice cream


    anonowriter – your menu looks great.

    Can you share the mango-apple crumble recipe? and the coffee caramel ice cream? and are the tofutti coffee pops homemade?


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