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    pearl – thanks.

    now I just gotta cook it all.

    as i’ve stated other times, i don’t usually work with recipes. i can tell you ingredients, and you can measure them, or base them on similar recipes that you have.

    Mango-Apple Crumble

    (read whole recipe through so you can know your amounts – all depends on how much you’re making)

    equal amounts flour and sugar + a little more sugar (makes the crisp crispier…)

    add canola oil bit by bit till you have a crumbly mixture, mixing with for or fingers.

    sprinkle in cinnamon – mix a bit more.

    dice apples and mangoes. (can be big chunks or small)

    press half of crumble on bottom of pyrex dish. (aluminum gives a metallic taste to apples)

    top with apples, then mango.

    crumble on rest of crumble.

    bake on 350 for an hour (ovens vary, so you have to check)

    I get rave reviews on this dish.

    And it’s quite hard to spoil it, even without a recipe. unless you burn it…

    the coffee caramel ice cream is not really homemade. i take coffee ice cream, soften it, and add caramel sauce (bought) and some espresso syrup (chocolate syrup mixed with instant coffee or espresso powder) and some chopped roasted hazelnut ice cream topping. stir in, but don’t completely mix and refreeze. can be made dairy or parve.

    the only time i make parve coffee ice cream is pesach. Maybe i’ll share my recipe then (that’s a real recipe, but it’s with my pesach stuff)

    the tofutti coffee pops are store bought. and they are really good.


    oh, and ames – my chicken pastrami this week was about $16.50

    And I usually make the hot pastrami instead of serving deli (this week i’m having some bochurim as guests, so i’m making deli roll as well)


    Anonwriter- that is quite an impressive menu. Thanks for sharing the 2 receipes. The apple mango crumble sounds delicious and easy :). Where can you find parve caramel that you put in the coffee ice cream?? I know Baker’s choice had it, but haven’t seen in the stores in a while. I am also interested in you roast and creamed mushrooms receipe. If you can please post how you make that one, it would be appreciated

    theprof1- thatYaptzik sounds like a yummy receipe. Meat and potatoes – perfect together!!


    wow! all these recipes sound heaven!!


    This is what ME and mom are making(that was for mazal)Friday night:

    *Chicken Soup



    *peas with meat

    *fasulya with meat

    *veal roll ups

    *chicken with stringbeans


    *pastrami roast

    *potatoe mechshe


    *spare ribs

    Shabbat day:


    *maza (kibbeh, lehemagene)

    *spaghetti and chicken


    Asdfghjkl and qwertyuiop lookin forward


    syriansephardi: i can’t wait, sounds yummmmmmmmm.$


    Qwertyuiop: ditto 🙂


    did you start making the hamin yet??$

    YW Moderator-72

    well, It’s time for me to do the Shabbos shopping. See you in the store.


    Qwertyuiop: no way!!! That goes on the blech a few min before shabbat!!! And we cook on friday, not thurs night!


    syriansephardi: i can’t wait!!! sounds so yummmmy!!! yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    anonowriter: wow awesome menu!! sounds delicious!!!


    mazal – i’m not at home now, so i don’t remember which company made the caramel. it could even be bakers choice. i stocked up on stuff a while ago (newlyweds get 20% off in the coop) and even though it’s almost 3/4 of a year later, i still have some stuff…

    roast w/ creamed mushrooms:

    chop onions.

    slice mushrooms (i like baby bella)

    spray pan.

    place onions and mushrooms on bottom.

    sprinkle with garlic and salt.

    place roast on mushrooms and onions.

    rub on 2 cloves minced garlic.

    sprinkle salt and pepper (freshly ground is awesome).

    cover pan.

    bake on 400 for 2-2/12 hours (depending on size of roast)

    cool in fridge for a few hours or overnight.

    take out roast from pan and slice against the grain.

    mix in 1 1/2 – 2 tbs cornstarch (again, depends on amount of liquid) into the gravy. add 1/2 cup parve milk (can add more if you like). mix again.

    place gravy in oven on 400 for about twenty minutes.

    add slices meat back to pan and bake on 400 for one more hour. (make sure pan is tightly covered)

    it’s really good! i gave this recipe to someone and she added white wine to the mixture. i’m not such a fan of adding wine to my food, but if you are, she said it gives it an awesome flavor.


    Asdfghjkl: yup!!!!!! Guest house is all ready for u guys!!


    ames – $16.50 was chicken pastrami. not too big, but a good size for chulent. the regular pastrami started in the mid twenties (depending on the size).

    And this was in Shloime’s. Coop is usually cheaper (jackson coop)


    syriansephardi: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Asdfghjkl: minhas at 519 don’t be late


    ames: try pomagranit, they got everything!!!

    syriansephardi: i’ll be there real soon!!!


    This is how to spell Pomegranate, asdfghjkl.


    syriansephardi: i’m leaving really soon, i can’t wait.$


    torahtziva: ha thanx for the spelling lesson!!!


    Friday night we are having:

    Salmon (havent decided what type)

    1 whole turkey

    Potatoes roasted with the turkey


    Sauteed zucchini

    Shabbos lunch is leftovers and a salad.


    We normally have on Friday night Challah, fish, soup, chicken and potatoes (not kugel), and a vegetable with desert. Shabbos lunch is salads and fish, cholent and potato kugel, and a vegetable.


    Friday Night

    Nile perch

    Fake rotisserie chicken (made in a crock pot)

    Oven fried sesame chicken

    Mushroom Rice

    Fanned sweet potatoes




    I can only make a whole Turkey when my mother comes because I do not know how to carve it 🙂 (and yes, its the cheap turkey I got thanksgiving time LOL – I love Thanksgiving food!)


    Friday night

    gefilte fish

    chicken soup with knaidlach

    chicken with some bottle sauce

    potato kugel

    lukshen kugel



    chocolate cake and home made apple sauce

    Shabbos lunch

    gefilte fish or chopped liver

    eggs with tzibbel (onion)


    salad and coleslaw

    choc. cake and home made apple sauce


    i’m so happy for your (usually deprived) husband, ames


    ames: i’m happy to hear you out the potato kugel in the chulent as I taught you!!! 🙂


    Does anyone know a good Chicken Wellington recipe?

    Would like it for this shabbos please.

    thank you


    mom has a great one. basics are broccoli mixture, then cutlet, then mushroom mixture- roll in Mechel’s pastry dough. I know- i’m a big help 😉

    I think the key to a good taste (not bland) is to put garlic powder on the cutlet and enough duck sauce on top of the dough

    g’luck & njoy

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