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    what should i do, i’m bored today??

    and its raining


    Play Russian Roulette.

    Hello Kitty

    you can learn!!


    Go to the Aish website and watch the video about Roi Klein.

    You will learn that there are modern day tzadik/heroes in Am Yisrael.


    See what’s doing in the CR. (Oh wait, you’re already doing that..hmm, time to consider plan b)

    Mall? Museum? Bais Medrash? Visit a homebound relative? (either elderly or child anchored).

    I’m at work, so I’m as busy as a bee. But, no, you can;t come over and keep me company 🙂


    maybe you should post things on yeshiva world


    Finish the entire Tehillim with gantz Klal Yisroel in mind, then treat yourself to something.

    Go to the airport and watch the planes from indoors. I can stand there for a long time.


    Interesting. I have no idea how old you are. What I can tell you though is that at no age was I ever bored. If you’re bored then you’re bored with yourself. Learn, read, find a game to play.




    1 Eat sandwiches on the roof.

    2 Build a treehouse & have a tea party in it.

    3 Read a phonebook through and through.

    4 Spongepaint your bedroom.

    5 Listen to a Torah class.

    6 Try to walk on the ceiling, let me know how it goes.

    7 Spin around till your dizzy.

    8 Exersize!

    9 Dance!

    10 Make a cup tower, see how high you can get it.

    11 undo all the lightbulbs in your home and then put them all back in.

    12 Plan all your friends a birthday party so you will have ideas for the next ten years.

    13 Take a shower.

    14 Just drive, it’s FUN!

    15 Sit all your kids on the kitchen floor and have a choir.

    16 Sleep!

    17 Cut your grass with a scissor.

    18 Give your car a carwash.

    19 Scream for no reason.

    20 Thank Hashem!!!

    Enjoy yourself!


    Wannabe- I love some of your advice!


    If you are a guy, spend some time learning, then help your wife/mother/whoever cook for the last days of yom tov. If you are a girl, ditto. In ALL cases, go be mevaker cholim in a nursing home or children’s ward. it will do you and them some good at the same time.


    thanks everyone,

    I see that learning is a very common suggestion, well sunday i learned like half the day and chilled the other half, today i couldnt get myself to, so learned then went out for lunch with friends then went to take the NY permit test, i just turned 16, for all those wondering my age,

    SHTEIGING: i mean’t to tell you but you looked preoccupied on the phone, but i havent seen you post in the cr, yes i know your watching it, but where are your posts??


    i think today was the hottest day in LA ever-about 115 degrees. I swam, swam, swam, and swam some more! And its really hard to find what to do in that heat!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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