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    Dont get me wrong. I love ya all but I just can’t seem to remember anything. For example, when I read who is saying what I feel its one big blur. AND when I do manage to memorize a few names I end up mishing and confusing them. FOr example, I always mix up gefen, smartcookie, aries and health as the same. I also mix up everyone else whose name I cannot even remember right now. THe only ones who I dont seem to forget their names are GOQ and Popa bar abba, and zeeskite. But I always confuse her with all those other mommydik names of other CR members and dont ASK ME WHY??? I have no idea.

    How can I memorize and familiarize myself with the names and personalities of all members? or are there just too many to do so?

    And I am only referring to the popular most posting ones.


    Scissors- calm down! You just gotta visit here more often and you’ll get it very straight!


    Good point gefen!!


    Always Runs:it’s great since it prevents you from Josephing…lol

    I missed gefen’s point, so I’m wondering how good of a point it was for it to disapear…lol


    lol Goq!

    Always runs- You’re not alone on this one. I had a terrible time figuring out members here and conversations I had, and only got used to it after a year or so. i tried comparing members with people I know according to their personalities, humor, intellect. Good luck!

    (I’m the guy you’ll always see with the booze in my hand!!)



    I still don’t get what means “Joseph”. Who was he, why is everyone against him, what did he do wrong? I actually remember some funny /friendly comments coming from somebody named Joseph once.


    <Blush> How’d you get to remember me?! Out of all people?!

    Thank you!!!


    bright – Qtpie, Ice Cream:::::?


    Mods – That was quick 🙂


    She/He’s getting more sophisticated, I see…


    I dont know zeeskite, I guess because of your name, and your posts I tend to imagine you easily as a bais yakkov graduate married to a ben torah sitting and learning. Folding laundry all day and I imagine you to wear a blonde sheitel. LOL

    Then I can remember your name since I have attached to it so many specifics. Get it? I imagine Goq as some odd ball genius semi quasie religious with a sense of humur. But for about 90% of every member I dont imagine anything at all therefore its hard to remember them.


    Attn Jothar my cover has been blown im heading into the secret underground bunker luckily i have internet access down there.


    always, just think a zig zag sweater and always trying unsuccessfully to kick a football…


    yeah, you’re name is easy too.


    That’s where signatures help! You see the siggy and remember the person. Agree?



    SiDi: I don’t think so. I don’t seem to remember you, in person. Your signature doesn’t help. (do you remember me?!?)


    For the newcomers, does anyone care to post the unforgettable sad sordid saga of Joseph?

    And, always runs, i thought my name was actually pretty descriptive, in case you’r trying to picture a poster…

    Shticky Guy

    Golfer: … i thought my name was actually pretty descriptive

    In what way is it descriptive? Golf is believed to be derived from the Scottish word “goulf” which means “to strike.” So I suppose I can say you have a striking name!

    Or the Golf name of Volkswagen Golf is derived from the German word for the gulf stream wind. So I can say your name totally blows me away.


    Golfer: read the second last page on the you know you’ve been spending too much time on the CR when… thread


    Gosh shticky guy, i just can’t argue with your reasoning…

    Song of Blessing

    I know who is Joseph? Why did ppl think i was him at the beginning??

    And I guess I profile people so I tend to remember them but here its kinda hard coz ur not the “21 year old girl from NY” as there’s no names/ages/places given here… but really it doesn’t make a difference if u remember who the person was does it??


    i only joined CR one or two months ago, but i have noticed loads of mentions to Joseph – was he some sort of dude who had more than one username? he sounds like something like that…

    BTW, YEKKE is quite easy to picture. Trousers just below the neck, half-moon glasses, white moustache and balding hair, watch on the arm. What more can you need?


    And, although i have noticed him less recently, THE WOLF is one of my highlights here. I Love his sarcasm and self-decided damnation for eternity… — Have you really not noticed him?


    Do Yekkes know how to laugh? Smile?


    lol goq!


    Zeeskite – you picked up on the Yekke ‘laugh’ and ‘smile’ – I also wrote I love…. You not bothered by that one???


    Yekkes can love. Nothing wrong with that. I just thought the Yekkes didn’t know from humor. My ancestors were Yekkes. Straight. Real straight. (ps I rebelled!!)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’m also confused. Sam is popa, and popa is Wolf? Does that mean Sam is Wolf?


    Just popped in to the cr. …and the title of this thread really caught my eye. I decided to join in and read the op because I can really relate. then I discovered that I am the one who started this post. I’m the Op.!!!!

    how funny is that?


    ARWSF – you sound so much like my friend!! lol you really made me laugh!

    Little Froggie

    Why you can’t keep us straight? Because some of us are bent. Crooked. Like me.


    Not even attempting..


    how funny is that?

    [Makes serious face] Not funny enough to justify the bump.


    “how funny is that?

    [Makes serious face] Not funny enough to justify the bump.”

    I disagree arwsf I found that really funny! (Sorry Randomex! 😉 )


    Welcome back Randomex, btw. Missed you 🙂


    Yeah- Randomex, my good old friend who always pulls through with clarification in the CR- since no one seems to be answering the “Who in Heaven’s name is Joseph” question- will u please tell us?? If you know, that is. In any case, what makes him any more discussion worthy than any of us, like Yummy Cupcake?


    joseph (as far as i understand) was a poster in the cr in the original days, when the cr was just new, and got banned. he has since tried to use many different usernames to incite riots in the cr, and is most of the time caught by the mods.

    wait you dont know who joseph is, but u do know who YC is? how long have you been on the cr w/o knowing who joseph is

    Little Froggie

    OK, eftach, I’ll put it in your language (if you’re really into the kinor), he joined the Banned Wagon.



    LOL! It’s funny that this has been going on so long…

    3 years ago, there were already threads asking about Joseph!

    Well, it’s pretty much like Sh0wj0e said, except I’m not sure if he was banned for his use of multiple accounts or if that

    came later. I’ll just add that Joseph represents the far right of

    (semi-?)mainstream Judaism, and his last known sighting (AFAIK):


    Also, no one knows how the mods know if a poster is Joseph.


    Sh0wj0e and Randomex- Not that long. Anyhow I don’t read everything here, only stuff that catches my interest. I never read those Joseph threads.

    LF- lol. I like the banned wagon part. But sorry I don’t chap- shaychis kinor?


    How the mods know if a poster is Joseph? I’m guessing he’s used the same e-mail address, or different e-mail addresses under the same IP address.

    Little Froggie

    Kinor is a musical instrument, I think. And one probably uses it to play in a banned. Oh. (you’ll get used to me, corny)



    Sh0wj0e and Randomex- Not that long.

    His long was about you being a member (he couldn’t check, I assume, because he doesn’t know your original username), while mine was

    about how long people have been wondering who Joseph is.

    shaychis kinor?

    It’s in your name!


    “It’s in your name!” Randomex, I KNOW that!!!! You’re really nice and we’re good ol buddies, but sometimes u overstate the obvious and make me out to be a dunce!

    LF- oh.




    Just gonna point out that harps are not really used in bands afaik.


    Little Froggie:

    You’ve used that pun before.

    11 months ago:


    10 months ago:


    9 months ago:



    Oh, you meant the shaychus to “banned,” not to you. Hey, you’ve told me almost the same thing before, too!

    #1 on your shidduch list

    Looks like I don’t have trouble keeping CR members straight. 🙂

    Little Froggie

    Randomex, I didn’t know my EVERY post was being studied, remembered. I forgot some /most of them. Too many to remember. (diff s/n too, iykwim) And they’re a lot. Really a lot. So I’m sorry for repeating my self. That’s right. I’m sorry for repeating my self.

    (ps what was your s/n back then? Sh..)

    Patur Aval Assur

    “Looks like I don’t have trouble keeping CR members straight.”

    But you do have trouble keeping yourself straight. Although, I can’t quote the link which proves it because it no longer exists.

    Little Froggie


    So the straight people here have not yet caught that last one…

    Little Froggie

    Still waiting…


    Here’s a hint for them, Little Froggie:


    Or did you mean the part about being sorry for

    repeating “your self”? I understand that one.

    EDIT: Oops! This time I posted in the wrong thread – partially, anyway. That hint doesn’t apply to this thread – it would apply to the thread Little Froggie also posted in the wrong thread about.

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