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    How much privacy is compromised?

    Any negative experiences?

    I bought it for technical purposes, but hesitant to set it up.


    I think there is a way (ways?) to completely secure the network. Maybe if you call the company or the company that provides your internet service they can help you.



    What’s the problem, you put a password in the router and in your computer, so no one else could get in.


    IF you encrypt the traffic you will get pretty good security. Of course nothing is 100% safe but it should be safe enough for general use.


    Thank you,I wrote it all down.

    ZK,the “problem” is I grew up with horse and buggy and manual typewriters.Patience…


    Yes, use a password to protect it. It won’t make it as safe as non-wireless setup, but you still have to precautions.

    BTW, did YWN just do a story on how the FBI raided the wrong house because the guy was using his neighbor’s wi-fi?….if you didn’t read it, John Doe was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing online & the FBI decided to pay him a visit. However the IP address & account info showed up as his neighbors, since that is the owner of the wi-fi that he was signed onto. It ended up the FBI busted down the wrong door…oooooops


    Yes, I know. I remember them too, the horse & buggy driven typewriters. They were wireless too!!!


    Tikkun…that makes me wanna leave it IN THE BOX!


    eclipse, find someone who can help you in both the selection of the router as well as its installation.

    Always encrypt the signal.

    But encryption, if it’s of the older WEP standard, will not stop a hacker. Far better to get a router that can use WPA-2.

    Also, never name your network (it’s called a “SSID”) with something recognizable like “Cohen House” or “Eclipse’s Network.” Much better to pick an unusual name and then mask it from being shown to those looking for networks.


    Homeowner…Linskys or s/thing like that is good?(It sounds Jewish!)


    Is this permissible?

    I pay for internet service and you latch onto my router with HIFI and without permission, thereby not paying for service.

    jewish unity

    cherry bim- Theres a whole piece about that in the Journal of Halacha in Contemporary Society…I dont remember exactly what issue…around 2007 or 2008. But they dont give a psak at the end so I recommend you asking your LOR, not us in the CR.


    eclipse, Linksys is a brand of router made by Cisco. Cisco has also come out recently with a home router called Valet specifically designed for less tech-minded people.

    Other popular router brands are Netgear and D-Link.

    A good idea might be to call your internet service provider and see if you can get a deal where they provide you with a router for free in return for you signing up for a year. In the past, wifi routers have been given away by Verizon as well as Cablevision.


    i just set up a wireless router for wifi in my house this week.

    i was nervous about it but the software wizard took me through the whole thing stepby step.


    first disconnect your modem from the power supply

    (then the software checked on this)

    now connect the router to the modem using the blue lan cable provided. plug it int the router in the outlet called internet 1

    (then the software checks on stuff)

    now connect etc

    then it asked me some questions like what kind of security do i want to set up and it explained the choices, what password for the wifi, what password for the router, etc.

    then it recorded all the passwords and names in a text file that it put on my desktop.

    the whole thing was painless, about 15 min

    i used d-link brand, no reason, my kids bought it for me.

    i imagine other brands are also helpful.


    it is crucial though that you put the CD into your computer and start the software wizard BEFORE pluggin anything in or out


    My netbook has no place for a CD or DVD…problem?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    My netbook has no place for a CD or DVD…problem?

    My guess is no, you can probably download it from the manufacturer’s website.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’ve read that it’s legally questionable. There are two aspects to it; using the neighbor’s signal without his consent, and using the internet provider without the company’s consent. As far as the first issue, there’s a theory that since it’s so easy to lock the signal, anyone who doesn’t is by default allowing it. Concerning the second, my IP told me that I am allowed to share service with a neighbor if I want; other providers may not allow it.


    eclipse: Or type (typically) in the address bar of Internet Explorer. Follow screens as needed.


    “As far as the first issue, there’s a theory that since it’s so easy to lock the signal, anyone who doesn’t is by default allowing it.”

    So does that apply to coping CDs as well?

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    Am I to assume that was a joke (based on that old thread)?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I think this is where I read it.



    Actually, I missed that thread but I remember your shitos on CD coping which seems similar to using someone’s service without permission. I was told by an internet employee that piggybacking may slow down a system.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Actually, I missed that thread

    I assume you mean that article, which is discussing the legality of it, as was I.

    I was told by an internet employee that piggybacking may slow down a system.

    I think it would slow it down noticeably if the user was uploading or downloading large files, but not noticably if just browsing or using email (without large attachments).


    Regardless of what the level of security on your router is, you also need a firewall on your PC itself. This way, even if an outsider gets onto your network, your PC will still be protected.

    Use WPA encryption on your router, have a firewall and up-to-date antivirus and antispyware programs on your PC, and you should be safe from break-ins.


    All routers that I know of can have their setup screens accessed thru a browser-based interface.

    The included programs are to make things easier for people who may not be technical.

    Once you are on the setup screen, you will be able to change the routers IP address (for instance, if it conflicts with the modem, as mine did).




    glad to see you here

    i just installed a router

    dont know much about it but i can follow instructions

    its like this:

    cable to modem, modem to router via lan, router to computer via lan

    now if i shut off power to the router will the signal bypass through the router so that it as if the modem was directly lan connected to the computer, as the setup that existed before the router was installed?

    im guessing no and if i want to temp disable the wifi, while maintaining cable to the computer, i would have to reconnect the modem directly to the computer via lan




    You’re correct, but there’s probably an easier way.

    All routers that I know of allow the wireless signal to be turned off via the setup screen, so you won’t have to potchke with disconnecting and reconnecting the cables.

    (What you’re calling “lan” is a network cable.)

    BTW, I don’t always get to post responses quickly, but I’ll usually try to do so within a day or two.

    Occasionally I may miss something, but it’s OK for you to email me if you’d like to bring something I can be helpful with to my attention (no guarantees I’ll know the answer, obviously).


    thanks icot

    i didnt think of that

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    while you’re at it can you help moderator 80 fix the shift button on his keyboard so that he can capitalize?



    i dont believe in capitals, (or apostrophes)

    i love commas, and periods are ok

    i do capitalize things of chashivus like Torah however


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    i dont believe in capitals

    I never knew that grammar was an emunah issue.


    i believe that they exist.

    but their utilitarian value has been way overated, the conformity to convention as an end in itself has some value, but in this case is not worth the price of extraneous effort and an increase in the likelihood of the dreaded accidental press of the caps lock key (located just above the left capital (shift) key.

    besides in my youth i wanted to be a rebel like e.e.cummings.

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    the dreaded accidental press of the caps lock key

    I get nightmares from it. 🙂



    Please delete my previous post – it will cause display problems for people with older browsers, and they may not be able to see potentially useful info on this thread.

    Thank you.



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    lol (LOL)

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