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    If it’s anything like the Marvel (Comics) and Disney versions, it’ll feature double-sided cards
    with people/places/things on one side and their names on the other. (You can find a
    description of the gameplay >here<.


    (There was somewhere I should have checked first, but didn’t.)
    It seems this version will be based on Codenames Duet, which means that
    both players/sides will be giving clues. The estimated release is this August.


    It’s out now. Both players(/teams) give clues, and all players win/lose together.

    (I could probably make a list of games that should appeal to HP fans, if anyone’s interested.)


    Hey, it’s my favourite thread with an obscure title! Glad to see it back on the main CR page, if only briefly. Kudos to whomever dredged it up.

    Sadly, I’ve got little to no interest in video games, although my latent fondness for Harry Potter remains strong. Would be great if those discussions got kickstarted again.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    HI!!!!! So nice to hear from you! I hope all is well, seeing as it’s not bein hazmanim. Thanks for showing up!


    Sadly, I’ve got little to no interest in video games

    The Codenames series are physical/tabletop games*, and I meant games of that kind.

    *(The original Codenames is also available as an app.)




    Does America have a wizarding school. If so, wouldn’t it be bigger than Hogwarts? America is a lot bigger than England.



    Also, why wouldn’t they come to Hogwarts’s aid in fighting Voldemort?






    Moderators. can you please change the name of this thread to something on the threads topic. I don’t think anyone is looking at it because of the vague title.



    The question still remains unanswered.



    It’s because Rowling really doesn’t like America


    Does America have a wizarding school?

    According to recent films, yes.

    If so, wouldn’t it be bigger than Hogwarts? America is a lot bigger than England.

    Does China have the largest yeshiva in the world?
    (That does raise the question of how common Muggle-borns are…)


    I know this thread has been closed for a while, but here are some more questions I’ve been bothered with.
    1)In the 2nd book, Harry and Ron almost get expelled for being seen by Muggles in the flying car. In the 5th book, though, Harry and his friends fly thestrals to the Department of Mysteries, and no one is upset.
    2) Why in the world does Dumbledore allow Harry to endanger himself in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It’s clear that someone put in his to endanger him. I think the book says that there is a magical bond, but this doesn’t really suffice.
    3)Why doesn’t Voldemort supply Felix Felicis to all the Death Eaters. Or Dumbledore to the Order of the Pheonix. After all they’re the Greatest Wizards of all time. They for sure know how to make.
    4)It seems like Harry didn’t really accomplish anything in the first book. Quirrel wasn’t able to get the stone because he wanted to use it for Voldemort, and the stone can only be used by those who won’t use it. So, if Harry hadn’t went after the stone, Quirrel still wouldn’t have been able to get it. (it’s not really a question, but it’s strange).
    5) When people are around Horcuxes they become very agitated and depressed. If so, why didn’t everyone get agitated around Harry, being that he was a Horcux?
    6) Students need a permission slip to go to Hogsmeade, so why don’t they need one to play Quidditch, which is much more dangerous?
    7) Why are the Weasley’s poor when they can just use magic to create/fix things?

    bored_teen 💕

    1. Because they’re invisible!
    2. It does suffice. There is a strong magical contract that cannot be broken!
    3. “When taken in excess it can cause giddiness and unwarranted giddiness”
    4. Great question!! No clue!
    5. Harry wasn’t a typical horcrux. There was no intention to create a horcrux
    6. Quidditch is an in school sport as a opposed to a trip. It’s not about being dangerous, it’s giving students permission to not be the teacher’s responsibility.
    7. I’ve had this question for so long!!!!!

    bored_teen 💕

    *unwarranted singing

    bored_teen 💕

    I have some questions too!
    1. In the second book, Percy Weasley takes 5 point from Gryffindor but in the fifth book, Ernie McMillan says that only teachers can dock points. (In response to Malfoy taking points away from them)
    2. Lupin says that no one know what a Buggart looks like before it takes form but Mrs Weasley asks Moody to look through the dresser to see if it’s a buggart!
    3. Fred and George Weasley saw Peter Pettigrew on the Muarder’s Map but never said anything! (Could be they thought it was a mistake)


    1. “Because they’re invisible!”
    The thestrals are invisible but the riders aren’t (i assume) which means that observers see people flying unsupported.
    I like the other answers.


    1. I assume the rule changed.
    2. He would be able to tell if it’s a boggart based on if his worst fear comes out and if he’s able to change it by saying the boggart spell.
    3. It’s a good question. Not sure.

    bored_teen 💕

    “He would be able to tell if it’s a boggart…”
    Good point, I never thought about that!

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