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    I am beside myself. I just got back from the Orthopedist and there is NO visible healing to the bone. I have been working so hard on recovery: Using ultrasound bone stimulation, taking extra calcium and vitamin D, using “Comfrey” and “Horsetail” (both herbs that supposedly help bones to heal). My Dr. now says that I very well may need an entire hip replacement. This after two years of hell; nearly dying from sepsis and five surgeries and two infections. I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I am spiraling into a serious depression. I have been unable to work, I can’t go anywhere without a wheelchair or a walker, I am in constant pain. Tefillos, pleas, tzedukah… nothing is working. What am I to do?


    I’m sorry.

    I don’t know what to say. I can only tell you that I will bli neder continue to keep you in mind in my Tefillos. May Hashem shower you and your family with the all Yeshuos you need and much more.

    It’s not easy, but hang in there and keep your chin up. Yeshuas Hashem K’Heref Ayin.


    ☕️coffee addict

    oy 🙁

    I’m really sorry to hear this

    have you tried asking a second opinion (you’re backing me up against a wall here)

    i love coffe

    I am really sorry to hear of your pain and suffering. I would list a whole bunch of possibilities to help you with your many difficulties but you probably alraedy tried them or it was alraedy listed on your other thread. (I did not post on it but have been reading through and have kept you in mind in my tefillot).

    But here is one suggestion that I dont recall being mentioned.(Maybe it was?) Have you spoken to a big Gadol/Rav that can see in to you and tell you what you should do?

    Sure, probably tehillim would help, or you could try all of those segulot out there but maybe that is not the solution or “medicine” to your hardship and poor physical health. Maybe you are suffering for a tikkun in this life and you need to fix it in a different way.

    Don’t ever think that Hashem hates you (even though you never mentioned this feeling), but always keep positive. I know it is easier said than done but gam zu l’tovah. Keep praying. We all will keep praying for you. Keep begging to Hashem, your Father, the only one that can heal you. Don’t stop. Ask him to send you the right shaliach to help you. There is only so much Hashem can ignore us. Keep knocking at His door. And dont ever say you are starting to get depressed. You are only worsening your condition. You are showing Hashem that you don’t have bitachon in Him and He will prolong your difficulties (Chas V’Shalom!) You can do it.

    I do not know what you are going through because only certain strong people can deal with such hardships. You are that strong person and you will surpass this too.

    Much hatzlacha.


    I feel your tza’ar!! I found hatzlocha for my son in Cincinnati children’s hospital and Cincinnati has top hospitals for adults as well. I recommended to someone to try Cleveland clinic and b’H they were literally mechaye maysim him. Hatzlocha and refuah shelaimah


    Echo referral has data on the best doctors if you would try another opinion. There are other resources similar, too.

    May Hashem send you the right shaliach for a refua shlaima b’karov bsoch shaar choleh Yisrael!!


    My Orthopedist is head of Orthopedic Trauma at the #1 Los Angeles hospital. He is the authority.


    Refuah shelaima. I’m sorry to hear of your difficulty.

    Please remind us of your mother’s name.

    I don’t mean to sound preachy, and it could very well be that you did this already, but maybe your mezuzos and/or tefilin could use a checking?

    I think that the above posters made good points. Maybe it’s a tikun, and maybe it’s an idea to consult with another specialist. Have you consulted with the Skverer Rebbe, who is an expert at directing people to proper doctors? 718 436 9595

    May you have a refuah shelaima bekarov bimhaira besoch she’ar cholai Yisroel, and may you see the yeshua very soon.


    YehudahTzvi: I’m sorry to hear the latest. I feel your pain. Please, never give up hope. I will Bli Neder take upon myself to fast one day during the week and pray for your Refuah. Can you supply me your full Hebrew name?


    You should definitely get another opinion and I hope the doctor will be the right shaliach for you. Refuah shelaima.


    Yehuda Tzvi,

    I am really sorry to hear of the tremendous pain you are in right now. I can not offer you any medical advice since I am not learned in these subjects.

    However, I can tell you that I know the MOST EFFECTIVE cure for any disease in the world- tried and tested with best results…


    Tefilla!! I am not saying that you are not davening. All I am saying is that if you write with such helplessness, there is a great chance that yo do not FULLY believe that Hashem is more powerful than any doctor and is able to turn around your situation within minutes!!! Maybe the reason why you are left so helpless is because Hashem wants you to turn to Him with complete dependance and faith. If you tell Hashem, “Hashem, right now there is no medical way to get me out of this mess. However, I believe with complete faith that You are the One that gave me this nisyaon in the first place, and You are the Only One that can take it away. I know that since You are my loving Father, you only want whats best for me, and I trust that you will send me a yeshua now.” Then Hashem will surely hear your tefillos and answer you!Also, I would go to Gedolim for advice ( to see if there is any other option) or just for a bracha. I would also still make hishtadlus whenever possible, keeping in the mind that really only Hashem holds the key to your yeshua.

    May you only see yeshuos and nechamos quickly!


    refua shlaima bkarov! you are in our tefillos.


    YT -I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s only a hip replacement -they aren’t doing anything to the pelvis. Even if it’s a double hip replacement -get it ASAP. This way you can stop being an invalid and be able to be a husband /father (if you have kids) and get a job or whatever. You don’t want to be laid up forever.

    Refuah Shlaima!

    YW Moderator-42

    Have you consulted with the Skverer Rebbe, who is an expert at directing people to proper doctors? 718 436 9595

    The Skverer Rebbe is currently in LA


    Refuah Sh’leimah. Asking for a second (or third) opinion actually has a basis in the Gemara. Maybe you weren’t Zoche to be healed from this doctor, but you could be from another, even one not as good. Or maybe C”V HKBH just wants you to get the hip replacement for whatever reason. Either way, Refuah Sh’leimah.


    Refuah Shlaima!


    Thank you all. Yehudah Tzvi Ben Elisheva.

    My daughter and I had a good cry today. This has been a long, torturous road. I really thought i was going to hear good news today. But alas, more pain, poverty and immobility. Who knows if and when it will ever end?


    Health: I nearly died during my last surgery and have had five MAJOR surgeries in the past two years. My Orthopedist is not rushing to get me back on the table after all I’ve been through.


    YT – Mod-42’s advice and info is great. Even though your doc is the authority, the rabbonim know of doctors you never heard of. It may be worthwhile going out of town (yes for most LA is OOT, but I’m an LA’er myself) for the best advice. Like Health says, the hip replacement might be your biggest help, even though it’s a frightening thought since you’ve been working so hard to get your own bones to heal. Your biggest risk is because of the infections and sepsis that you had, so you should get a good Infectious Disease consultation as well since they may want to keep you on suppressive antibiotics before/during/after surgery.

    Please keep us posted. I would be very interested to hear who you went to because my sister has rheumatoid arthritis and has terrible problems with her knees, to the point where she can hardly walk and is in a wheelchair quite a bit, and she’s only 65, but this has been a problem for 20 years for her. She previously had arthroscopic surgery and ended up with an infection (not sure what type). Now she is told that she cannot have total knee replacement because of the risk of infection.

    Try to think positively, at least there is a possibility your pain can be helped with this procedure, but definitely get a second opinion.


    Shalom Yehuda tzvi im very sorry to hear you are still feeling so bad.If you would like i go to kever rachel almost every day and can davin for you there.

    i wish you a full and speedy recovery.


    Depending on your insurance, try Dr. Brad Penenberg. He is located at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. He is tops in the field for people suffering from bone deficiency.

    Refuah Sheleimah


    You could try the Skvere Rebbes Advisor himself. His name is Itzele Twersky from Bp. Not sure though The phone number and how to reach him.


    Refuah Shelayma!

    And whatever the doctors say needs to be done to correct the situation, no matter what you already invested with other methods, it is probably better to get on with it sooner rather than later.

    Make sure you have the best doctors advising you, and move forward.

    Again, Refuah Shelayma!


    Sorry to hear what you’re going through. Refuah shleimah.


    I hate to sound like the guy in the “How not to do Bikur Cholim” video, but the Homeopathic remedy Arnica does wonders for fractured bones. Perhaps it can also heal diseased bones or maybe you need a different remedy. It’s best to ask a good homeopath. I’ll daven harder for you.

    Menachem Melamed

    There are excellent doctors around for hip replacements. I agree that you should find out who the top doctors are, and also get a top-notch infectious disease doctor. Why not find out which specialists the doctors in your community choose for their own families.


    Refuah shelaima. I hope things improve for you.


    Nechomah -“Now she is told that she cannot have total knee replacement because of the risk of infection.”

    She needs a second or even a third opinion!


    You’re right Health, and I probably didn’t say it correctly. I think it’s that she’s afraid of the possibility of infection and the pain that is involved. She suffered a lot when she had her previous surgery and infection. Also, she has Kaiser and I’m not sure if she’s looked outside of that network (not that they don’t have good doctors, but the top one in this field is the one who caused her so much pain before).


    I feel for you.

    I will take out a tehilim right now and say some Lezchus Yehuda Tzvi Ben Elisheva.

    With Hashems help, you should be zoche to have a long happy and healthy life!

    I will stop short of giving you any advice.

    Refua Sheleima!


    Nechomah -“You’re right Health, and I probably didn’t say it correctly. I think it’s that she’s afraid of the possibility of infection and the pain that is involved. She suffered a lot when she had her previous surgery and infection.”

    Yes, I’ve met people scared of the knife before they even had one surgery. But all who went through with it were happier in the long run. I understand her concern, but she should do what the experts say. If they recommend surgery -I’m sure she can find a reliable surgeon. Because she got burnt once, doesn’t mean it will happen again. The funny thing is -in my career I’ve met many orthos and most are competent. Very few are incompetent. While in other areas I’ve found a lot more incompetent practioners. Primary care is where I’ve found the most incompetence. (Eg. Internists, pediatrics, etc.) But hardly anyone doubts THEIR Doctor, but always suspects the Specialist or Surgeon!


    It’s not that I wouldn’t consider having the hip replacement done, it’s that my surgeon does not want me to have it done just yet. I have nearly died a few times within the past two years and five surgeries. It’s taken a great toll on my body.


    refuah shelaimah! i’m so sorry that you are suffering!


    Reb Yehudah Tzvi:

    I hope you are feeling better. I will continue to pray for your Refuah. I completed a Pidyon Nefesh/Tehillim in your name. Bracha V’Hatzlacha.


    Thank you all. I have been experiencing some serious panic attacks due to Post Traumatic Stress. I have been self medicating and am falling into great despair. My future is not looking bright anymore. I am 43 and depressed at how the rest of my life looks.


    I’ve added you to the Tehilim list my wife maintains.

    My wife went through 5 surgeries on her ankle so far after a serious fall 10 years ago. We’re averaging 1 surgery every 2 years, and it will never be 100% normal again. Indeed it has a large impact – she was also unable to work very long because of it (she is working now, B”H).

    Aside from that I don’t really have anything useful to say that others didn’t say yet…


    Reb Yehudah Tzvi:

    Please, pleae, don’t give up hope. I continue to keep you in mind (BTW — You are very close to my age) and I wish I could speak to you personally and offer some verbal encouragement, but logistics seem to direct otherwise…. My wife is also battling severe depression. Please keep me posted through this forum.


    YT -“I am 43 and depressed at how the rest of my life looks.”

    Ah -what are you talking about -you’re not even middle age -you’re still young. You have your whole life ahead of you. I don’t have my wife or my family and I haven’t given up hope.

    You’ll see – you will get this hip replacement and you’ll be almost back to new. In a few years -this whole ordeal will be a long forgotten memory!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Yehuda Tzvi – You are depressed at how your life looks – compared to what you thought it should look like. You still don’t know what future Hashem has in store and just because things look so awful now, does not mean things wont be better. Hashem may want you to say, “Okay, my plans aint happening. Let me see what You have in store for me” and then a Yeshua can be standing there waiting. I cannot tell you how many times things like that have happened to me. I have had close minded, ego centric people walk up to me after years of abuse and display a total miraculous turn around! NOTHING is out of Hashems reach. I can’t promise you health, but I promise you that Hashem wants you to depend on Him and trust Him. Now you are dependent. Tell him you are working on trust and want His help with it. You can do it, we will stay here to cheer you on!

    a mamin

    Yehuda Tzvi: I read all your posts with a heavy heart… I really feel for you… Yeshias Hashem keherif ayin! Wishing you a true salvation from all your tzaar!


    Hi Yehudah Tzvi: Drop us a line to let us know how you are doing. Praying for your Refuah & Yeshua. R.T.


    Hi, all. I have been in excruciating pain. Don’t know why it’s gotten worse but it has. Could be the weather or maybe something broke. I am now, I”H going to be also under the care or a metabolic bone disorder dr. Hopefully I can figure out what’s wrong with me. Your tefilos and good wishes are very helpful. I thank you all for caring.



    Went to a metabolic bone orthopedist who did some blood work. His conclusion is that I can either have a total hip replacement (BUT it is very dangerous as I am much more susceptible to infection like sepsis since I amost died from it). My only other option is a “Girdlestone” operation which I don’t even want to discuss.

    My parnassa is not getting us through. Today we had -$168 in the bank. We are constantly borrowing from in-laws just to survive.

    I am at a very low point. I don’t know why I have been centered out for this. I told my wife, if we had parnassa, I could deal with the health issues. If I had health I could deal with the lack of parnassa. But alas, I am forced to deal with all of these stressing and I feel like I am going out of my mind.


    YehudahTzvi — Hang in there. I know what it feels like to be squeezed into a hard place. It has happened to me a few times.

    You mentioned the two choices for surgery. Are there any other options available? What if you do not opt for the surgery, then what? Can the sepsis be potentially controlled?

    Moderator — Is there a way for me to contact YehudahTzvi outside this forum?


    “What if you do not opt for the surgery, then what?”

    The metal screws (the only thing keeping my femoral head in place) would eventually fail.

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