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    always happy27

    waht type of place is their beis medrash? is it considered a top yeshiva? are the boys there considered harryish?


    What year are you in? There’s a difference. Until second/third year you still have the high school crowd, which is a mixture of in town and out of town generally yeshivishe crowd. Some might be considered “harryish” (he said it first) but a lot wouldn’t. After third year there’s a turn-over, the guys who’ve been there all along went to Israel, and what’s left is mostly a completely different crowd – mainly a mix of guys coming back from KBY type yeshivas who don’t want to go to YU because they want to be more immersed in their learning but are generally the YU crowd, guys who are from typical yeshivishe yeshivas who want to go to college and remain in a yeshiva atmosphere, and guys who have a yeshivishe background and want to learn but want the “hashkafa” or the Rabbeim. It’s a mix but one thing they have in common is that they are very accepting and friendly (the joke goes that in R’ Frand’s shiur there are double the amount of chairs as guys – because everyone brought another one for someone else) and “normal.” Most people could probably find their niche there. Another major ma’alah is the Rabbeim, you have a few people there who are very big stuff and there are a variety shiurim you can attend even if you’re in fourth/fifth year, something not many yeshivos I know have.

    mos yumos

    i have a bro in ner whos quite yeshivish


    It is as yitayningwut says.

    It is made up of essentially two yeshivos; the “yeshivish” guys in their first 3 years post high school, and the “college” guys who are older. (with of course some crossover in each group- you retards!)

    I think I have even heard they sit on opposite sides of the beis medrash.


    They sort of do, though it’s not official or anything, and as you say – of course there is some crossover in each group you retards!


    I learned in Ner Yisroel for four years, B”H and its a very solid place. The Bocherim range from one end of the spectrum to the other and the rebbeim are generally more yeshivish (or as rabbi Tendler says, bnei torah)


    baltimore or toronto?


    aries2756 –

    That was pure lashon hara.

    Did a rav tell you that you may say such a thing? If not, you are quite brazen to be motzi such a la’az on the Roshei Yeshiva and Halachic authorities under whom any related decisions are made.


    I heard the one in Toronto is more to the right, is that true?

    which one has more of the yeshivishe crowd??

    ☕️coffee addict


    I remember when I was there there was a purim sign that said “one yeshiva two worlds”


    Also the one in Baltimore is refered to as Ner Israel where as the one in Toronto is refered to Ner Yisrael… Does that say much about the two place comparitavely speaking…


    the one in toronto is more yeshivish and more to the right. both though are very good.


    Actually, when growing up in Baltimore we referred to it as “Candle University.”


    mamashtakah -“Actually, when growing up in Baltimore we referred to it as “Candle University.”

    How long ago was that? I never heard it -please explain.


    aries2756 –

    Are you a posek?

    Do you care one bit about halacha when it ostensibly offends your sensibilities?

    If you are not a posek and you believe in keeping halacha then keep quiet until you receive a p’sak that you are allowed to defame an institution this way. I’m not talking about lashon hara on the specific individual in question. I’m talking about the current rosh yeshiva, the past roshei yeshiva, and all of faculty members amongst whom are great talmidei chachomim and rabbis and by implication you are incriminating all of them. Who gave you that right?


    Excellent Yeshiva all around. Solid top Rabbeim and Hanhala. btw I did NOT go to Ner Yisrael, I did live in Baltimore for a while though.


    Pure unappreciated Lashon Hara against such a respectable yeshiva..

    A Heimishe Mom

    Baltimore or Toronto? Very different places. As I have minimal real information to go on, all I can say is both seem very “out of town.” Toronto seems more straight laced Yeshivish, while Baltimore seems more “Harry-ish” and more college oriented. (I don’t know of another Yeshiva whose BTL is regionally accredited – as in you can get a job as a “college graduate” which you can’t do from other yeshivos.)


    The chofetz chaim once said (approximately) perhaps b’dechusa,

    that he did the world a great favor by writting his seforim,

    without them, you wouldn’t be allowed to open your mouth for fear

    that what you were about to say was assur.


    Yes come on aries2756! Were you not taught that child molestation in the Orthodox community must not be spoken of in public and, instead, shoved under the rug?


    If you were sending your child away to yeshiva, wouldn’t you want to know if they have what I’ve heard referred to as a “Catholic priest problem”?

    OTOH, I’ve met many bnei Torah who went to NI and who have stellar middos. I wouldn’t hesitate to send my son for post-H.S. I’m not planning on him boarding anywhere before then – that’s the best way to keep an eye on what’s going in your son’s life on a day-to-day basis.



    I’m right there with you. Go, Go, GO!


    to aries2756

    you miss the point.

    with all your self-rightousness which for all i know, is justified,

    you still may be doing something very wrong posting this here.

    or maybe not.

    you are on dangerous ground.

    you certainly should not protect a person such as you describe.

    you also should not think that anything you wish to do or say in your anger is automatically alright.


    aries2756 –

    I am sorry about your friend. I am very aware of the seriousness of these matters; you don’t need to convince me. Your friend is not the only one who has been affected by such people.

    But it makes no difference.

    Your self-righteousness notwithstanding, you have absolutely no Halachic basis to do what you are doing. If you did then you would have told me by now that a competent Halachic authority has given you such permission. You are therefore, in my view, wrongly being motzi la’az on a lot of great people. Most people won’t call you out on this, because in their deep empathy toward the victim they forget to think. But you are absolutely wrong. You want to vilify an institution without Halachic basis, be secular. This is the Yeshiva World.


    totonno rocks come study here. we’re super duper frum!!! be aware of bias posts… do your own personal investigation before making any eduated decision, and this applies to any advice you seek here…


    This is all very disturbing to me. Until today, I felt confident that I could come to this site and be spared the filth against anashim chashuvim.

    Is YWN going to degenerate into a soft core FM, or TUJ, or RHM, DB blog, or any of those other places the we avoid when we want to have good clean discussion?

    Comments on on this thread are already in the realm of those on that other site with a V that has been justly decried by rabbanim. Is our innocence gone? People who want the nastiness know where to look. We shouldn’t sully ourselves here.

    Agreed. This is an important topic, but not for this website.

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