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    Please tell us your favorite pizza shop, where it is located,

    and why it’s your favorite.

    Is it the cheese, or the sauce? Crispy, or chewy. Cleanest,

    best service, or just a nice spacious atmosphere.


    When i’m in BP, my favorite Is this place on 40th & 13ave in BP.

    IDK the name.

    Then there’s also Benny’s in BP on like 45th & 13ave.

    crispy & delicious.

    Then there’s benny’s in FB on ave N. A clean classy place,

    not upscale at all, just less typical. Not associated w/ benny’s in BP. The latter is great, they have a fresh sauce

    I believe made from crushed tomatoes and unique toppings.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Mendelsohn’s in BP on 18th knows how to learn pizza.


    The Margherita Pizza (!) from Bennys on M.


    JUST as an aside please be aware that most of Bennys Pizza on ave M and Avenue J including regular slices is made with hard cheeses as oppossed to plain pizza cheese or mozzerella. it makes it taste good but according to most ashkenazic Poskim and hashgochas including the OU you must wait six hours after eating many of their pizzas.They should really have a sign stating such. As this could be a problem on friday


    Kosher Hut on Kings Highway In Flatbush, awesome!


    abcd2; I was not aware of that, Thanks!

    yummy, i’ll have some more pizza shops to check out.

    Keep it coming guys.


    First of all I thought AGED cheese is what you had to wait 6 hours for. Secondly, I thought once it’s cooked its fine…

    Please set me straight if I am wrong.


    I love Ammnon’s Pizza in BP, and also Dagan’s Pizza in Mill Basin, Alot of people from Crown Heights come to eat there with their families, including Avraham Fried


    I live out of town now, and i really miss good pizza like mendelsohns or Pita land in Monsey, as a backup- cafe one in Oak Park, MI is also ok.


    J2 on ave m and east 14th is fantastic. Dagan’s Pizza in Mill Basin is terrific as well. Here in Israel, Big Apple Pizza in Ben Yehudah really reminds me of delicious NY pizza. The rest of the pizza in Israel doesn’t really measure up.

    I like this thread! 😉


    What are the crossroads of Big Apple Pizza?


    Ginohs of BP. Its not really a “store”; its run by the Honig family, and they do home delivery. The best I’ve had.

    The 2nd best place, though I’ve never been there is J2 of Lakewood. They’ve gotten some negative press for being a hangout, but I’m told the owner makes a point of speaking to each of the kids that hang out there, in the hopes that one day, these kids will find there place. Can’t vouch for the pizza, but as far as a place goes, I think this deserves favorable mention.


    My favorite pizza is now unfortunately just pie in the sky.

    Natanya Pizza on Avenue J in Midwood no longer exists.

    Its pizza had a very distinctive taste that was by far my favorite.

    I was a long-time customer, going back a few decades to when their store was on Coney Island Avenue.


    Tov Pizza in Baltimore.


    Pizza Mayven!!!

    but i don’t remember how it tastes i’ve been away from LA so long…


    “Ginohs of BP”

    BP Totty, yes they have good healthy pizza (i happen to know the family well, seems like you know them too:) But last I heard they closed either temporary or permanent (not sure). But other stores should adopt their recipe, they used little oil (olive) made their tomato sauce from scratch…

    Anyway i can’t remember the last i had pizza <sigh>. For some reason its not the #1 thing on diets…


    Oh I almost forgot, Sarah’s Pizza when your in miami,

    Also their onion rings were unique back in the day.

    Haven’t been there in a long time, brings back memories.


    Did anyone check out the newest pizza shop in Flatbush.. Kings Highway between East 10th and Coney Island Ave..Pizza Zone.. a great friendly owner andgreat pizza.. You can get breakfast there also with Bagels and eggs, cream cheese, etc The price is right too


    The thing I find interesting about Pizza is that the Pizza Man doesn’t look like he has a specific recipe, they just roll around some tomato Sause, sprinkle on some cheese and put it into the oven, and yet they have different tastes, and every pizza store makes all their Pizza to taste the same


    Another place that deserves special mention is long gone. Back in 1978 (can you imagine?) the corner of 47th /13th ave had a store called Deizengofs. It had a table with a video game under a plexiglass top called Space Invaders. Back in the days, this was cutting edge technology, because the other shops only had pinball machines.


    agvania in israel-on yaffo in jerusalem and they have a store in tel the person who loves sarahs pizza in nmb-you probably havent been there for at least 18 years.


    Ben Yehuda Pizzaria in Silver Spring, MD just because it was awesome! By the way it won an award as the best Pizza in Maryland!!!


    In LA Pizza Mayven is the best! On La Brea between 1st and Beverly Blvd. Not a showy place but the food is consistent and the pizza the best. Try the fried onion slice, you’ll never go back.


    demo; why they’re closed for that long? oops!

    agvania, I like the name typical israeli. next time i’m there i’ll check it out. Thanks guys i’m gonna have to make some road trips.


    BP Totty- im curious, how do you know Ginohs so well?


    I’ve been to an awful lot of pizza shops in my lifetime, and the best pizza I ever tasted was in Shalom Chai Pizza on the Lower East Side (Grand Street). I have yet to taste pizza that compares to theirs.

    Mmmm, I’m getting hungry.


    Reply to sacrilege:From halachichally speaking

    The Rama:39 quotes an opinion that says one only has to wash his mouth out and

    wash his hands after eating hard (aged) cheese (see above). One should not be rebuked for

    relying on this opinion and not waiting.40 Some say to wait at least an hour.41 However,

    many poskim are of the opinion that these opinions should not be relied upon and one

    should wait six hours after eating hard cheese42 just as one does after eating meat.43 The

    custom of some of the Sefardim is to wait only an hour,44 while other Sefardim do not

    wait at all but wash their mouth out, eat something, and wash their hands from residue

    (see above).45

    42. Even if he wants to eat a meat dish afterwards (Ben Ish Chai Shlach 2:15, Chochmas Adom 40:12).

    43. Pri Megadim M.Z. 89:4, Pri Chadash 16, Ben Ish Chai ibid, Shiurei Beracha 89:13, Chochmas Adom 40:13,

    do not wait anything (Halichos Olom 7:pages 46-47 Shulchan Aruch Hamekutzar 4:page 252, but one still has to

    wash out his mouth, eat something, and wash his hands, see above). According to this last view, one who used to wait

    because he thought it was ossur not to wait, can start eating meat after dairy without waiting and there is no need for

    The opinion of the Yad Yehuda58 according to a few poskim59 is that if the hard (aged)

    cheese is melted by cooking it then one does not have to wait six hours after eating it

    (before eating meat). Many do not accept this leniency.60 A spreadable Swiss cheese

    even if it may be aged for longer than six months, is cooked to make it into a spread,

    and one can rely on the Yad Yehuda since the cheese remains soft.

    only pertains to cheese melted into food, whereas hard cheese melted onto food which

    is not integrated to become part of another food remains subject to the above waiting

    period.61 Therefore, one who eats hard cheese which is melted onto toast is required to

    wait six hours.62

    60. The opinion of Harav Elyashiv Shlita is if aged cheese is used on pizza (melted) then one has to wait six hours

    (Hechsheiros page 280:footnote 121), Star-K (, see Ben Ish Chai Shlach

    the Yad Yehuda would make sense only according to the reason that the cheese is left in the mouth, but the reason of

    taste lingering would apply even after it is melted. Refer to Ohr Yisroel 6:page 89, Halichos Shlomo Moadim page

    383:footnote 15.

    61. Opinion of Harav Yisroel Belsky Shlita as expressed in OU document X-120, and based on a personal


    Flatbush based on a discussion with Harav Golderg Shlita).


    part 2

    Pizza Stores

    If pizza stores would use aged cheese then it would be dependant on the following.According to the Yad Yehuda (who is lenient if the cheese is melted) this would be permitted even if these cheeses had a halachic status as hard, but only if the cheese is melted, and is not on top of the pizza (according to those poskim who understand thisas being the view of the Yad Yehuda).76 If one holds the Yad Yehuda is lenient even if it

    is melted on the food (and not mixed in entirely) then one would not have to wait in either case with regard to pizza.

    Placing a Sign in a Store

    quoting the opinion of Harav Yisroel Belsky Shlita. The opinion of Harav Elyashiv Shlita is if aged cheese which has

    280:footnote 121).

    77. Harav Yisroel Belsky Shlita.

    78. Harav Yisroel Belsky Shlita and Harav Shachter Shlita as expressed in OU document X-120, opinion of Harav

    79. Policy of the OU (after a discussion with Harav Shreier Shlita), opinion of Harav Gornish Shlita, policy of the

    Kehilla Kashrus, based on a discussion with Rabbi Steinfeld. Some signs say that parmesan cheese is being used (and

    (after a discussion with Harav Goldberg Shlita) .


    “how do you know Ginohs so well”

    We’ve ordered from them a few times. I thought the name was Gino’s (as in the Italian), but when the delivery came, we saw the spelling, and my son figured out the name.


    PIZZA TIME on avenue j corner east 14 street!!!! friendly smiley workers, clean clean place, yummy sauce and just the right amount of cheese, fresh fresh salads, yummy fries, my favorite!!!


    Its “honig” spelled backwards! They really had amazing stuff, but like i said they arent doing it anymore.


    Actually, the best pizza in Israel is from “Matcham Pizza” in Karnei Shomron.

    Pizza Meter in Kfar Saba was also really good; unfortunately, it’s not kosher anymore.


    In Yerushalayim (this is current) the closest pizza to nyc,

    is “Big Apple” in town, as mentioned earlier,

    I also like “Uri’s” on the cor. of Malchei Yisroel like two blocks up from kikar shabbos.

    there’s a newer one next door I think it’s called “Amnon’s”

    not bad either, but Big Apple was great back when I learned in

    Isreal and is still great as of 2 months ago.

    Pizza lovers, Enjoy! “CRUNCH!”

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