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    BeHappy, are you mosherose? We are discussing a screen name, and are trying to decide if he is for real or not. Am I falling into a trap by answering you?


    mw13, you can’t make up my position and then argue with it. I did not mention what you said in my argument, and you did not refute or mention what I wrote. Only helpful Helpful addressed my last point.

    Be Happy

    No I am definitely not Moshe Rose.




    I find it slightly disturbing that so many here question whether or not somebody is genuine simply because they disagree with them… I have never seen anything that would suggest that mosherose is baiting anybody, and I have no reason to think this is the case.


    Couldn’t have said it better.

    mosherose never engages in any discussion, he just takes outrageous positions. How else would you deal with his recent comment in another thread that having chicken soup on erev Shabbos is a accepted minhag that can’t be changed unles you are allergic to it?


    Now let’s see if we can figure out what his other screen name is. Is it one of the moderators, just to add some spice to the conversation? Hey, y’know? It’s growing on me. Why would the moderator let such a conversation go on if it’s not really him, and the Moderator is the only one who took him really serious! McCarthyism?


    If he really is a BT or OTD…Think about what harm this thread is doing…


    OP revisiting thread here… so far only a few came up with interesting theories. Some defenders (Oy vey!) Posts of a poster that begs such questions…

    In any case – Haleivi – your theory sure wins for “most original” in my book!

    On a more serious note: If someone would be ultra-frum, and sincerely so… it would come across in his posts. And most everyone would respect that. (And respectfully disagree when appropriate.) Mosherose, is neither frum, nor sincere, imho. No one that is THAT naive, (truly) and with THOSE hashkafos, would come online posting such silly posts or comments. I’d be willing to bet my last dollar on that.


    Thanks Venish, and I fully agree with your serious note. As I wrote earlier, when I couldn’t stand the Hashkafos in the other site, I stopped going there. It just doesn’t make sense that he would consistently post the same thing.


    I remember that when I was younger I used to write letters like that to the yated just to get the reactions. It was a way of coping with boredom in yeshiva


    In fairness to him, he does respond to comments questioning him. Sometimes that happens a week or two later (I’ve even seen longer – he isn’t around all that much in the first place ), but he doesn’t shirk when challanged. And he has insisted he means what he says, when challanged on his sincerity.

    I think it is also worth pointing out, although some here doubt him, so far I saw Mod 80, WIY, BP Totty, Jose, ICOT, mw13, sof davar, and myself find him sincere even if we might disagree with him sometimes or even often.

    d a

    popa_bar_abba, can you explain how you did THAT (link)?


    Why does he need motivation?


    d a:

    go to

    Let Me Google That For You.

    it creates the link, and then turns it into a tinyurl


    Actually Helpful, I read the Mod’s response to him as completely dripping with sarcasm… (albeit in a beautiful way, “just in case”).


    d a

    google it!


    Ben Turah, just saw your question.

    I thought it was obvious that I was giving our friend a chance to engage in a conversation and prove he is not a troll. He didn’t, because trolls cannot debate, they can only incite.

    I’m pretty sure that he is a sock puppet for a regular poster here, similar to “modernorthodox”- a sock puppet troll of the opposite persuasion.

    In any case, on the flimsy chance that the guy means any of what he writes, the situation is even sadder. He is living in a cave and spending his time shouting to sunbathers that he’s seen the light.


    He did respond to your first post to him.


    I’m wrong. Its not the Moshe Rose I know LOL.

    Now who is this strange creature then?


    It seems the more LW posters take mosherose for a too-frum guy. The RW posters, who are, or know, the frumest of the frum, know that this is not “extremely frum”; it’s meshuga.


    He didn’t, because trolls cannot debate, they can only incite.

    this was answered a few times in previous posts

    In any case, on the flimsy chance that the guy means any of what he writes, the situation is even sadder. He is living in a cave and spending his time shouting to sunbathers that he’s seen the light.

    sometimes its hard to tell who is doing the inciting

    a sock puppet troll of the opposite persuasion

    this information was relayed to you in confidence.


    SJ had previously told the moderation staff that she *thought* she knew mosherose and he was for real. i did not mention anything in this thread because it was told in confidence. now that she reports that she was mistaken, i am no longer confident that he is for real. however i am not convinced that he is pulling our collective leg either. i am in doubt. and i give mosherose its benefit.


    isnt this getting close to loshon harah? and yes, it is still l’h if you dont know who you are talking about


    dontcallmewave: I would love to know what the halacha is regarding talking what could be considered loshon hara on an “online persona”… (I’m not being facetious, I truly want to know.)


    Last night was Monday and MR usually posts then. He is posting under another name, perhaps???

    Hopefully he will develop a more positive attitude towards an institution much valued by the Torah – marriage.


    Trolling seems like some really amusing. I’ll start now, I’ll make up a screen name later-


    I recently decided that everyone who lives in Flatbush is going to Gehenom. This mevuar in Toras Beis Kisay Chelek Daled, where he explains that flatbush is bgematria G E H E N O M. And it’s really pashut. My rosh yeshiva, who is very chashuv , told me the same thing.

    And it’s really a mefurasha posuk, because Avraham Avinu let Hakadosh Baruch Hu destroy Sdom, and Flatbush is really like Sdom. So we see that Avraham Avinu wanted to destroy Flatbush (I mean, assuming it had no tzaddikim in it, and you can’t be a tzadik if you live in flatbush, so obviously Avraham believed that everyone in Flatbush is a menuval and that it should be destroyed).

    This is Daas Torah berurah! And if you disagree, it’s becaused you are influenced by Blogs! And your blackberry! And Shvigger!

    Are YOU really big enough to argue on Avraham Avinu? Shoteh! We all need to realize our katanus, and just be mekabel my Daas Torah, because anivus is a very chashuveh middah, just like with Avraham Avinu. And not believe anything you read in a blog. Except mine.


    Sorry Mod, I didn’t mean to mislead the staff.


    you didnt mislead anyone

    you presented it as an indefinite

    Pashuteh Yid

    There are a number of others here who start threads with kannaishe posts to bait others.


    relayed to you in confidence

    Nay. It was obvious (at least to me). In fact, I posted a “don’t feed the troll” warning, IIRC, which was deleted. What was relayed to me told me nothing more than I already knew (except the identity of the puppeteer, which I will not betray).


    vnishmartemmeod: I cannot pretend to be an expert in hilchos loshon harah, but I think that it is still l’h if it is anonymous. you should probably ask your rabbi


    Do people honestly believe that mosherose truly feels, for example, that you are not allowed to look at one’s wife for an entire lifetime or other similiar comments that he made? Sorry, not me. I don’t believe that he is serious.

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