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    Is YWN endorsing Hillary? I’m getting the impression that they don’t like Trump.


    Who cares. Clinton’s election has been a foregone conclusion ever since Trump became the presumptive nominee.


    Everyone sitting down? Good. I agree with Joseph.

    Let’s let that sink in.

    Both candidates are awful. Trump will scare enough of the electorate to make Hilary’s win a foregone conclusion.


    And I agree with all of yichusdik’s comment.

    The only outstanding question is whether Clinton will win a landslide or win a close election. I’m leaning more to her winning a landslide being more likely. But the worst case scenario, for her, is winning a close election.


    For the record-

    I agree with yichusdik’s last statement. Completely. I had to check to make sure I hadn’t typed it myself.

    And I agree with you too Joseph. Every word.

    Is this an odd feeling for you- having your fellow posters wholeheartedly endorse your comments?

    This would all be quite entertaining if it wasn’t so terrifying…


    I always knew the folks here would eventually come to agree with me. It took some longer than others, but eventually everyone comes around.

    Even takahmamash came around five months ago. See:



    YWN’s sources tend to have a slight bias towards Clinton and against Trump, but are relatively balanced compared to the mass media which is somewhat pro-Clinton and totally anti-Trump. Both YWN and much of the media (at least in the east coast) are ignore the Libertarians.

    Given the deep unpopularity of both Clinton and Trump, the presence of two third-party candidates getting significant numbers (and the Libertarians may be in striking distance of getting some electoral votes), and the increasing lack of reliability of polling (perhaps due to social shifts that undermine their statistical models, perhaps due to perceived bias in the media), the election is up for grabs.


    Wow, now even Syag is on the verge of becoming in agreement with me. Not there yet, but did y’all see this post a few minutes ago where she literally was about to purchase a book I recommended — on a deeply sensitive religious topic, no less. True another poster changed her mind prior to purchase, but the mere fact she seriously contemplated purchasing it merely on my say so, itself says a lot.

    What do you say about that, golfer? My influence here is truly transformative.


    ☕️coffee addict


    Achdus during the nine days


    Was that a rhetorical question?

    If so, forgive me for responding.

    I wouldn’t quite use the word “transformative”.

    While I totally agree with your views on the upcoming election, I held those views before you so eloquently posted them.

    I can’t speak for Syag (obviously).

    But I’m glad you’re enjoying all the validation!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I don’t agree.

    I think it’s very possible that Trump will be elected.


    While I am tempted to agree with Joseph for the very first time after reading at least 1000 of his comments under various screen names, this whole election has been so strange that there may just be some more nasty surprises ahead.

    For example, if there is a major terror attack on American soil perpetrated by Muslim refugees two days before the election, many people may vote for Trump due to mass hysteria. He’s been talking about these kind of things his whole campaign, you know, while Hillary’s stance has been that Islam is a religion of peace.

    So while I pray that Herr Drumpf never gets elected to any position of power, I think we won’t know anything definitely until the election is actually over.


    just watch and see its TRump the winner. President Trump his name..Lets pray he should be a good one.


    time for everyone to stop wasting your precious time on politics & get into your system “lev melachim vsarim b’yad Hashem” IT HAS ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN LONG AGO BY HASHEM WHO WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY.

    sure a person need to do his/her hishtadlus in ALL issues in life but to go so crazy over it…. everything in life has its limits…. don’t you think its time we stopped going crazy & going insane over politics? people are not just talking about it their going insane


    Akuperma, how do you figure that the Libertarians will get enough electoral votes to matter? In only two states, Nebraska and Maine, is it possible for a candidate without a plurality to get electoral votes. Do you think Johnson-Weld can get a plurality in any state?


    Hashem wants Trump. He turned the political world upside down for him. Everyone can see what a rasha Hillary is, and people are abandoning the media.


    yehudayona: Can Johnson-Weld get a plurality in any state. Yes, especially this year. Most hard-core Trump supporters hate Hilary, and most hard-core Clinton supporters hate Trump. In addition, a large part of both parties, perhaps a majority, did not merely support someone other than the party nominee, but really don’t like their parties nominee.

    A Johnson-Weld win can occur if: 1) many Sanders supporters decide they want the disruption (and social libertarianism) of Johnson rather than Clinton, which is increasingly likely if Trump appears not to be a threat to carry their state; 2) many conservative Republicans decide that Clinton is no worse than Trump and vote for Johnson to make a point. If at any point it becomes a race between Clinton and Johnson, or less likely, Johnson and Trump, it will greatly benefit Johnson since he is clearly the “2nd” choice of both parties.

    If Johnson gets some electoral votes, and the election isn’t a landslide for either candidate (most likely Clinton), it goes to the House of Representatives which votes by state (meaning an evenly split state has to abstain), and as the 2nd choice, Johnson is probably the only one likely to end up with 26 states.

    Whether Johnson is good for the Jews, or good for Israel, is worth discussing, but I believe it is definitely a possible three-way race. Remember that in previous three or four way races (1992 with Perot, 1968 with Wallace, 1948 with Wallace and Thurmond, and 1912 with Roosevelt), the third party was not drawing heavily from both parties, and if Johnson is able to draw from both parties it will be an unprecedented situation (compatible only to the four way race in 1860 which resulted in a total political realignment, not to mention a civil war).


    Gary Johnson is a media candidate with no real support. He isn’t a real Libertarian, he supports TPP, and he has zero name recognition. Actual Libertarians are not voting for him, he’s not siphoning away any of Trump’s base, and Sanders supporters will not jump to a candidate that will sign TPP.


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