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    Do you know of any good yom tov zemiros to sing over Sukkos?


    Well between MBC and YBC new releases, you have some new ‘zmiros’ to try!


    If you give me a heter to bring an electric guitar and everything else on yomtov

    Feif Un

    There are plenty of songs from hallel. Listen to some of the old Modzitz songs – Pischu Li, sisu v’simchu, and others are great. Ilan from Aish is good, Mah Ashiv (I think from MBD) is always nice, hallelu from the Rabbis Sons… do you want more?


    But is there any real zemiros, not just excerptions from davening? Take Shabbos, you have koh ribon, yo zeh michubad etc.

    Be Happy

    ?????… ?? ???? ??? ??????

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    How about …????? ????? ????

    (Can the thread title be changed to “Sukkos Zemiros”, to avoid confusion?)

    Edited: Thank you!

    Feif Un

    What’s wrong with excerpts from Tehillim? Shabbos zemiros were written by big people, true – but Tehillim was written by Dovid HaMelech!


    I know but I’m looking for something fancy


    A fancy zmiros?


    Yeah like on Shabbos there’s koh ribbon, boruch keyl elyon, you know


    Poshite Yid 613-


    I think you mean “with multiple stanzas”.



    lol, just teasing.

    How about, v’samachta bichagecha (MBC’s new one)?


    That’s a good one I sang it on Rosh hashonoh but I want one with… stanzas!


    There is no inyan of Zemirot on Yom Tov. I know this because there are no psalms writtn for the festivals; as opposed to Shabbat which has a specific Psalm “Mizmor shir l’yom Hashabbat.” That is the basis for zemirot on Shabbat. There is no such thing on Yom Tov. But of course one can sing if s/he wishes. But I wouldn’t call it “zmirot.”


    But I wouldn’t call it “zmirot”.

    Me neither. I would call them Zmiros.




    i just got a great idea! SIng the piyutim found in the machzorim! (Yes, even Sukkos and Pesach have piyutim if u have a good machzor)


    The all-time favorite – ????? ????? ????


    cantor, why not? Isn’t that just calling it a song?



    yes, like kodisheehee, romimeehee…


    The Sepharadim have some nice ones with stanzas and all.


    In our Succah, we just sing. Period. My children have beautiful voices, bli ayin hara, and we like to harmonize together while singing all the Rabbis’ Sons standards, and anything from today’s music that sounds pretty or is meaningful for yom tov (like U’Sheavtem Mayim). We have had neighbors come over to thank us for the “concert” (thought to be honest, we really had no idea how loudly we were singing).


    So maybe you want to send your kids to my sukkah ?



    The famous Sefardi piyut begins “sukkah velulav leam segula”.

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    In Otisville they sing a famous Yiddish song:

    A sukkaleh a gresser

    Mit insurance zeyr besser

    Hob ich mir mit chandeliers gemacht

    Gedekt dem dach

    Mit expensiver schach

    Ich hob gebrent mayn sukkele by nacht

    I don’t know the rest of the words; it is about someone who put up a very fancy sukkah by insuring it for fourteen days and burning it the night of Isru Chag so that he was able to claim.

    (The actual song is A Sukkale A Sheyne; I don’t have the correct words available but they aren’t hard to find).


    A600 the latter sounds like the type of song the Admour M’Creedmoor would sing!



    Nahh, the Admou”r just bangs his head against the wall of his very heavily padded sukkah and sings the words Shygetz Aross over and over again because he figured out that Taf Shin Ayin = Tizoiki Shygetz Aross.


    cantor, why not? Isn’t that just calling it a song?


    No mizmor is a specific type of song, unique to divine service and Shabbat.


    “(The actual song is A Sukkale A Sheyne; I don’t have the correct words available but they aren’t hard to find). “

    It’s in the Country Yossi first tape, I believe. I LOVE that song.

    “So maybe you want to send your kids to my sukkah ? ”

    I would, but my neighbors would complain!!!


    The Small Succah – A Yiddish folksong

    By: Eli Birnbaum

    A Yiddish folksong in Yiddish and in English. Take your guitar and sing!

    A sukkaleh, quite small,

    Wooden planks for each wall;

    Lovingly I stood them upright.

    I laid thatch as a ceiling

    And now, filled with deep feeling,

    I sit in my sukkaleh at night.

    A chill wind attacks,

    Blowing through the cracks;

    The candles, they flicker and yearn.

    It’s so strange a thing

    That as the Kiddush I sing,

    The flames, calmed, now quietly burn.

    In comes my daughter,

    Bearing hot food and water;

    Worry on her face like a pall.

    She just stands there shaking

    And, her voice nearly breaking,

    Says “Tattenyu, the sukkah’s going to fall!”

    Dear daughter, don’t fret;

    It hasn’t fallen yet.

    The sukkah will be fine, understand.

    There have been many such fears,

    For nigh two thousand years;

    Yet the sukkahleh continues to stand.

    The Small Succah – A Yiddish folksong

    (Am)A succah, a (E7)small (Am)one

    From boards (E7)so cheap(Am)

    (C)I have made myself a (C)Succah(E7) (Am)I’ve cove(G)red the roof(Am)

    (Am)with a li(Dm)ttle Sch(Am)ach,

    (Am)sitting in the S(E7)uccah by night(Am)


    (Am)A sukkele a kl(E7)ein(Am)eh

    Fun braitelech gem(E7)ein(Am)eh,

    (C)Hub ich mir (Dm)a Sukelle Ge(C)mac(E7)ht,

    (Am)Tzudeck dem d(G)ach (Am)

    Mit a bissel(Dm)e Schach,(Am)

    Zitz ich mir(E7) a Sukkele (Am)banacht

    A vind a kaltin,

    bluz duch die shpaltin,

    un die lichtelich

    zei leshin zich fill,

    Es is mir a chiddush

    vie ich machen Kiddush,

    un die lichtelich zei brennen

    gantz shtill.

    Tzum ershten gericht

    mit ah blassem gezicht,

    breinkt mir mayn tochteral arain

    Zie schtell zich avek

    Un zaukt mit shreck,

    Tatele, Die sukele falt bald ayn.

    Zay nisht kein naar

    Hub nisht kein tzar,

    zul dir die sukkele nit tun baang,

    Es is shoin dar

    bald tzvei toisant yaar,

    un die Sukkeleh zie shtait nuch gantz


    Pashuteh Yid

    The Sukkele song is the most beautiful song there is. Thanks for posting. It can also be found in the old bencher called the Yavneh Shiron.


    i love when you start a song in your own sukkah and then the neighbors start singing along to

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