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    would your son testify against his molester? that would be wonderful. btw…what does he do now?where can he go now for “yeshiva / school/rehab??

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    it may be true that he didnt go off the derech and the derech was taken from him (along with his innocence and childhood) however we must help him find his way back. there are b”h many wonderful people who teach safety and awareness, unfortunately not so many, that I know of, that can help these kids after they have been violated. any ideas?

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    Footsteps, sorry to say does not help children who were molested. it helps people go “off the derech” and become part of a totally irreligious anti-religious unhappy society. i too am the parent of a child who was molested and am seeking help and answers but it would be counter productive to connect him to footsteps where the people are rabidly anti religious and unhappy and frustrated. MASK, Our Place, The Grove they can help somewhat. Avi Fishoff, Rabbi Gluck in Monsey…..Most people do not have good ideas, that is true, but Gavriel Fagin is an excellent therapist who specializes in this. hatzlocha. be in touch,we can help each other

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    any person that takes advantage of another for his own self gratification; be it power, kavod, or sadistic pleasure is guilty of abuse. also, when an adult abuses a child – in any way they are literally killing him and that is assur and they are robbing him of his dignity & self respect which is assur and they are destroying the child for life – which is assur.

    abuse is a sin and it needs to stop

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    wow. what an outpouring. thank you.

    speaker: i have a hard time with understanding avi fishoff’s philosophy but i understand he is successful. my husband would have a hard time too. who is behind him? rabbanonim or professionals that i can tell my husband? does he meet with the kids at all or only parents?

    unfortunately, and in my experience i find it too, when the kids are totally off, there is a bit more help. truly, it is a difficult job, but i do believe there are good people who want to help.

    does nuchem rosenberg do anything besides publicize the fact that this is so rampant? (which is important work, too) who is there for victims? i am not familiar with the names reb doniel said.. can u elaborate please?

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    thank you

    Oh Shreck! i left a message for Rabbi weiss @ Toshia, hope he will return my call.

    of course, as a result he is in to other at risk behaviors and is not happy w/himself. he is very closed and secretive. has anyone heard of ronnie’s rebels? ronnie cohen? what does he do and who does he deal with? about avi fishoff – what happens? 200 people meet together? separately? i am not worried about shidduchim, we have to believe just as hashem sent this challenge – he will send the right shidduch. it is just a hard nisayon and so unfair to an innocent child.

    also, who is the professional or organization that finally helped? is it a fishoff?

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    thank you all.

    will follow up on the leads. avi fishoff does counseling for parents, (as i understand) called twisted parenting.

    Oh Shrek!, do u have toshia’s #

    Write or wrong..do u have contact info for the place in israel? do they really watch them or do they end up on ben yehuda w/ partying and all other stuff?

    i often wonder..where are the other victims? who is helping them with their struggle? it is so painful and difficult to do it alone, but people are afraid to speak up, for fear of shidduchim etc.

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    he wants to be in a regular but chilled yeshiva, not sure he will be able to handle it. also, we have been advised by the therapists to keep him out of his home town of brooklyn

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    the therapist is working on getting him to talk more. i think he is scared of his abuser. it’s a long process. project extreme is an extreme option and it’s only two or three weeks and veeeeeeeeeeery expensive. they say it’s a good program. need to find something b4 and after that.

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    the child is seeing an excellent trauma therapist, actually recommended by the relief organization. but, that’s once a week for an hour. he won’t name his abuser so pressing charges is pointless. he has no school or camp and is developing other unhealthy behaviors.he needs good friends and role models and a good school/camp.as his parent, i feel lost, no where to turn. ohel had nothing to offer me just a referral to mask …………they said the therapist is good, no other help – sorry for your pain. any one have advice?

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