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    Thank you for communicating how it feels to be on “the other side of the fence” (or, should we say, “of the dollar”). Your words made an impression on me and I hope I will view aniyim in a more compassionate light from now on.

    I have been somewhat guilty of complaint #1 about being numb. Apparently, when someone comes around collecting, the taiva to not give is so strong that it creates a barrier that prevents me from appreciating the depth of his need. I consider him to be an inconvenience and then just give a dollar to be yotze (complaint #2). But since you’re a poster on an anonymous forum where there’s no danger of my having to give anything, there was no barrier! So your words were able to penetrate.

    (To all mussar mavens out there: do you feel my psychological analysis is correct? Or is there some other reason some of us have trouble feeling for our fellow Jews when they come collecting?…)

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    You’re right. When I said that the serious boys learn for a few years full-time after high school, I was being a little narrow-minded; I was really just referring to my circles (queens guys on the more yeshivish side).

    Since the yeshivos I’ve been in stress bais midrash and kolel learning, most of the good guys will go with the flow and do the full time learning for a few years before starting college. That’s just the way I’ve seen it.

    By the way, I’m a little curious (and a little jealous!). What field were you studying that you were able to get a job before graduation?

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    I assume you want someone who is currently taking the necessary steps that lead to a decent career. If you’re looking in the lower to mid-twenties range, generally that means he is NOT working now; it means he’s in college (or some other sort of apprenticeship or training). Most boys who are serious about their yiddishkeit will learn full-time for a few years after high school and only then start college. Since it takes at the very least 4 years of college (undergrad, graduate, training, exams, etc.) before the guy can start working in his chosen profession, he will usually not be working by the time he starts shidduchim.

    If this is the kind of guy you’re looking for, you can try the rabbis in various Queens yeshivos: Madraigas Ha’adam (Hillcrest), Chofetz Chaim or Ohr Hachaim (Kew Gardens Hills), Sh’or Yoshuv (Far Rockaway) or Zichron Aryeh (Bayswater). Maybe Landers (also Kew Gardens Hills) would work for you.

    I don’t know if I have permission to write names in this forum but I know for a fact that rebbeim in some of these places are constantly meeting with girls for shidduchim purposes.

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    yesamach levav enosh

    (should be pretty obvious, especially to Mod-42)


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    Here are mine:

    Person 1: “He’s as honest as the sky is blue.”

    Person 2: “He’s as honest as the grass is green.”

    Person 3: “Uh… He’s as honest as my hat is purple.”

    Person 2: “Your hat is brown!”

    Person 3: “Uh… if my hat were purple, that’s as honest he’d be.”

    From Papa and the Prince (I think)

    Here’s another (from Royal Rescue):

    “Don’t you know you cannot order him?”

    “And why not?”

    “Because, eh, he’s out of order!”

    And how about

    “Don’t stop like a toad

    in middle of the road!

    Continue with the episode!”

    (Funny mainly because of the English accent)

    Thank you Reb Shmuel! Your tapes were a major part of my childhood. My siblings and I quote them in conversation till today.

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