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    Devora K

    Every few years a charlatan garbers notice with some absurd claim

    There was the guy who could stick his hands into your body ( without creating a wound) and pull out the cancer.

    This is no different

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    Devora K

    I went into my local starbucks to verify a few things

    1. the items in the showcase are unpackaged and come from local bakeries

    2. The Cream Cheese and ameican cheese which is standard in all stores has no hasgacha

    3. They handle and warm up sausages and Ham in the same utensils as the grilled cheese.

    The person I spoke to was a non obervant Jew who assured me that I as an orthodox Jew should not be eating there.

    With reference to Queenser

    If someone is bothered by what they see as a “public” display of disregard for basic Jewish principals and this prompts them to write about it then more power to them.

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    Devora K

    While Moshiach is certainly coming, I do not see Obama as a harbinger of this fact. He is very intelligent, a liberal and just may lead this country out of the economic mess we are in.

    The Republicans took a vibrant economy and destroyed it. Someone else deserved a chance. While there may be cause for trepidation because of his past associations, it is certainly no reason to become canadian citizens.

    Jimmy Carter and Ruchard Nixon were rabid anti semites. Carter still is. Yet, we survived them both.

    Patience not rhetoric is the order of the day

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)