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    If this thread is still alive. I am looking for a seminary in the US for my daughter. She is finishing 11th grade this year in Israel. In 9th and 10th she went to Pearlstein (Ber Miryam) Seminary in Ramat Beit Shemesh, which we were very happy with, however, due to circumstances, we transferred her to Bnei Brak, closer to our home in Elad, where we are not pleased with. I would like to know what tuition costs are, and if anyone could tell me the difference between the sems. Some I saw here are:

    Baltimore – Somewhat familiar with,


    Boro Park Bais Yaakov – apparently closing

    She has a very strong leadership personality, warm and helpful. Usually takes leading roles in plays etc., but less scholastic, and is very much pulled in with the crowd. She has a strong desire to make money on the side as well, due to our financial situation. Her English is not too good, my wife is Israeli, and we speak Hebrew at home.

Viewing 251 post (of 251 total)