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    It’s time for truth, ye but bad traits ARE inherently objectively bad, meaning when they are used for bad… ( not getting into right now, how just about every trait can be channeled for good) To say that a musical selechos is inherently bad is a little much. If it makes you feel better, you can replace the word ” aveira” which I wrote in my comment to ” inherently bad”

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    Let’s break this down a bit, Are they committing an AVEIRA? I wouldn’t say that. Are they Jews gathering together with the goal of serving hashem? I think Soo. They have clearly been failed by the mainstream approach ( I’m not sure who is responsible for that). So they moved to plan B to get inspiration. Isn’t that beautiful? I think it is much better than ditching it altogether even though they usually have been severely burned by the more classic approach. If someone is trying to serve God to the best of their ability, it may be beneficial to focus on that and not their approach.

    Funny story but wearing hat,jacket,suit and tie actually come from the goyim as do many other things in our culture
    P.s. they didn’t have a keyboard player in Europe

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    It’s not necessarily an issue of muttar or Assur, it’s a matter of menorah. Our parents and grandparents in Europe didn’t light up and therefore neither should we, it’s just like eating garlic on pesach, some things we just don’t do!

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    Not all marijuana was created equal. The effects vary greatly depending on the strain. Furthermore it effects each individual in a different way. While it may make one person lazy it can make the next motivated while it may make some dumbed down it can make the next more intelligent etc. Another factor is the amount ingested. So to make a generalization would just be ridiculous.

    P.s. its definitely less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco

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