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    Speed dating is a very controversial topic. I understand the sensitivity of this issue but it is completely assur. Girls should be wined and dined because it is only proper to get to actually know the girl and not just her looks. speed dating causes the boy to care about superficial things such as her hair and eyes. There are more important qualities in women.

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    @lilmod the ends would definitely justify the means when you end up with that perfect woman. dating should be taken seriously and done with caution however in order to find that true match you have to go and get her.

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    hashkafakly it is quite simple- more tv and movies (narashkeit) = more divorce. we think marriage is always good and adventurous and always easy when in reality it takes work. Goyish music doesn’t help either.

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    @CTLAWYER you obviously do not know what it means to be a real eved hashem. I see you are lacking the proper hakaras hatov towards those who clean our garbage……

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    the people who make laundry detergent.

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    you got to be a retard to think that saying retard is not offensive.

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    you guys have it all wrong. your ideas are misconstrued. the way you approach shidduchim is by falling in love with that perfect soul that hashem set aside for you from birth. however it happens is perfectly fine.

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