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    @BMBochur777 I happen to know a very similar story that occurred.

    A guy dated a girl quite a few times and was convinced that she was “The One”. There was one problem standing in his way of continuing their dating process; her tznius. He spoke to his rebbi and asked what he should do and he was told to confront her directly. He took her out on another date and put his feelings out on the table. He told her how much he appreciated all of her good and he felt their relationship was progressing etc. but then he explained that he needed his wife to uphold the halachos of tznius to his level. She was very willing to adhere and tey are married with a beautiful family.

    Tznius is a very taboo subject in a girl’s life and even teachers don’t like to discuss it with them. When a guy speaks it over with a girl like a mentch, she will listen and you can be sure that if she is the kind of girl who wants to make her husband happy, it won’t be a shalom bayis issue in the future.


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