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    who cares. Should begging be allowed in shul? You deal with it. Finished.

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    Frum stores don’t let you return. They collect tax on cash transactions and pocket the money. The gouge in the mountains and at any possible venue that they can.

    I realized at the end of the day it makes no difference since every penny I save when I shop goes to Bais Yaakov’s coffers.

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    Make an Asifa.

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    Gentlemen, I’m sure the Montreal Yeshiva, suits the local community just fine. My point however is that it’s viewed elsewhere without much prestige. The same goes for other Montreal kehilla, old guard, establishments like MK. While I understand their minds is the best place in the world with the best everything and lacks absolutely nothing. However, for someone who’s not from there, Montreal is a backward Chelm type of community that is a throwback 20 years behind the communities in New York or Lakewood, or Toronto, or Denver or any other thriving Jewish community in North America. The Montreal European flavor as a poster mentioned earlier is like the pre world war II Europe where Jews were second class citizens in a place where the goyinm hated their very existence, you can keep the European flavor. So that is why I was recommending someone who’s not from there, to think very carefully before moving there. Don’t be so shocked and taken aback. Simply open your eyes and look around you. I love my fellow simple yidden. I just don’t think that Montreal, the homophobic racist, freezing, anti semitic, backwards, insular, and above all, mediocre, is a place for someone to move to.

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    They do this every year. Nothing new here. Some people there live for this event as it makes them feel empowered.


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    Meshuganer, read my post in context. It was a reply to an earlier post on why someone shouldn’t move to Montreal, citing that the weather and chinuch, and anti semitism there are to be avoided. There’s no hate in the post whatsoever. Perhaps you should speak to a rov or professional help for your own issues. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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    Sorry Tzaddiq but you’re somewhat dillusional to believe that New York ever had a worse winter than Montreal. New York is about 400 miles south of your frozen, forsaken tundra. Montreal is so cold in the winter it has temperatures comparable to Siberia or Alaska. See the data yourself.

    I once had the opportunity to drive with Reb Avruhm Niznik once and he said that everyone who came from Mir via Shanghai to Montreal could not wait to get out of there. They left the second they were allowed into the U.S. He said that his visa never worked out.

    As far as the MK is concerned I will not get into it, but your community is held hostage by a mediocre hechsher that continues to function without any checks and balances. Just like the defunct Yeshiva. This is what you get when there’s no competition.

    Benignuman – Please name me ONE single home grown Rosh Yeshiva or popular Ram that came through the Montreal yeshiva. Name One.

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    It makes no difference. Nobody will ever care. Every lies and denies everything anyways.

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    Tell your friend to STAY AWAY from possibly the worst place to live in North America.

    Besides for the fact that it is like Siberia there for 9 months of the year. The kehilla there is NOT thriving, contrary to what folks there will have you believe. The kehilla there is shtetl style. Very yentish and of course clickish. The local hechsherim, are unfortunately sub-par by american standards, the MK and Sfardi hechsherim would be a joke in Brooklyn or Lakewood. As for yeshiva there, it was driven into the ground years ago. No rosh yeshivos ever came out of that place. The French (and English) hatred of the yidden there is palpable. The list of chesroinis can really go on and on. There are NO advantages whatsoever in living there. Everyone I know leaves that place eventually unless they have a family business to manage!

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