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    If ever I could take a peek

    past where the curtain falls

    and see beyond the velvet cloth

    the writing on the walls

    If only I could catch a glimpse

    behold the other side

    the Weaver’s hidden reasons for

    loose threads and knots untied

    If I could take a few steps back

    to view the canvas so

    and see the blur take on a form

    the colors start to show

    I know my heart would understand

    why things are meant to be

    the truths declared in echoed tones

    behind the tapestry

    I know my heart would comprehend

    the seeming random lines

    my eyes would find the purpose

    and the pattern of the signs

    But in my heart I also know

    it beats inside of me

    there’s only just so far

    that the eyes are meant to see

    the curtain isn’t what is real

    and the obscurity

    plays but a very minor role

    in what’s reality

    Another layer covering

    the endless verity

    the unfathomable essence

    of REAL sincerity

    I take my place behind the pane (pain)

    the glass is really air

    and know the streaming rivulets

    will turn the window clear.

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