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    Do You have a talent for poetry? (real poetry, not like that OTHER thread, lol) I love reading poetry and i write it myself, but most ppl dont love listening to poems so i cant share them. If you like writing poetry, PLEASE shareit! there is so much talent in the jewish world, here is a good place to express it!


    here, ill start, this is a poem i wrotemothers:

    I must say i am not the ultimate to say what a mother shud be

    Because you are the only mother that has been known to me

    And if you ask ‘what aremothers like?’this is all i can possibly write

    But i speak for only one, mymother, my life

    A mother is the highest, the most important in ones life

    She is the wise one, the kind one, the mender of all strife

    Understanding, love and caring are but a few of her virtues

    As her child you are preciouse, to her you never lose

    When you look intoher eyes, you see there only care

    You just want to hug her, to kiss her and to share

    You know she hasthe answers to all that life will bring

    All knowing, allcaring, she brings you up to sing

    So you see this is a mother, from my biased point of view

    I just hope this is correct, and holds for others true

    because My mother is the highest of what a mother can possibly be

    She is the dearest, the wisest, and means the most to me


    You have one lucky mother,dancing girl!Beautiful!


    um, dancing girl will this pass?

    roses are red violets are blue,

    you know me and i know you!

    morah reyna

    I write poems but am not posting them for the world at large.


    My poems are my diary entries. There’s no way I’m posting them. (Despite my pathetic little rhyme in a different thread, I’m actually quite good at them…)


    Hey, mytake: same here! But, I haven’t looked at them for a while.. Guess there are some painful memories there..:(


    Am I the only guy on this thread? I write poetry, some in Hebrew some in E

    English but I’m not posting any.


    come on, everyone! nobody knows who anyone is, and blieve it or not, ur private poetry can be a real help to someone else!


    There once was a large stick of broccoli

    That had lots of bugs and grew stockily

    It was very green

    And had a nice sheen

    And the krum of the community ate it – really!


    Okay, here’s something not too personal. But you’d BETTER tell me if you know me!;)


    I’ve come to see

    Many a mask

    Each one serves

    It’s unique task

    There are masks of love

    Of passion and care

    Masks of anger

    That frighten and scare

    There are masks of audacity

    Of fearlessness and boldness

    Masks of nonchalance

    That display sheer coldness

    There are masks of happiness

    Of joy and glee

    While a whimpering soul

    Waites to be set free.

    At your side a glance

    I’d like to steal

    The mask uncover

    And the true YOU reveal.


    Castles in the sky

    Chip away with thought and pen, I the hermit writer

    To fool the giant and steal the golden goose

    As I carve and climb my ivory tower

    Passion masquerading obsessions counterfeit to wisdoms of this mind

    Suicidal arrogance blind, tools to craft this lofty throne

    And thus to sit, script and ponder

    A poet, wig and gavel judging all alone

    What need have I for these pathetic emotions to feel, suffer or love?

    Master of the dominions in this cosmos, creations but a will

    Bestow my talents and splash them with quill upon the whites

    And you heap thy praises, green confetti from the tills

    And you still laugh out loud and label insane, while others shed tear to my uni-verse

    Unlike thee I travel the worlds, magical lands from this royal stool

    Where does thou journey? From wretched job then back to home?

    While I meet kings, queens and fight wild beasts, dear sir now who is the fool?

    That I be sole author of my exaggerated words and exalted worlds that I to, begin to believe that I am elite

    I leave you to ponder, this decision of who I am or who I may be

    As for me I shall continue to write and parade these words as well as entertain

    Thus if through recital or reception of the read, thy spirit wanders lost then all of this, the life of mine has never once been in vain


    its all original work made by myself im quite proud of it


    To Warsaw


    Berlin and back…

    Surfacing, I gasp

    I have never been known to love like this

    I have believed

    I have been meticulous

    Like these flawless little butterflies

    You are the undercarriage

    The lighthouse

    The patient of the quiet

    Everyone’s honored back rows

    Certainly this will all lead to somewhere

    To the uncovering compositions

    To the closeness at twilight

    To this our…

    Sweetest life


    Hey, everyone! I really enjoyed reading these! Keep em coming, please! I’m so in love with poetry, but I’m kind of shy about sharing mine. Thanks so much for sharing yours!



    I hope you write during happy moments too. I wrote some of my prettiest lines when I felt so much goodness in my life and I wanted to capture that feeling to remember it always.


    mytake: I really should be writing more often. It’s funny, ever since I got rid of my Anxiety, I stopped writing. There’s a side to me that’s funny, sociable, fun-loving, carefree etc. and I have my sensitive, caring and deep thinking side. While suffering from Anxiety, I totally focused on my thinking, emotions etc.. Now that I’m B”H past that, I try keeping a balance. I took solace in writing, being that I felt nobody understood me then. When I’m having a hard time now, I talk to a good friend, mother…or write.

    Here’s what I wrote in one of my darkest moments (Ok, I know I said I won’t get too personal, but I figured nobody knows me in here….):







    Of someone

    To pat

    My back

    To stroke

    My cheek

    To embrace

    To encourage

    To reassure

    To console

    To love.

    To whisper

    That I’ll

    Be fine.

    To lend

    A shoulder

    To cry.

    I am

    All alone

    I suffer



    By myself.


    title-The Series Called Life:

    An open book awaits,

    A new page,

    A fresh start,

    Pen poised,


    Boldly jump in,

    A clean page,

    The story,

    Waiting to be written,

    Pen scribbling,

    Writing the story,

    The story of life,

    Book after book,

    Each book a new stage,

    Each page a new story,

    A new book,

    A courageous start,

    Enter in to the unknown,

    Forage a path,

    Write the book,

    Start anew,

    Constantly progressing,

    Moving forward,


    It’s time,

    Time to start anew,

    A new book,

    A new stage,

    A new stage of life awaits!


    bygirl: Beautiful! Love it!


    observateen- thanx- i like yours too- they r very moving-


    Instant coffee is less potent

    Dunkin’s full of cops

    Starbucks’s cholov stam

    But this coffee room just rocks


    Observant- I luv your poems! The others are great too!

    Eclipse- LOL! Your coffee poem is adorable but too short!


    smartcookie: Thanks!


    I wrote this one when I finally overcame my Anxiety:

    Change Of Scenery

    My glasses were once

    Painted in black

    I saw mysery and darkness

    Happiness it lacked.

    To me it was

    Always night

    An ugly picture

    greeted my sight:













    I was



    In a sea of black.

    My glasses are now

    Shaded in pink

    I see happiness and light

    The sight in I drink.

    To me there is

    Always light

    A beautiful picture

    Greets my sight:









    I am



    By a world so bright.



    Nice work; I enjoyed reading them! Thanks for sharing…

    (Regarding your post in the other thread: I don’t know if this has anything to do with your friend getting engaged, but when my close friends started getting engaged I completely freaked out about life. Everything looked so scary and I kept wondering how they weren’t afraid to go on to the next stage…bottom line, the only thing that helped was 1) Figuring out what the proper hishtadlus is to ensure a healthy & successful dating and marriage experience 2) Develope a meaningful connection with Hashem. The future is always scary, because that’s where the unknown is. But I think I’m ready to go there now….)

    Sorry, I know this post doesn’t belong here…too lazy to jump around from thread to thread!

    Shticky Guy

    A poetry thread

    For posters most shy

    They wont post their work in

    I do not know why

    If a talent you have

    Then dont be afraid

    Chazal they do warn us

    Ein habayshan lomeid

    So show us your poetry

    You can inspire

    And of your identity

    We will not inquire

    Happy lines or sad ones

    Of last month or next year

    Whatever the topic

    They are all welcome here


    mytake: Thank you! I’m doing Ok, B”H. I’m truly happy for my friend!

    Shticky: Neat! But this is not the “show off your talents” thread…:)


    emitrose, i am really impressed. i love the castles in the sky one. its very deep…i think i understand how you feel, i sometimes feel that way too…u sound like a male, i dunno why (sorry if ur female:)


    heres another poem i wrote

    there is no justice among man

    there is no right to fight or ban

    for man is but a speck of earth

    in a wide and mighty universe

    to learn to laugh to cry to give

    this all is naught when start to dig

    thaT gaping hole in which they lie

    which mocks all times of mirth and cry

    and when another does passby

    no thought or care for he who lie

    continue on to laugh and live

    forgetting that for him will dig

    a gaping hole in which he’ll lie

    which mocks all times of mirth and cry


    Hey everyone I’m not bygirl but she is graciously allowing me to use her account to post because I don’t have one of my own. I’m really enjoying all the poetry it’s always been a passion of mine and it’s hard to get people interested in it. This thread is a great idea because I’m always too embarrassed to share my poetry but this is anonymous!!! So thanks for the opportunity and here’s a poem:

    Even if we started off one way

    It’s all right to end off on another note

    Even if we started off singing together

    It’s all right if we slowly drift apart

    Because life changes

    But I know one thing that will stay the same

    Life changes

    But that’s okay

    I always knew what I wanted

    It’s alright to want something else now I’m older

    I always had that dream I was to follow

    It’s alright to decide to change my mind

    Because life changes

    But I know one thing that will stay the same

    Life changes

    But that’s okay

    When I was little I was fine

    With a constantly changing scenery

    When i was younger life was never boring

    Mystery just around every corner

    Because life changes

    But I know one thing that will stay the same

    Life changes

    That’s the only thing that will stay the same

    And that’s okay

    Hope you liked!



    very unique style…thanx!


    i would just like to take the time to shtuch out STUFFED CABAGE. she said noone would like this thread, so there!


    M.: What a profound thought! I loved the end! I wrote about change too. I wrote it after going through a major change that really helped me grow.


    Change is hard

    Change is challenging

    Change is exhausting

    And very demanding

    Change can frighten

    Change can scare

    Change can hurt

    Make you drop a tear

    Change will cause

    A twist in history

    Its future beholds

    An unknown mystery.


    Change can lead you

    Down a happy road

    And direct you

    To your peaceful abode

    Change can convert

    Your pain and sorrow

    In happiness and fulfillment

    And a better tomorrow.


    Thanks I’m so glad you liked it! observanteen I really liked your poem it’s very direct and true and I love parallelism. All the poems are really amazing I think this is my favorite thread!




    I’m new with this… but let me know what you think 🙂

    I wrote this in 1 class period, so it obviously needs work…

    Wherever I go,

    4 corners follow me

    No matter how fast I run,

    they stick at my feet

    1 corner traps me,

    so that its impossible to escape

    And I can’t help but sit there,

    staring at the white walls.

    1 corner hides me,

    from everyone outside

    And I can’t help but wonder,

    whats going on around me.

    1 corner guides me,

    paves out my path

    And I can’t help but think,

    where I’ll be next.

    1 corner protects me,

    from the world I live in

    And I can’t help but bang,

    praying someone will hear me.

    4 croners.

    One to trap

    One to hide

    One to guide

    One to protect.

    But what about doors?

    So that I can escape,

    when I feel trapped.

    So that I can really hide,

    not behind walls.

    So that i can learn,

    to guide myself at times.

    I don’t need 4 corners,

    in order to be protected.

    What I need are some doors,

    next to each corner.


    Now it’s time to say Shalom

    Eclipse has more to clean at home

    But you know she’ll be back again

    With a crazy issue you can mend:)

    (Uncle Moishy’s tune)


    This one is super rough, and also personal. Needa fix it up one of these days…


    are You still there

    listening to me

    helping me

    guiding me

    loving me?

    After I turned on You,

    ignored You

    questioned You

    lost You?

    Of corse You are.

    I turned from You,

    and got lost on the way

    But You waited to guide me,

    while I walked in circles.

    I ignored You,

    because I couldn’t hear my voice

    But You were waiting to listen,

    while I pretended to sort out my problems.

    I questioned You,

    and didn’t wait for the answers

    But somehow You still loved me,

    even though I didn’t love myself.

    I lost You,

    When I really just lost myself

    But You waited for me,

    and listened to my cries

    You helped me get through them,

    and guided me on the way

    You showed your unconditional love,

    So I know that You’re still here.

    You always were.

    I just wasn’t opening my eyes,

    not wide enough.


    That poem brought tears to my eyes.I’d like to give a copy to one of my children.


    Bwashere: Wow! Incredible! Ohhhh. I can relate…


    b- love!


    WOW M! but i thought ur fav was the random qoute thread- oh- and the m think is cute- took me a while to realize y u used m!


    Awww thanks so much, so touched.


    Hi, M and Bwashere-

    Welcome to the thread, and thanks for sharing your inspiration!

    Please keep posting everyone!


    Judge-mental minds,

    putting on labels

    Drawing lines,

    cutting people out.

    The World is a Tangled Web

    Conceited peers,

    Causing tears,

    without even knowing.

    The World is a Tangled Web

    A backstabbing friend,

    whom you thought was true

    But then it came to an end,

    because of their actions.

    The World is a Tangled Web

    People committing crime,

    thinking life would suddenly get better

    A waste of their time,

    which will bring guilt later.

    The World is a Tangled Web

    Yes, people can change their ways,

    start with yourself, build up from there

    Make it better for our kids days,

    so it is not as bad as this.

    Will the World Ever Untangle its Web

    Brucklyn Jewess

    The things that I would do if I knew I Wouldn’t Fail:

    The things that I would do

    If I knew I wouldn not fail

    There wouldn’t be a mountain in the world

    That I wouldn’t scale

    You wouldn’t see a picture I didn’ paint

    You wouldn’t see a book I didn’t write

    There wouldn’t be a life I hadn’t touched

    No evil I didn’t fight

    There woudln’t be a desert I didn’t cross

    There wouldn’t be a sight I didn’t see

    There would be no good I didn’t spread

    No shackled one I didn’ set free

    There wouldn’t be a flower I didn’t pick

    No song I didn’t sing

    No skill I never mastered

    No grapes I wouldn’t wring

    There would be no mind I didn’t probe

    No heart I didn’t discover

    No feeling I wouldn’t know

    No wisdom I didn’t uncover

    (For the more morose among you…)

    The Secret of Being Blue:

    The secret of being blue

    Is really in the hue

    For the color of the sky

    Is the color of a cry

    Somewhere in that feeling sad

    Is resembalence to being glad

    And if you chance upon an endless night

    Just know it holds your blazing light

    And if sometimes you shed a tear

    You’ll notice then that things are clear

    Sometimes if you feel alone

    Suddenly you know of home

    And if, yourself, you cannot grasp

    You’re closer to the truth, alas…

    am yisrael chai

    I love my children’s playpen,

    It’s exactly what I need.

    My children can’t get at me

    When I climb in to read!


    @Bygirl, I thought you knew me so well- after all, you’re the *queen*… lol

    @Brucklyn Jewess I *loved* your poems: I really related to the first one and the second one was really evoking (evocative?). Here’s another one I wrote in honor of the weather:

    I do like the sun

    Its glaring rays

    Bringing all your troubles to light

    There’s nowhere to hide

    Under its harsh light

    Everyone can see your face

    Your eyes blink

    Unable to tolerate

    Its beating force

    The rain is dreary

    Everyone is upset

    Not just you

    No one is looking

    They’re focused on themselves

    They don’t see your pain

    And as the rain

    Rolls down your face

    Your tears are concealed

    Under the clouds

    In the rain

    No one can see you cry




    love them all!!!! sadly i don’t write poems but you guys are talented!!!


    BrucklynJewess: Wow, I love your poems! The first one’s really original and the rythm and rhymeing are superb! The second is beautiful too!

    Brucklyn Jewess

    Gee…this is exciting. I didn’t know I could write poems. The last time I spent writing poetry was in eight grade where there was still something called creative writing. Essays became the thing after that

    I scribbled both these poems on the train on the back of my school notebooks.

    I like to write songs… I actually wrote a shidduch song -which is kind of like a poem (completed entirely on the F-train)It might provide some good wood to keep the “shidduchim” fire blazing in the cr…

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