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    go to a place where you have either some kind of relatives or good friends that can introduce you to other people.

    The only place that I know is genuinely friendly and open to BTs is Los Angeles, CA(Pico/Robertson area) and Toronto. Baltimore is quite nice too.

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    Ofcourse there is a Heter for everything. In this case when the Rebbe who has allowed himself to smack the kid, should be smacked right back by any of the parents. Ideally it will be twice as strong, some rabbonim say one should multiply by the weight of the child being hit. example if the child weighs

    60 pounds, and the rebbe 240 pounds you can hit him 4 times. And if he asks why, tell him you got a Heter from a Chashuva rov. And he asks which rov, tell him the same one that gave you a Heter to hit my child. Also tell him its in the Gemmara. or that Rashi allows one to hit to end a dispute.

    Hatzlocha raba

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    Why don’t you like him, be more specific.

    ex. too big, too fat, too rude, arrogant, not learned.

    too much beer, too much tv. too much video games. what is it

    that you don’t like about him

    As a father you have the right to say NO!.

    and show you daughter things that she can’t see.

    walk her out of it.

    The truth is … she will be married to him not you.

    But a parent knows better whats best for their children. Kids are easy to fool, and somewhat naive.

    Bottom line.

    Do what is in the best interest of your child and not whats best for you.

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