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    As long as he is not driving and is not acting out with other people, the addictive drinker or drug user is only hurting his own liver and brain cells.

    That’s true, when a drunk is not driving and killing and maiming people, and abusing his wife and children and losing his job he is not harming anyone but himself.

    And when the drug addict is not stealing and killing to support his habit, he’s hurting no one but himself.

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    MDshweks what you say sounds so old fashioned. After all we are now living in the modern world. You should drop all those outdated ideas. Read some good modern books of ethics written by the fine ethical professors of our time.

    And lets not forget all the Christin ideals. We could learn from them. After all we are all equal human beings, all the same. We have to stop feeling there is something special or unique about us.

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    I found Joseph’s post reflecting a certain viewpoint, although not my own. I don’t understand why others call it “bashing”

    Perhaps they are ashamed to be Modern Orthodox and are overly sensitive when disagreed with.

    I haven’t seen any “bashing” here.

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    It means we can do whatever the rest of the world does today (as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Torah). We can go to their sports and opera and movies, see their art, listen to their music. We don’t have to be different. We can wear clothes like them and fit right in. We do wear kippahs though and tzitzis. This is our own unique identifying signs, like the Muslims have turbans and burkas and the Christians wear their symbols.

    We are all human beings, all the same, and the more we fit in and don’t separate ourselves, the more we will all get along together. Hashem doesn’t want us to standout like sore thumbs, to speak and dress differently, to use different names and do different things. That wouldn’t be right. That would be acting holier than thou.

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    My rabbi doesn’t tell me what to think. I’m sure he would agree with Feifun though, as I do. And cherrybim too.

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    I’m not surprised. Every sect of Judaism has some good points and useful ideas.

    I would never consider doing kaparos with a chicken. It is an old outdated custom. You wouldn’t see a respectful person like a Senator waving a chicken over his head! This in not the 15th century. Besides chickens are filthy and probably filled with germs.

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    Just because it’s a minhag doesn’t mean we have to stick to it. We have minds. G-d gave us minds to think and make decisions. A minhag is just a tradition. All religions have traditions. It’s just the way they got used to doing things for various historical reasons.

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    That’s right. Liberalism just basically means that we should respect each other, and as long as you are not hurting anyone, why shouldn’t you be allowed to take advantage of everything? Judaism says the same thing basically.

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    Why shouldn’t we admire them? I shouldn’t admire a great human being like Mary Travers?


    You KNOW what the real world is: Culture!…..Art, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Movies. Everything in the world. Unless it is not permitteted because of jewish law.

    judiasm is extremely important but it doesnt mean we have to close our eyes to the rest of humankind.

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    Feel free to start a thread. Thanks. 26

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    Why should any displeasure spring up?

    Does anyone think we should isolate ourselves from the real world?

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    “I know personally of at least one Gadol in the 1960’s that permitted his family to listen to Peter, Paul and Mary”

    And why in the world would anyone think there is a problem listening to music like that. It is cleaner than 99% of the music out there. And Mary had a beautiful voice with beautiful harmony. It uplifted the soul and isn’t that very very important?

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