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    Personal hygiene, showering, wearing clean clothes together with acting appropriately (not screaming/ shouting to friends across the street/ not becoming willingly inebriated / not being rude/ careless driving) and acting with a little humility without any ‘iz kumpst tzu mir’ attitude go a lot longer distance than the last time a boy was in contact with Norelco.

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    What nation is lucky enough to have Shabbos?

    Where our cell phones are not constantly annoying us,

    where telemarketers cant reach us through land-line phones,

    where we are not constantly





    doing the ever-growing pile of laundry/


    cleaning /,

    surgically attached to our blackberry or internet,

    where we are ‘forced’ (and I use that positively) to spend quality time with our families for 2 (out of 3 meals),

    where we, and others around us, are dressed nicely, cleanly, in pretty clothes,

    where we can shep nachas from ours/ our neighbors/ our friends’ children,

    Many jobs offer 401K or retirement benefits where they put aside some of your money to be used when you retire. But by then, you are already over the hill.

    Boruch HaShem, the mitzvah of Shabbos gives us 1 day of retirement each week, while we are young enough to appreciate it, and do something about it, and sit back and enjoy the brochos we have, instead of waiting till we’re 65 and realizing that the ‘cats in the cradle’ song describes us, c’v’.

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    To the mom of 2 daughters.

    I’m sorry your daughters had the experience they did.

    And I am not justifying it in any way.

    Dishonesty in business dealings is one of the BIG questions asked when we go ‘UPSTAIRS’

    But since they’ve experienced the disillusionment, 2 things will come out of it.

    a. Just because people DRESS or TALK a certain way, doesn’t mean they ARE that way. This is a hard lesson, but if you’ve experienced it firsthand, you’ll NEVER forget it.

    b. There are rotten apples in every basket, but it doesn’t mean every basket is FULL of rotten apples (even though, you may always be ‘lucky’ in picking a rotten one!)

    Where is the quote that says that there is no bracha in stolen money?

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    Speaking of legalities, we know that klal yisroel have gutte neshamas.

    However, do you know that if you give a ride to someone and you get into an accident, that ‘favor’ that you did can sue you for damages? that if you are carrying a minor who is not buckled, YOU get a ticket? that there are plenty of goyim who know that when they put on a ‘beanie cap’ many other men with ‘beanie caps’ come to their assistance? would you lent this stranger 10 bucks? 100 bucks? how much do you trust this person to be around you — and sitting next to your children?!

    chayecha kodmim!

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