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    JPHONE- please dont ignore. Im just curious as to why you would make such a thoughtless comment.What is your opinion based on that this entry is phony?

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    yossi- not just an assumption and not jsut some goyim- theres a posuk- “halacha hu beyudiya she’eisav sonei lyakov- it’s known that eisav hates yakov. even if youll find some nice goyim who are fond of jews, theres still a tiny spark of that eisav in each of them.

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    JPHONE: Expalain why please. Why would someone make this up? For what odd reason?

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    Feif un- Not harmful, not a big deal, jsut something to be aware of.

    A caller who is calling around with phony calls, should not be answered. I only posted this once I verified 100% that this is phony.

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    joseph- reread the letter and see what im trying to accomplish. Just informing pple that they shouldnt answer her if they get the call.This goes for other phony calls too, beware of crooks. Not everyone’s as innocent as they seem to be.

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    i know some of the pple who did answer her because she sounds very real and rachmanusdig. They wanted to help her out. She sounds like a real pitiful girl who is getting married and really needs help!

    not everyone realizes the truth!

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    Thanks for making us aware. Although this one’s a bit extreme, it’s good to take that extra measure of carefullness.

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    These type of stories are all too common in our schools. This one is pretty extreme, though. The only way to help it is to speak up. Your letter posted here wont get you anywhere. Take the school administrator to a Yiddishe beis din and demand payment. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson that way. Dont keep this to yourself. Do something. Same to all others working in schools. Speak up!

    This is the reason why teachers come and go each year, and our kids have inexperienced, young, naive teachers. Best as they can be, they dont have the experience needed to be mechanech our children.(most of them are fresh out of school)!Then we wonder why our generation looks so…..

    We need to get schools to treat teachers right, so they’ll want to stay for years. Please SPEAK UP!!

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)